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Spring Guide To Hair, Lashes + A Touch of Glow For The Medical + Spa Pro

Spring beauty is all about gorgeous hair, gorgeous lashes, and brows all topped with a touch of glow. Medical + spa skin care clients want gorgeous skin, which most professionals work on daily. However, did you know that these clients will trust their medical + spa skin care professional to help them correct issues with their hair, lashes, and brows? 

Hair Solutions for Medical + Spa Skin Care Pros 

If you’re working with a client and notice they have thinning hair – chances are they know it and they are not happy about it! As a medical or spa skin care professional – you have the ability to help them! Brands that medical + spa skin care professionals trust for correcting skin issues also offer products for hair! Celluma LED Light Therapy has a device and serum ideal to grow and regrow hair! Grande Cosmetics offers an entire hair collection to breathe new life into your client’s hair! 

Lash + Brow Solutions  for Medical + Spa Skin Care Pros 

If you’re a medical or spa skin care pro and you’re noticing that clients have thinning lashes or thinning brows or if they have eyebrows that are seriously mis-shaped – you can help them!  We have a few products that we’ve found! You’ll love the kit we found from Lycon. You’ll also go crazy for the products that you can recommend that clients use on their lashes and brows from Elleebana – especially after an Elleebana lash lift or brow lamination! 

An Add-On For Laser Hair Removal

If you’re a Laser King or Queen and you help people get rid of unwanted body hair all day long, then you need to learn about No Grow – just trust us on this!

Non-Makeup Finishing Options for Medical + Spa Skin Care Pros

Finally, every one of your clients who gets a facial, microchanneling, microneedling, chemical peels, lash extensions, brow waxes, lip injections, Botox, dermal fillers, or laser resurfacing will need an SPF to wear daily! Jenni is obsessed with BiON’s Tinted SPF. You also must get to know the M.A.D Skincare collection of SPF products – M.A.D boasts the largest variety collection of SPF’s in the medical + spa industry.

Love Acid + Helping People Lie?

8 Spring Beauty Tips for Medical + Spa Skin Professionals

A huge thank you to all of the brands listed below for sponsoring this content so that L+A can bring the medical + spa skin care professionals these amazing resources they can incorporate into their practices.

SPF Collection by M.A.D Skincare

M.A.D Skincare offers twelve different SPFs in their product line. 

For patients who want an everyday, easy-to-use SPF – M.A.D offers a daily moisturizer with SPF, and they also offer a body lotion with SPF, and an eye cream with SPF. For patients who want to use an SPF as a base for their makeup, M.A.D offers an SPF matte finish primer. Finally, M.A.D offers an amazing SPF that is a self-adjusting foundation for the patient who wants a hint of color and a gorgeous finish. 

“All of the M.A.D SPFs have a beautiful finish, tinted and non-tinted, so every patient is sure to be satisfied. If you have patients who don’t wear makeup, yet still wants a little bit of a finished look, this is a great collection to carry in your practice. You literally have something for everyone to use on their face and body! ” Jenni Nagle. 

Spring Beauty

RESTORE Hair Therapy System by Celluma

Together, the RESTORE Hair Serum + Celluma RESTORE® LED make up the 2-step RESTORE Hair Therapy System but can also be used as your everyday hair health serum.

The Celluma RESTORE® is a 3-mode LED light therapy solution FDA cleared for hair growth, aging, and pain. This LED device is part of the complete RESTORE Hair Therapy System, a clinically tested system using the Celluma RESTORE® + RESTORE Hair Serum designed for hair restoration, a healthy scalp, and increased hair volume for men and women.

The RESTORE is safe, highly effective, and FDA cleared. Celluma’s patented, shape-taking design permits customized placement over the head to effectively deliver light energy and promote hair regrowth. It can be easily contoured and placed anywhere on the body to reduce pain and improve skin health. It is hands-free, lightweight, and portable.

The RESTORE Hair Serum is designed to provide exceptional care and rejuvenation for your scalp and roots. Just like plants need water and sunlight to thrive, your hair craves the perfect combination of Celluma RESTORE® light therapy and our powerhouse blend of clean ingredients in the RESTORE Hair Serum.

Harnessing the power of three clinically optimized ingredient technologies – Redensyl™, Capixyl™, and Anargy™, this serum is your secret weapon for healthy hair growth, volume, and density. It’s the only product on the market that combines scientifically tested percentages of all three ingredients in one serum.

“It’s important that a daily serum has no residue, because many of your patients are not going to wash their hair daily.  This meets expectations! This serum dries quickly and has zero stickiness or oiliness, leaving no trace on the hair.” Jenni Nagle

Spring Beauty

Full Boost Collection by GrandeHAIR

If the patients in your medical or spa skin care practice are experiencing any type of thinning hair and they need a little boost of volume, you have to check out the Full Boost Collection from GrandeHAIR.

The collection boasts a shampoo + conditioner, a hair serum, collagen gummies, volumizing foam, a scalp massager and a satin towel. Bundle and save on your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Formulated to treat thinning or damaged hair this bundle will help you achieve all your hair goals, for less! “In a consumer study GrandeHAIR Full Boost Shampoo & Conditioner, 91% saw boosted, fuller looking hair,  94% felt the scalp was healthier.*” GrandeHAIR

The GrandeHair Enhancing Serum is the most effective tool for addressing specific issues like thinning hair & GrandeHAIR Enhancing Serum targets these problems right where they start – at the scalp. Made with a nutrient-rich blend of peptides, vitamins & botanical extracts for the appearance of thicker, healthier looking hair in just 8 weeks. “You’ll love this collection for the appearance of thicker, healthier looking hair in just 8 weeks and it’s backed by third-party clinical testing,” GrandeHAIR

*Based on a consumer study with GrandeHAIR Full Boost Shampoo & Conditioner with 34 subjects. Results will vary.

“Can we talk about how SOFT this shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair?! It is a little luxury to use in the shower: it smells amazing and lathers beautifully, leaving hair feeling fresh and clean.  This is a must if you are adding in a scalp care system into your hair routine.” Jenni Nagle


Spring Beauty

Lash + Brow Growth + Styling Duo from Elleebana

Discover the exclusive allure of the house of Elleebana. Boost your medical /spa skin care practice’s success with Elleebana’s luxurious aftercare collection.

Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum

Encouraging healthy hair growth by boosting the formation of disulphide cross-linkages, ensuring the restoration of collagen and connective inner hair structure, while penetrating the cuticle to strengthen, elasticise and invigorate for glossy, strong and healthy lash and brow growth. With a diverse range of carefully crafted innovative ingredients to treat lash and brow hair concerns and provide hair health and care post-lamination services, Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum offers salons a trusted aftercare treatment solution to use on clients and to retail to them for homecare use.

The Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum contains an innovative blend of peptides, Sodium Hyaluronate, vitamins, and plant extracts giving instant volume, shine, and optimal strength to maintain healthy lashes and brows after a brow lifting service leaving them feeling lush, hydrated, and rejuvenated.

Elleefix Brow Styling Gel

The dermatologically tested Elleefix styling wax offers exceptional hold for even the most stubborn brow hairs!

Elleefix is hypoallergenic, has a superior long lasting hold and can be used after a brow lamination and on non-laminated brows. Vegan friendly formula includes Sunflower oil extracts, Argan oil extracts, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Cocoyl Glutamic Acid.

Spring Beauty

Baby Face Wax Kit from Lycon

If you invest hours of your time on a client’s skin to ensure it looks amazing. Why not ensure they put their best face forward and ensure they’re brows are perfect too! It’s an easy add on to every skin care client and it ensures that your clients come back more frequently, which builds loyalty! 

Our sponsor, Lycon has an ideal set up for medical + spa pros that is perfect for small workstations – The Baby Face Waxing Kit! A must have for small workstations, so you have room for your back bar products and devices! 

The Kit includes pre/ post products (Lycotane Cleanser, Pre-Waxing Oil, Tea Tree Soothe 20ml), 500g Eyebrow Wax (made with Chamomile for extra soothing) and the LYCOBaby heater.


  • LYCOPRO Baby Wax Heater
  • LYCOPRO Baby Insert
  • LYCOJET Eyebrow Hot Wax 500g
  • Lycotane Skin Cleanser 20ml
  • Pre-Waxing Oil 20ml
  • Tea-Tree Soothe 20ml
Spring Beauty

Tinted SPF from BiON Skincare

Moisturize, color and protect in one quick step! This award-winning product provides a sheer coverage to maintain your skin’s youth and beauty. It includes titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for excellent physical protection against UVA and UVB rays. It also provides antioxidants and can be used as a daily moisturizer by all skin types, including acneic skin and sensitive skin. Tinted Mineral SPF 35 is excellent for the finishing touch at the end of a facial. The minerals used for coloring contain additional titanium dioxide with a blend of 4 FDA approved mineral pigments to provide superior purity of color and saturation. The creamy consistency goes on smoothly and is non-irritating to the eyes.  Available in 4 shades: Light, Fair, Medium and Tan.  pH 3.9 

“I’ve used the BiON Tinted Mineral SPF 35 for years now.  It is a go-to for days I want a little more coverage, but don’t feel like doing a full face of makeup.  You can apply with your fingertips, or even with a makeup brush – it’s foolproof! The range of shades is ideal to have variety to offer your clients all through the year when their needs may shift.” Jenni Nagle

Spring Beauty

No Grow from E.F Tropics

If you offer laser hair removal in your medical or spa skin care practice No Grow from E.F Tropics must be on your retail shelves. In fact, if you do any hair removal at all, you must have No Grow for your clients. This product supports the hair removal efforts in your treatments.

No Grow stands as a rapid and proven hair removal cream, known for its ability to permanently eliminate hair anywhere on the body. When treating women with hormonal facial hair, No Grow can be prescribed for the patient to use at the same time as laser or Epilfree enabling you to reduce that hair 96.5% within a year. It is great to start your customers on No Grow after the laser plateau is reached to eliminate touch ups.

Unlike the other professional modalities that only work on the anagen stage of hair growth, No Grow works on all three cycles of hair growth. The active component of Myrica Cerifera is dihydromyricetin, also called ampelopsin, when mixed with the rest of the formulation creates a cell that mimics the DHT cell. This cell causes male pattern baldness in all of the hair follicles. This gradual process results in the hair becoming finer and disappearing over time. No Grow is the fifth option for professionals to add to their toolbelt.

Spring Beauty

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