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10 Spring Beauty Trends From The Treatment Room + The Runway

Spring Beauty Trend Report

Spring beauty usually brings to mind the latest shades of lipstick or nail color.

Not in 2021! No baby girl, we need to know there’s some substance behind that hot look for spring!  Trust – we found it for you!  

Now, spring beauty needs a PhD from M.I.T or Harvard in one specific case that we’re thinking of this Spring. Being beautiful can be hard work, it takes effort to make sure that all the moving parts are in working order, that all the bells are shined and the all the whistles are blown in proper form!

Jumping on the Spring Beauty trends is also a head to toe project.  It’s why Toddrick Hall sings, “Nails, hair, hips, heels … head, shoulders, knees, toes …
face, lips, eyes, nose…”!  All I can say is, “Yes, Hunty, That’s The Tea For Me!” (If you know, you know!)

Now, let us make you beautiful from head to toe using Toddrick’s philosophy of Nails, hair, hips, heels … head, shoulders, knees, toes …
face, lips, eyes, nose…”!  Let’s take a tour of the body for our Spring Beauty Trends Report!!!

Trends From The Treatment Room That Use Technology

5 Spring Beauty Trends That You’ll Need In Your Treatment Room

Enjoy this content from our valued sponsors.

1. Face

Regeneration Stem Booster by Sesha Skin Care

If you want to keep your entire face looking firm, tight, plump and gorg, you need to use a product designed by a Harvard PhD.  This Booster has P.E.T™ Delivery System to get all those active ingredients through the dead skin to the living tissue to make sure you’re stunning!

2. Eyes – Lips

Brilliant Eye + Lip Serum by Hale & Hush

Darling, let’s just say this serum has a “Spin – Trap” system!  Want to kill off all those nasty free radicals, well if you can’t kill, just trap them and keep them on lock down! “However, of relevance to the current discussion is the fact that phenyl-N-tert butyl nitrone could not only stabilize but trap these fleeting free radicals before they reacted and caused damage.”  CosmeticsandToiletries.com


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3. Hips – Heels – Head – Shoulders – Knees – Toes – Face – Lips  – Eyes – Nose

iPRO by Celluma LED Light Therapy

We hope you get the point, that the iPRO by Celluma can be used anywhere on the body. It’s also battery-powered for easy mobility in the treatment room.  Don’t limit the iPRO to just Face, Lips, Eyes and Nose.  Use it as an add on treatment on the PAIN Setting and let it work wonders on Hips, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

4. Head to Toes

Lumiere IPL by Anima from DermaJEM

Use the power of IPL to get rid of any unwanted body hair from head to toe!

One handpiece is Super Hair Removal & IPL (SHR) handpiece that is made to specifically do hair removal. It can make working on large areas extremely quick as it gives 10 shots per second. While you can switch back to IPL mode to do smaller and more delicate areas. The second handpiece is IPL with RF energy which allows you to treat a variety of skin conditions depending on the cut-off filter that is selected.


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5. Give Your Face LIFE!

dmGlow by Dermamed Solutions
dmGlow gives inner beauty life!  It does it with the science and technology of vacuum massage, microdermabrasion, advanced chemical peels and sophisticated, botanically-infused skin care!


Trends From The Runway That Use Technology

5 Spring Beauty Trends From The Runway That You’ll Need This Spring

1. Lips

“Holly Berry” Mineral Light Lip Colour by La Bella Donna

Holly Berry is going to be a hot color this spring, we swear! We’ve scoured the trend reports and it’s on! But baby girl, don’t miss the Vitamin C infusion or the Ceramide 2 designed to keep lips smooth and protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays!  That’s some science!


2. Hair

The Spring Beauty Trend for hair is B AN G S! If you want to make sure your bangs are 100% gorg, grad some NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Serum from MedSpa Distributors. It’s the Stem Cell Conditioned Media and Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media for us!


3. Nails

Cosmo says “Playful Pink” is going to be nail beauty trend this Spring and we’re here for it! If you want to keep those nails strong and healthy so the Pink can sit totally cute, check out Premium Hair, Skin and Nails from PhatMuscle.  This brand is Barry’s newest obsession for supplements.

Premium Hair Skin and Nails Contains:
MSM Methylsulfonylmethane
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Amino Acids
Hydrolized Bovine Collagen!


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4. Heels

When it comes to heels no one beats Christian Louboutin! A hot style in an ultra hot spring color is Tournikouna.  There’s some serious technology in this shoe, it’s on an invisible heel!  It is designed in Citronnade yellow nappa calfskin leather for a luminous effect. It is set on an 85 mm silver-tone and transparent heel that gives it a graphic look.

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5. Toes

One spring beauty trend for nail color is neutrals, but the new neutral is grey!  Specifically, When Doves Cry – Dove Grey from Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro.  But this isn’t just any nail color baby girl!  This gel-like formula with ingredients you’d expect to find in treatments. We’re talking biotin, rice protein, bamboo, keratin, and more.

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