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Free Pass To Motivational Spa Business Owner’s Workshop

SpaHive 2023 – Step into a high-powered spa and esthetician-focused event that will leave you feeling empowered, motivated, and ready to conquer. 10 L+A readers can also enjoy SpaHive 2023 for FREE with our  L + A offer. You’ll be able to explore a world of business education, personal development, captivating product demos, and everything in between.

SpaHive 2023 by Julie Pankey

If you don’t know Julie Pankey, you need to! She’s a force in the spa industry. She’s been consulting with spas for decades and won’t brag about her relationship with Four Seasons, Marriott and Westin! 

If you want to learn from an expert who has been helping spas run more efficiently and effectively then SpaHive is for you. Julie personally curates the workshops and hand-picks the speakers to ensure you get an incredibly motivating and educational experience. 

If you are genuinely motivated to make changes AND willing to have open and honest conversations about yourself and your business, then SpaHive is for you. Barry attended SpaHive and has great things to say about his experience and what he observed! 

You must be willing to ‘bare all’ in order to contribute to and benefit from the powerful, life changing dynamic this intimate event of like-minded entrepreneurs creates. 

Status quo and unmotivated types looking to get out of work for a day need not apply!

In other words, do you find yourself:

  • Feeling Like Your Business Is In A Rut And Needs A Good Kick In The Pants?
  • Wondering Where Your Competitors Get All Their Great Ideas?
  • Wishing You Had A Core Group Of Experts At Your Disposal?
  • You just need a mindset boost?

SpaHive 2023

Barry’s Review of SpaHive – Get Motivated + Inspired!

“I loved SpaHive. For me it was all about the round-table discussions. I saw the independent estheticians who work on their own regularly come alive when they were able to talk to other professionals about how to deal with the challenges of running a business.

I also loved moderating the expert panel for Julie Pankey, SpaHive Founder. It was so great to facilitate the discussion with an incredible panel of experts and an audience of spa professionals. The energy was palpable and I could see the participants’ engagement and enthusiasm. 

I know everyone walked away motivated and inspired.”  Barry Eichner

Meet Some Of Our Favorite Brands 

You’ll be able to meet the team from Ilike Organics, EpiStep and Aramore Skincare! 

Get FREE One Day Pass To SpaHive 2023

Lipgloss and Aftershave subscribers and enjoy a complimentary one-day pass with the provided code (LandAVIP). Elevate your SpaHive journey by upgrading to a three-day ticket for just $100. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity! Hurry – there are only ten vouchers.

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