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5 Spa Holiday Gift Ideas

Happy “Spa-Lidays”!  5 Spa Holiday Gift Ideas

Want your clients to have an incredible “Spa-Liday” Season?  Then give them some GL-AMazing spa holiday gift ideas!  Face it, we’re spa enthusiasts!  We love facials and massages and body treatments and bath products and body products and skin care products and skin care devices and makeup and spa slippers and spa robes and meditation apps and cbd products and essential oils and aromatherapy diffusers!

Whew!  That was a mouth full, the point is.  We love spa!

Want Your Spa Clients To Live Their Best Life?  Here’s 5 Spa Holiday Gift Ideas

It was hard!

Holiday Gifts of SKIN.BODY.SOUL.

 That’s right!  We’ve got your whole being covered in this special gift edition of POP!  We love to focus on the SKIN.BODY.SOUL. in honor of our weekly podcast!  Have you listened to it?  We feature guests from the skin care industry, personal trainers, astrologers, yoga teachers and meditation guides.   It’s inspirational and informational!

This Week’s POP!

5 Pre Holiday Beauty Tips

We pulled 5 products from our 2019 L+A Holiday Gift Guide!  Want to see all of our holiday selections?  Read the guide!  

#1 Body Care Collection – BiON 

This is a really yummy collection!  These products smell good enough to eat!  The collection of Naturally Clean Body Wash, Naturally Soft Lotion and Cocoa Mango Butter are ideal to stock up in your retail area.  Clients can give them individually or as the entire collection.  The products are rich, hydrating and incredibly fragrant.  They’re great for all skin types!

#2 Spa Basket – Pure Fiji

 If you don’t know Pure Fiji, you need to!  They’re at many of the IECSC trade shows!  The products are made in Fiji and the gift basket that these products come in are handmade by locals!  Enjoy a spa ritual at home with this basket of natural bath and body treatments. Exfoliate, moisturize and soothe skin with these plant based therapies. Spa Basket includes a 2 oz. body oil, lotion, dilo rescue gel, body butter, sugar rub, creme scrub and shower gel.

#3 Plumping Lipstick – Grande Cosmetics

Jenni’s obsessed with Grande!  This whole product line is amazing, but this new lipstick is a stand out!  Hydrating and Gorgeous!  Long lasting color, a plumper and a balm!  You need to get to know it…it’s almost like a tinted chapstick!

GrandeLIPSTICK combines the hydration of a balm, the saturated pigment of a lipstick, and the transformative power of a plumper – all tied into one revolutionary product! The nourishing white strip of key ingredients runs through the core of the ultra-pigmented lipstick bullet; packing a powerful punch of plumping and hydrating ingredients.

#4 Warming Ginger Bath Salts – KM Herbals 

Barry is on his 4th or 5th bottle of these.  The salts smell so good!  They also soothe his aches after a heavy lifting session!  With a sweet and spicy essential oil blend, these salts relax and renew the body and mind. Blended with Cinnamon, Clove, and Ginger, this formula helps to soothe tense and overworked muscles and to calm the senses.

#5 Chakra Meditation Tins – Blooming Light Alchemy

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One for each chakra…These little tins hold everything you need to help you cleanse and balance your energy. They are easy to take with you and make great gifts.   Each Chakra Meditation Tin contains: Chakra Roll on, 5 ml Smudge Spray, Crystal Tumble, Mini Meditation card.

We met Blooming Light at SpaHIVE and were instantly in-love!  We love that this brand offers help for meditation and wellness.  Our hope is to bring them to more people who need to find some balance in their lives!  This company is a small female owned business, so we wanted to offer them a little extra promotion this holiday season!  Support a female business owner’s dream while you give wellness to the world!

Enjoy The Holidays 

The holidays can be stressful.  These holiday selections can give you some solutions to de-stress for your clients and even yourself!  Home spa sessions with BiON, Pure Fiji and KM Herbals!  Help your clients stay cute throughout the season with Grande Cosmetics!  Let Blooming Light bring give your clients a little Zen this Christmas!  

Happy Holidays!  xo xo

Thanks to Grande Cosmetics, KMHerbals, Pure Fiji, Blooming Light and BiON  for sponsoring this article.  

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