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The Beauty Blogger at Home Spa Facial

Jenni’s Birthday At Home Spa Facial

An at home spa facial is a pretty big deal for many people.  But when you’re a professional beauty blogger, it is pretty much all in a day’s work!  Yet there’s nothing more Jenni Nagle of Lipgloss and Aftershave would rather do on her birthday then enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a spa facial.

Side Note:  She’s got a whole room dedicated to beauty with professional devices and professional only products.  But don’t get discouraged many of the items she used are available for consumers to enjoy at home too!!!

This Instagram Reel will give you a quick run down of what she did in her at home spa facial.  Keep scrolling after the videos for pics and links to all the products.  


Jenni’s At Home Spa Facial Protocol

Jenni’s At Home Spa Facial Protocol

Botana-Gel Cleanser is one of Jenni’s favorite, gives a great clean!
Mandeli Combo 30% Peel is ideal for most skin and a great start to get rid of all dead skin.
Hush Hydrate Mask with Cold Therapy From Alto 8 in 1 – this combo will soothe and calm the skin. It will also reduce any redness.
Vacuum Therapy from Alto 8 in 1 with the Face Oil Serum to hydrate and flush the skin with fresh blood and lymph.
Jenni applied the Regenerate Stem Cell Booster to kick start her skin cell’s activity and boost collagen production.
The she go to Rest and Relax!  She used a heated mineral mask to infuse the products  into the skin. The warmed Lava Mask pushed the products into the skin while the minerals in the mask worked to Remineralize, Repair and Rejuvenate.
Finish with an Organic Tinted SPF, Dawn To Dusk is one of Jenni’s go-to tinted favorites!

Thanks to Sesha, DermaJem, Immunocologie, dmSkincare, Hale & Hush and Dawn Lorraine for sponsoring this content.

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