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A Facial + Body Treatment That Guarantees Results

We met Spavaro at the IECSC in New York in March of 2022! We were thrilled to chat with Sophie the Founder and CEO of Spavaro INC, we asked her what she had that was new and exciting in Canada.


“We are thrilled to be offering the newly updated icoone! It’s the perfect device for body shaping, anti-cellulite treatments, skin rejuvenation, lymphatic drainage, firming, and improving blood circulation.

The icoone is phenomenal because it guarantees results even after the first treatment because of its mechanical microstimulators, LED Light Therapy, and Laser! The updated version that we will be offering has a new, smaller design, comes with more handpieces that make it easier to use and make it more effective to treat the face as well as the body.” Sophie Gogos, Founder + CEO, Spavaro Inc.

21,600 Reasons icoone Guarantees
Facial + Body Treatment Results


21,600 Reasons Spavaro’s icoone Guarantees Results

Mechanical Stimulation
This is delivered by independent motorized microstimulators.

The all-new icoone delivers 21,600 microstimulations every minute with Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation that help to achieve quicker, longer-lasting results.

The All-New icoone From Spavaro

It’s a truly relaxing and delicate experience that is ideal for every type of skin! Clients enjoy the treatment because it’s an enjoyable experience, but they truly LOVE the icoone treatment because it gives them guaranteed results. It’s the perfect device for body shaping, anti-cellulite treatments, skin rejuvenation, lymphatic drainage, firming, and improving blood circulation.

How The icoone Guarantees Results

The all-new icoone from Spavaro can achieve success in all of these areas because it now has an array of new options. First, it’s smaller and more compact and there is a wider display which makes it easier for the esthetician to operate. 

The Hand Pieces

The success comes from the array of 11 inter-changeable handpieces.  They are designed to have a 25% increase in active surface for better results.  These handpieces deliver 21600 Microstimulations every minute that perfectly works out the microvacuoles located in the subcutaneous tissue.


6 Robomicro Handpieces 

The Robomicro Handpieces are a collection of 6, 3 of which are new, and perfect for delicate facial areas such as the eye area. 

Robosolo Hand Piece 

The Robosolo Hand Piece has a 3.5” touchscreen. Not only is it a pleasure for the client, it’s incredibly easy for the esthetician to use during the treatment.  


Robomini Twins

The Romomimi Twins are now available in twin function and allow you more access to smaller areas of the body.


The Robo Twins allow you to massage the client with two hands for a slow, luxurious, and uniform treatment.

Jenni’s Review of the icoone Treatment


A mesmerizing, out-of-body experience!

Between the rhythmic motions of the handpieces, the glow given off the illuminated base, and the low, gentle hum of the device, this treatment will take your clients to another level. 

There is an array of programs you can completely customize for each client. From head to toe, you can address nearly every physical issue that your client wants to address. During my session, the trainer wanted me to experience each handpiece and each setting on the machine, so I did not have a traditional treatment.  

After changing into the “icoone uniform” – a fitted, mesh bodysuit – the icoone trainer and I talked about the parts of my body that bothered me. I work out regularly and live a balanced lifestyle, so I didn’t feel that there would be inches that we could eliminate from my silhouette.  Rather, I have laxity on the skin on my stomach from a 9 lb baby, so I was hoping we could work on that!

This is where the mesh bodysuit is helpful – between body hair and very lax skin, it can prevent excess suction into the handpieces.

We went through each limb with various handpieces – using several of the different programs pre-set into the icoone dashboard. The levels of “suction” and pulsing varied based on the program and could be intensified at any point. Even when we got to my abdomen, the larger handpiece glided smoothly and almost without any effort on behalf of the trainer.

As I watched her swap out handpieces and change programs, she did so with ease, and even when performing the treatment, the machine seemed to do most of the work for her! It’s as if she was simply guiding the handpiece along.

This is a machine that takes a majority of the physical effort off of the provider and allows them to simply be the expert at customizing a program that will meet the needs of each individual client.

This is not simply a body contouring or sculpting device; it is a way for each client to feel more confident about his/her appearance.  You can be the most physically fit person and still see an area of concern that you’d like to improve upon: skin laxity, contouring, and sculpting.

Well beyond the physical component, there is the internal benefit that your body will receive. “deep and effective stimulation of connective tissue which favors metabolic exchange and improve cellular activity, giving an overall feeling of wellbeing accompanied by obvious aesthetic improvements.” ~icoone.ca

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