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3 Predictions For Skincare + Spa in 2021 and Beyond

You Are All Miracles

2020 was a truly rough year. It’s been a year of challenge, struggle, sacrifice and loss.
There has been so much change in the way we do business in the skincare and spa industry. I saw a meme on Instagram that said, “If 2020, didn’t bring out your hustle, it ain’t in you sis.” I just stopped dead in my tracks and thought, how many brave, strong, powerful, and tenacious humans, we got to know this year – all who have, “the hustle”!
In all of the chaos, anxiety, and fear, we saw so many professionals, join us as we all did the, now famous – PIVOT, to touchless, virtual skincare.
It’s truly amazing what we did! We took an industry – where the very foundation is to touch and made it successful by pivoting to touchless. You are all miracles.

Community Flourished

We were LEGIT terrified in March. We were prepared for an incredible year – we had so many fun, festive, exciting plans for 2020, we truly believed it would be the year of our dreams.

Then the world began to close and we were left with fear, dread and panic. How can we survive?

But the industry rallied, it adapted, and it changed.

We were witness to some of the most incredible shifts in perspective during the Spring of 2020. The way so many people began to embrace technology to ensure that their businesses continued to operate, simply blew us away.

We loved having thousands of skin care pros join us for our Virtual Skin Care Festivals in March and April.  We all came together to learn, to grow and to find comfort.  There is comfort in connecting with your community. 

Yes, we know, there are many who are struggling, but we know that with our community so strong, they don’t struggle alone.  They have a place to go to find strength and hope. 

We Look To 2021

As we see glimmers of hope on the horizon, we can now look to 2021 and the future with so much more optimism, than the way we felt in March of 2020, so scared and confused.  

The world will come back to life and we will be part of that. We will be stronger, braver, and more adgile as we move forward. There will be some permanent changes to the way we do business, which, we think are incredibly positive. 

Changes We Think Will Live On In Professional Skincare 

1. Increased Importance Of Technology

Technology in all aspects has been embraced by our industry and we see that continuing.

Communicating With Clients
So many spas and solo estheticians have dramatically improved their digital media. We see this as an avenue that will continue to thrive and we’re here to support you. 

You are also, doing more and more booking, document processing and payment with technology. Thus making your business stronger and leaner.  

So many of you have join our LIVE webisodes of L+A Now and we’ve seen literally thousands of you come to our Mobile App to get on demand education.  We see that you’ve all become so savvy and know that you can learn at your own pace on your own time – for FREE!  We are committed to providing more of this to you in 2021

We have seen so many brands being to leverage their websites to conduct their business.  Now spas and estheticians, can just purchase directly on the brand’s web-site at 9 pm after the kids are in bed.  😉 (we see you Mom’s + Dad’s – we know you never stop).  

Client Treatments
We have seen an up tick in the amount of you offering services that use technology. Devices such as:  Microcurrent, LED, Hydrodermabrasion, microdermabrasion, Radio Frequency and so much more are becoming staples in treatment rooms across the country. This investment in technology is making your services indispensable! 

2. Focus On Retail Sales

We saw so many spas and solo estheticians, sell retail products more than ever before! We will enter 2021 with a reset in the way we see the retail products we can offer clients. We now understand how important it is to our clients overall satisfaction that they get help navigating the skincare landscape. We are here to help guide them and they have proven they want to buy from us. 

It’s no longer something to be afraid of -we have proof. 

We see retail sales as one of the largest areas of potential growth in 2021.  

3. Memberships + Packages Will Flourish

We seemed to all realize the importance of wellness and self care in 2020.  We  know that repetition and dedication is the key to success in skincare.  This has created an opportunity for wellness professionals.

Because of the investment into technology such as microcurrent, LED, lasers, cavitation devices, radio frequency, and hydrodermabrasion, microdermabrasion and so many other devices that require repeat treatments for great efficacy; along with need to check in regularly to ensure the correct homecare is being used, we see the industry growing by spas and solo estheticians selling packages and memberships.

We are already seeing this on the happening in so many corners of the country.

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