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Meet The Doctor Who’s Changing Skin Care Education + Esthetics Training

Need esthetics training? You’ve graduated from esthetics school and passed your boards and now you’re a licensed esthetician!  Congratulations! You’re ready to start learning product knowledge training from skin care brands, waxing companies, lash companies, and devices.

However, as you begin working as an esthetician, you will quickly learn that as you treat the skin of clients – that there is far more that impacts the skin of your client than just the products that they use and treatments you provide.

Their skin is impacted by every part of their lifestyle. Literally, everything that they do in their daily life can impact their skin. In the new millennium, we need to take a new look at esthetics training. That’s why we’re obsessed with Dr. Raja Sivamani, he’s the physician who is changing esthetics training!

Meet Dr. Raja Sivamani – He’s Changing Esthetics Training

esthetics training

Dr. Raja Sivamani is an integrative dermatologist who takes an evidence-based approach while looking at multiple perspectives. He applies that into the clinic to bridge concepts from nutrition, mind-body, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and herbal/supplement-based medicine. He is heavily involved in research in a clinical trials unit that conducts clinical research that covers areas such as probiotics, the microbiome, the gut-skin axis, mindfulness, herbal interventions, pharmaceutical interventions, and nutrition to name a few.

He was a bioengineer as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and earned a Master’s degree in bioengineering from UCSF/UC Berkeley as well. He attributes his engineering background to help him become more innovative. He went on to medical school at UC Davis and realized that he needed more in-depth training around mind-body, nutrition, and personalized medicine. He then went on to receive a degree in Ayurveda from the California College of Ayurveda. He finished with his residency training at UC Davis in dermatology before becoming a board-certified dermatologist.

His goal is to provide integrative care to patients so that they have options from multiple perspectives to also change their lifestyle and empower them to play an active role in the management of their skin issues. His other passion is to train as many practitioners to take an integrative approach as possible as it is not part of the general training among skin care practitioners whether they are dermatologists, physician assistants, nurses, or estheticians.

My Interview About Integrative Esthetics Training with Dr. Sivamani

Q: You provide integrative esthetics training with LearnSkin, can you tell me about that program?

“​​The Integrative Esthetician Certificate Program by LearnSkin is a dedicated group of dermatologists and integrative medicine practitioners. Our goal is to share the latest scientific research and treatment options in dermatology for both Western and Eastern medicine to meet the growing demand for responsible, high-quality, and evidence-based education bridging conventional and complementary medical approaches.’


Estheticians can look forward to classes on the following topics.

Cosmetic Chemistry
Skin Physiology
Acne Management
Science of Nutrition


The program fee is $1497 and payment plans are available. 

LearnSkin programs are designed to provide you with skills that expand past what was learned in school, residency, and traditional conferences with the hope you inspire change in your patients and reach better outcomes in their overall care.

I am one of the main medical editors and content creators for LearnSkin’s Integrative Esthetician Certificate Program. I’ve worked with Venita Sivamani and Dr. Hadar Lev-Tov to create the LearnSkin platform because it was clear that there were no other online high-quality learning platforms. I’m working with two talented integrative dermatologists Dr. Peter Lio and Dr. Apple Bodemer to develop many of the educational sessions in the certificate programs.

We are deeply committed to integrative medicine so that we take multiple perspectives into account besides western and conventional medicine so that the platform delivers education for practitioners that is integrative in nature.”

Dr. Sivamani

What drew you to education in addition to practicing medicine?

I love the practice of medicine but I think it’s important that we go beyond ourselves if we want to change how medicine and health services are delivered. It is for that reason that I’m so committed to educating other practitioners and doctors.

Dr. Sivamani

You are a university professor and published author too correct?

I have spent many years as faculty at UC Davis and have taught at many levels including undergraduates, medical students, residents, and other healthcare practitioners including physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and estheticians. I deeply enjoy teaching and I believe it is how we can inspire each other to expand our boundaries and treatment styles.

I have a commitment to scientific publishing and have published over 120 peer-reviewed articles as well as edited many of the articles that you will see on the LearnSkin platform.

Dr. Sivamani


After reviewing the LearnSkin platform and the content in their The Integrative Esthetician Certificate Program we highly recommend this course to estheticians.

We truly believe that the health of the skin goes far beyond just skincare treatments and products. This is evidenced in our commitment to education on nutrition, botani and organic – clinical products, supplements and overall wellness modalities.

As consumers become more and more educated on skin care – we believe that skincare professionals must have an integrative approach to help their clients reach their skin care goals.

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Our gratitude to LearnSkin for sponsoring this content.

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