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The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield Pendant

The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield Pendant

Lipgloss + Aftershave is selling The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield Pendant, $48. Pre-sale begins on Monday, April 19th – with Bonus Pre-Sale FREE Gifts*. The official release date is May 1st. All #SPF365 Sun Shields ordered during pre-sale will ship on May 1st.  You can continue to purchase after May 1st.

A Beautiful Reminder

That May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month! This is our way to help raise awareness for the importance of wearing sun protection, spf, sunscreen every single day!  No matter the weather, no matter if you’re going to be in direct sun or not, no matter if you’re going to be indoors all day.

SPF, sunscreen, sun protection, however you say it, you have to wear it every day! It’s so important that the FAA and TSA just approved full size product of SPF/Sunscreen can be carried on to planes.


Partnered with Be The Good

We’re so proud to produce The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield Pendant with Be The Good Collection!  We’ve loved Be The Good Collection for a while and it was an easy decision to join in partnership with them to produce merchandise that could help us express ourselves!

Creating The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield was an organic fit between our love of style and skin care!

May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Sell The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield Pendant

The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield is also available for wholesale sales.  You can sell it in you business to remind your clients to wear #SPF365.

Opening order $200.00 minimum, re-orders are $100.00.

Sell it at retail for $48

Offer it as a Purchase with Purchase of any SPF in your retail.  Allow customers to purchase it for a special price if they purchase an SPF or multiple SPFs, or a certian dollar amount gift certificate.

Offer it as a Gift With Purchase if patients purchase spf product(s) in your business. You can offer it at special price if they purchase a specific product,  products that you offer, or minimum dollar amount of gift certificates.

Offer it to you VIP clients as a customer appreciation gift.


Our Goal For #SPF365

We want to create a movement using #SPF365 that encourages everyone to wear sun protection on a daily basis. More than just protecting the skin from dark spots and wrinkles – it’s a movement to help save lives.

Every time someone wears The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield Pendant, we want it to serve as their reminder to wear sun protection. It is our hope that it sparks conversation about wearing sun protection daily.

Our hope is that, because we are making this much of an effort to educate, it will show the every day consumer how important #SPF365 is to their health and well-being.

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Free Gifts From Our #SPF365 Supporters

HydroPeptide + Oncology Training International

It hardly makes sense to tell a story to raise awareness about sun protection without offering some sort of sun protection. Because this is a campaign to raise awareness, we also wanted to include an educational component for our skin care professionals.

So we asked HydroPeptide and Oncology Training International to join us!

HydroPeptide Free Gift + Shopping Discount

The first 200 L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield Pendants sold during pre-sale will receive a FREE HydroPeptide MINI .5 oz Solar Defense Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30.  Everyone who purchases will also receive a follow up email with a discount shopping code for HydroPeptide, so they can purchase one of the incredible HydroPeptide Protection SPF products.

Receive 20% Off HydroPeptide Discount Code
Enjoy 20% off the HydroPeptide Protection SPF Collection, with their tinted mineral spf, spray on mineral spf for face, spf for the hands, lip balm with spf and their spray on spf for the body.

Attendance To Exclusive Oncology Training International’s May 24th Webisode

“Melanoma Is Not Just Skin Cancer”

Morag Currin of Oncology Training International is offering a FREE, exclusive preview to her all new course, “Melanoma Is Not Just Skin Cancer”.  This will be about 45 minutes long and offer highlights of Morag’s full 2 hour course that is $49.

Every skin care professional who purchases The L+A #SPF365 Sun Shield will be able to register for the L+A Webisode with Morag.  This special webisode is on May 24, 2021 at 2 PM EST is only available to professionals who make a purchase.


Instagram LIVE  May 3rd at 4 PM EST

Join Lipgloss + Aftershave [Barry + Jenni], Be The Good, and HydroPeptide on an Instagram LIVE on @lipgloss_aftershave

Join us for our official announcement and to review the all new and amazing Protection SPF Products from HydroPeptide and why it’s so important to #SPF365.


LIVE Raffle Prizes

HydroPeptide will hold a raffle during the event. 10 LIVE attendees will win an All-New Solar Defense Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Spray.


*the first 200 to purchase in pre-sale receive free HydroPeptide mini spf and admission into Oncology Training International’s webisode. 

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