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Dermatologist Uses Brand’s 3 Hyperpigmentation Treatments 

South Miami Dermatology has been using this brand for years. Their esthetician of fourteen years, Irene Garcia has been an esthetician for twenty-four years and has been using this brand for almost her entire career. They love this brand’s top three hyperpigmentation treatments. Barry got to experience two of them firsthand on the 2 floor, newly renovated and expanded facility. 

South Miami Dermatology Offers Extensive Medical Spa Services

We asked Irene Garcia to give us an idea of the services that this newly expanded and renovated, thriving medical spa offers. 

The list blew our minds:
Clear and Brilliant 
Chemical Peels 
Dermal Fillers
Laser hair removal
Body remodeling 
Lymphatic drainage 
Acne Lasers
Blue light 
LED light 

South Miami Dermatology uses Germaine De Capuccini 

We chatted with Irene and asked her to tell us the story of South Miami Dermatology and Germaine De Capuccini.  She told us, “South Miami Dermatology has been using Germaine De Capuccini  in treatment since we opened 14 years ago.” Irene Garcia

She went on to say, “In 2021 we expanded by renovating spaces and completely remodeling the main floor of our building to adapt to the requirements and needs of our clients. We needed to create more space to supply our growing client list with our expanding service options. It was then that we added Germaine De Capuccini’s retail products to our offerings.”  Irene Garcia

The 3 Hyperpigmentation Treatments South Miami Dermatology Uses 

During our conversation with Irene Garcia, we got to learn about her love for this brand and the results that it can offer clients dealing with hyperpigmentation – especially in South Florida, where living in the sun is a year-round activity. 

1 All-New Germaine De Capuccini Expert Lab Pigment Therapy 

South Miami Dermatology was one of the first Germaine De Capuccini accounts to add the all-new Expert Lab Pigment Therapy treatment to their menu in 2023!  Germaine De Capuccini launched this all-new treatment in 2023 and it’s getting rave reviews. 

We asked Irene her thoughts on this new treatment.  “This treatment works at deeper levels, being more intense at the cellular level to work on spots and hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanocytes. It requires between 3 and 4 treatments plus at-home treatments and works extraordinarily well.” Irene Garcia 

We asked for feedback from clients, “With the first treatment they feel that the spots lighten significantly and the skin feels softer and smoother. Irene Garcia.  

Barry Experienced Hyperpigmentation Combo Treatment 

2 Germaine De Capuccini Timexpert Radiance C

During our visit we asked Irene which was the most popular Germaine De Capuccini treatment on the menu?  She didn’t even flinch, “The Timexpert Radiance C, it’s my favorite treatment  because it gives clients an immediate glow, illuminates the skin and the effect lasts for a few days. Clients love the texture and the brightness of their skin after the treatment. Also, they love the mask and the smell of the products.” Irene Garcia

“I love this treatment, from the delicious rollerball massage to the incredible fragrance in all of the products. The best part is the ampule of Vitamin C that is used. I just know it’s giving my skin the dose of antioxidants that I need to protect and brighten my skin.  

You have to try this treatment – it’s a winner!!!” Barry Eichner 

2 Germaine De Capuccini Summer Peel 

“During our visit to South Miami Dermatology, Irene preformed the Summer Peel and the Timexpert Radiance C treatment on me. I loved this experience. The peel was mild and didn’t have any burning at all. Then Irene finished with the Timexpert Radiance C treatment!” Barry

I asked her why she loved The Summer Peel, “This treatment removes dead cells and at the same time hydrates the skin, giving it shine and softness.” Irene Garcia 

I asked her about her clients feedback on The Summer Peel, “The clients feel the difference in the texture and freshness left on the skin.” Irene

South Miami Dermatology

Favorite Germaine De Capuccini Retail Product 

We couldn’t leave without asking if Irene had a favorite home care product from Germaine De Capuccini.

“I use all of them but one of my favorite product is the Night Success Mask, I use it every night.” Irene Garcia. 

Germaine De Capuccini Training

We know how much our community loves and values education from their favorite brands and Irene is no different!  

“I really enjoyed the training on the treatments by Germaine De Capuccini . The instructors are very knowledgeable and engaging, and the course materials are well-organized and easy to follow.  The videos with all the steps and instructions are fantastic. I learned a lot about the principles and ingredients of the products and the professional treatments and how to apply them to my work. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone who is interested in learning more about esthetics and Germaine De Capuccini products.” Irene Garcia

Thanks to Germaine De Cauccini for sponsoring this content so we could share Irene’s story with our community. 

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