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Stuck in a make up rut or a deep RAVINE?

In my 30 plus years in the industry, I have come to find out that change can be hard. As my clients come into my make up and skincare studio at Moore For life in Denver, Colorado, I have my clients bring their make up, skincare and tools they currently use. I lay it out and assess what they are using, what they have used, and why in gods name do you still have that in your make up bag?

I read a study once that women feel they their most beautiful between the ages 18-25. I cater to women of all ages, but a lot in the ages 35-70. I get the sideline view of what age, stress, motherhood, and a professional life can do to one’s self-esteem and overall self-worth.  In this article, I bring key things to look at to see how we can update you and make you feel fresher on a daily basis.

1. Foundation Matching

First, the foundation needs to match the skin type, skin tone, and skin texture. A foundation one color darker than your skin will age you between 4-7 years, whereas a foundation too light will make one look grey or dead; that cannot be good, can it?

In my studio, we create a custom blended mineral foundation. It works as coverage and skincare all in one. I find when people are learning make up at a young age, they will first buy a foundation.  The customer keeps this in mind and tends to wear foundation every day, which I do not believe is always needed. Wear a foundation only where it is needed; usually the T-zone area of the face or on spots on the perimeter of the face. And boom! Instantly a younger and fresher look will be revealed. I often transition my clients in a lighter weight foundation or a BB crème. Lite weight and fresher looking skin show us a much more youthful look.

2. Concealer

I often feel concealer is all that is ever truly needed on most people. The right concealer can brighten and highlight all that is needed. When using a concealer on a maturing eye, use it in the dark areas; not the deeper line area. If the concealer is skin tone correct, then use it additional areas on the face.

A little trick I use is a light shimmer liquid product (Dew drops) under the eye first, which reflects the light off what we do not like and then add concealer in the needed areas.

3. Line and Define

The aging process often takes definition away. So if we can bring that back, we can bring back a youthful appearance.

Brows are big, but Instagram brows should stay on Instagram.

A clean natural brow is always on trend and will never go out of style. When bringing back the brow, I like to use pomade called wonder brow. I choose this more often due to the fact it is easy to blend and water resistant. When applying your brow, first lay the base to define and then build the brow from there.

When looking to line the eye, I use a true navy blue, for anyone over the age of 40, or anyone feeling a bit tired. This will instantly lift andMichaelMooreMakeupTouchup brighten the eye. When applying the eyeliner, I go directly under the eyelash line into the root of the eyelash. This results in making the lashes look fuller; sometimes you can go out of the house with nothing more needed.

Shadows add a soft shimmer and define the crease. This brings back a youthful definition. Then add a good amount of black mascara to bring out the shape of the eye.

4. Make It Glow

Choose a blush that looks like you have been playing around a bit. Something that will bring out your natural blush tone. For light skin tones, think of a soft coral or gentle pink. You remember when you used to blush, right? For medium skin tones, think of a berry or a medium apricot, whereas darker skin tones, a deeper plum or a sienna tone will give that totally woken up look. 

As the face ages, adding glimmer in the blush will be nice or one that has a crème base, great and adds more moisture to the skin.

5. Lip Colors

Glosses bring back a sense of youthful feeling, while lipstick can be great for adding color and definition, and lip stains make it last. The biggest mistake I feel people do in the lip category is, when lips start to disappear they will often stop doing lip color altogether, or go to a deep color to bring color back to the face. I always say, “dark recedes and light brings out.”  So too dark of lip color will make the lips look smaller and make you look mean.  Nobody wants to look like a cranky old lady.

I find bright and sheer colors are the best to bring a fresh approach to the lip area. As you take a look at your make up, I tend to first ask my clients, “What is it you don’t like about your face?” Then I pull the attention away from that… simple, fresh, glowing always win the race we call aging.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Michael has been in the cosmetic and skincare industry for over 30 years with the mission of making people feel better about themselves. His career started behind a cosmetic counter and quickly escalated to working with many industry leaders such as Bobbi Brown, Borghese, Chanel, Lancôme, and Nars. Read More…

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