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We See A Hot Skincare Trend Emerging!

2021 Hot New Skincare Trend

Watching skincare trends is kind of our thing! Over the past few years, we’ve been on the forefront of what’s trending in skincare.  If there was a new product launch, we tried it.  If there was a new treatment – we got it!  We’ve had brands use us to announce new products, which kind of makes us giddy!

Over the past few months, we’ve been exposed so the same hot, new product category over and over.

We’ve been taking notes and we’ve been listening! It all came together when we saw an Instagram post from Bobbi Brown that convinced us we were on to something.

Our Ah-Ha Moment

On July 13th, we saw an IG post by @JustBobbiBrown. The photo was a screen shot she’d taken of her most recent Forbes Magazine article on a new beauty trend she was on top of! 


She sold her namesake make up brand and rather than retiring (she’s 63), she found her 2nd act!

Her encore performance is a new brand called Evolution 18, a new line of ingestibles. 

Bobbi says that she sees ingestibles as the next big beauty trend.

Um, we totally agree!

We See Ingestibles As The Hottest Skincare Trend in 2021

Don’t Call Them Vitamins

No one says vitamins anymore!  That term is so last century!  It’s like a 1980’s TV Commercial for Flintstone’s Chewables.

Sorry – Fred, but we don’t say Vitamins anymore….

It’s ingestibles now!  The term ingestibles includes vitamins, capsules, mineral supplements you can add to a liquid beverage, chewable gummies are also a new favorite!  Then there are the ready made drinks that will quench your thirst and fill your daily supplement quota!

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6 Ingestibles To Help Give You Gorgeous Skin!

Yes, we saw ingestibles as a growing part of the skincare industry early in 2019.   Nutrition has a huge impact on the skin, which is why, in 2019 when we were creating our 2020 Editorial Calendar we dedicated the month of July to nutrition and focused content around ingestibles.

Then earlier this year, during a Webisode of L+A Now, with Bend Beauty, their Founder, Marc St. Onge confirmed our hunch.  He said that as the skincare industry continues to evolve, ingestibles are becoming the next hottest segment of the market.

3 Ingestibles You Can Drink

Over the past few years, we’ve worked with a few brands that offer some delicious drinks!

California Skincare Supply offers products by Collagen MD. Advanced Connective Tissue Formula Plus is a powder that you can mix with water for a delicious orange flavored drink.

Source Naturals offers Serene Science® Magnesium Serene™, it provides magnesium to the body for all its benefits including muscle relaxation and heart health. 

Herbal Skin Solutions lets you chug your daily dose of Vitamin C with their Liposomal C.  It aids collagen synthesis and combats oxidative stress. The antioxidant rich blend supports a healthy immune system by helping to form red blood vessels and protect against free radicals. 

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1 Gummie We Love To Munch

Honestly, who doesn’t love a gummie?  They’re just fun! They’re also very popular in the ingestible market as a delivery system!  The new millenium’s chewable!

The CBD industry loves gummies too!  In fact, Cannabliss offers The Beauty Boost Gummie with 10mg of CBD per gummie along with 6 other key supplements!

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2 Capsules You Can Count On

Want a daily supplement that will give you anti-aging benefits and help protect you from the sun?  Check out Bend Beauty’s Anti-Aging Formula with Alexander’s Aesthetics II. Helps to improve your skin’s environment and has specific ingredients that help protect your skin against the sun’s rays.  We were skeptical too – they’ll show you the studies – you’ll believe!

DMK has your daily dose of essential fatty acids with their EFA+.  DMK says that EFA+ will, “…repair the cell membranes and help to rebuild stronger, healthier, and better functioning skin.”  We love this supplement.

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