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Barry’s Been On The Road Doing 17 Skincare Treatment Reviews

17 skincare treatment reviews, in 2 months – it’s been busy start to 2022! 

Yes, 2022 is shaping up to be a great year! All of the trade shows are back in full swing. Business is booming for so many estheticians and Lipgloss + Aftershave has a host of new skincare treatment reviews to tell you about. 

We are so lucky to be on the radar of the hottest brands who want to share their newest launches with us! Here’s 17 skincare treatment reviews of the products and devices that we’ve reviewed in the past few months!  

17 Skincare Treatment Reviews 

1. Lira Clinical launched an all new product, PRO Retinal Plus Treatment and they sent L+A product to review. We fell in love! This has a sophisticated delivery system and gives the skin a luminous glow with a flawless texture.
  1. Immunocologie is launching their Power Boost Facial that features one of our favorite serums, Super 7 Elixir Serum.  If you don’t know about this serum – you are missing out! 
3 + 4. DermaJEM has been super busy – literally launching a new device every month! Barry drove to Copper City, FL to their headquarters getting RF Microneedling with their Anima Envie and getting laser hair reduction with their Anima Forza Laser.

What is truly amazing about both of these devices is that they each take a treatment that historically has been incredibly painful and make it so much easier for clients to tolerate! You need to get to know these new devices.

5 + 6. Barry drove Stuart, FL to Wu Aesthetics headquarters to have his back waxed by Monique with her Emerald Gold Wax, which he loves. This wax makes the whole waxing experience easier for the esty and more comfortable for the client. The was was formulated over a 2 year period by Monique and has been dermatologist tested for skin sensitivities. Barry also used WU Aesthetics Restore Serum, which TOTALLY eliminated any ingrown hairs on his back. This ONLY time he’s never had a single ingrown after a wax!

7 + 8. Barry drove to Downtown Ft Lauderdale to meet Linda Rae for a  DMK Skin Revision Treatment. Linda gave him the Muscle Banding w Enzyme 1 & 2. This is one of Barry’s favorite treatments. The DMK Experience is like no other. The skin revision treatment works on the skin to help the skin function at its optimal levels.  Clients glow like a diamond after the treatment. Linda also gave Barry DMK Limited Mediterranean Pearls, a luxurious gentle exfoliating cleanser.

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9. Now that Barry’s in Ft Lauderdale, the 70 degree January temps lend themselves to lots of outdoor fitness fun! This can also bring about a few extra aches and pains, especially after a knee injury.  Barry’s used the Celluma iPRO for Pain Management!  Nothing works like it!

10. In January Barry used Nature Pure’s Lifting DNA Repair Stem Cell Trio while he also tried the Lira PRO Retinal Plus. The Nature Pure Trio is incredible. The product consistency is ideal of a more mature skin type. The sophisticated formulations gave Barry’s skin everything it needed to look great!
skincare treatment reviews

11 + 12 + 13 Audia Skincare is a brand new line that we found! We are getting a first hand look at this advanced clinical brand that gives the client a luxury aromatherapy experience. My absolute favorite product is the Charcoal Magnet Peel – acids and volcanic microcrystals will bring your skin back to life – TRUST US!  Then the Amber Dust Scrub Mask is a dream to use and the results are brilliant!  It’s a gentle, effective scrub that has the most delicious aroma! Add this to your treatment room ASAP!  They also have a really fun Brightening O2 Mask that foams up! 

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14. KM Herbals sent us the yummiest Peppermint Foot Scrub. This is LEGIT! Ground pumice stone mixed with invigorating Peppermint Essential Oils!!! So delicious for the feet!!!!

15. Hale & Hush launched a new product and we were the first to try it! Their Refine Polish is the most perfect scrub for anyone with skin issues! Fragrance free, super gentle and the perfect consistency. Now those clients with sensitivity who need a little manual exfoliation can get exactly what they need! 

16. My Dermatician is my new toy in the shower!  I have found that the vibration and silicone brush work on my oversized pores to keep them clean! I love the lower vibration setting for under my eyes.  I combine the Immunocologie Cleansing Lotion and get the benefits of a cream cleanser with the benefits of deep cleaning and gentle exfoliation!
17. How did I live without Skin Wand Pro?  Micro Channel your serums at home!  Duh!  This is a life saver.
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