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This Esthetics School Sets The Bar

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics in Portland, Oregon is setting the bar for skin care schools. Founded by Mary Nielsen, Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics initially offered the Advanced Medical Esthetics & Laser Program to provide education on advanced skin care procedures. However, Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics has added an entry-level program called, Clinical Master Standard Esthetics Program.  

However, in order to continue to build on the incredible curriculum that Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics has established in 2023 they established the Nutrition Certified Esthetics Program. This all-new program is available in person and online!  It’s designed to help certified estheticians gain a deeper understanding of how nutrition impacts skin! 

Lipgloss + Aftershave Attended 2-Day Training Event

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics invited L+A to attend a 2-day training event that included a training class with Hale & Hush Skincare and the first of its 3-Day, In-Person  Nutrition Certified Esthetics Program Class featuring a presentation on Skin Naturopathics. L+A was also invited to receive treatments from students in their Advanced Medical Esthetics & Laser Program.  

Barry + Jenni Received Medical Skin + Body Care Treatments

Barry received PRP Microneedling and Jenni received Radio Frequency Treatments from Spectrum students. We were impressed at the knowledge level and skill sets of the students. Both services were incredible. Barry had PRP Microneedling in the past and his treatment was incredibly professional and performed with precision and care! Jenni hadn’t had Fractional Radio Frequency before this experience. The students guided her by helping her understand the treatment, explaining what to expect, and guiding her throughout the whole process. Both treatments received 10’s across the board!!!

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics

BiON Skincare

Pineapple Mango Enzyme Mask

A gentle, active exfoliant for normal to oily skin types, as well as problematic and mature skin. The six main ingredients work to exfoliate the skin naturally. Salicylic Acid prevents pores from clogging and helps fade the appearance of inflamed skin. It is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and flavonoids, and the Mango Seed Butter, with its high content of fatty acids, assists with moisturization.

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Hosts Hale & Hush

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics hosted Hale & Hush for all of the students. Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics uses Hale & Hush in their programs, so they invite the brands to come and educate on the facial protocols. Kris Campbell and Shawna Rocha from Hale & Hush were on site to train. 

Spectrum showcases Hale & Hush in order to ensure that they address students’ needs to learn how to manage compromised skin. They even teach Morag Currin’s Oncology Aesthetics Course! They use Hale & Hush to ensure they are working with an Oncology Approved product line.  

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Held Inaugural 3-Day Nutrition Certified Esthetics Program 

We were thrilled to attend the inaugural 3-Day, In-Person Nutrition Certified Esthetics Program. We’ve been telling our community about this program since 2022. We are huge proponents of estheticians understanding nutrition.  We have been writing about nutrition for years! 

“Healthy skin and nutrition are more deeply connected than previously thought. Research is revealing the need for an understanding of how diet and nutrition affect the skin. We believe this info is vital to creating a successful treatment plan for your clients’ skin health.” Nutrition Certified Esthetics Program Course Description.

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics

There was a special guest lecture from Dr. Diana Drake of Skin Naturopathics. L+A was on hand to record an hour of this session for a Webisode of L+A Now with Barry + Jenni! You can find the video on the L+A Mobile App, and you can download the presentation from The Library!  The Skin Naturopathics brand is used in the permanent class protocol.  

You can learn more about Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics by visiting their website or calling (503) 719-2688

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