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Skincare For Cancer Patients from Repêchage

Skincare For Cancer Patients From Repêchage

Oncology Esthetics® Webinar

June 29th and 12 Noon EST

With an estimated 16.9 million cancer survivors in the United States as of 2019, it’s important to provide estheticians with the proper education to be able to provide care to former and current oncology patients. Join the leaders in the Oncology Esthetics®* field, including Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati, Morag Currin, Founder, International Director & Educator, Oncology Training International (OTI) and author of Oncology Esthetics and Angelo Noviello, Italian Director and Educator, Oncology Training International (OTI) to learn everything needed about this crucial specialized area of esthetics expertise. From proper intake forms, learning how to listen and discern both physical and emotional difficulties arising from their conditions to learning how to perform essential skin care massage and treatment to help ease skin concerns, this is a very important field of skin care education of which every esthetician needs to become familiar.

Lydia + Morag’s Book

Lydia Sarfati + Morag Currin joined forces to write a book on how to use the Repêchage product line in skincare for cancer patients – both in professional treatments and for home care.  You can purchase the book from Repêchage.  Register for a Professional account HERE or Call 1-800-248-SKIN.

Lydia’s Video on Skincare and Facial Treatment Protocols For Cancer Patients

Lydia Sarfati created a video on how to perform Repêchage skincare on cancer patients.  You can purchase the video from Repêchage.  Register for a Professional account HERE or Call 1-800-248-SKIN.

About Morag

As a leader in our industry, Morag has spent over 27 years in the aesthetic/skin care industry, researching and constantly updating her knowledge on cancer and other diseases and how treatment affects the services we offer; plus she still offers services such as reflexology, aromatherapy and electrodessication. Morag pioneered Oncology Esthetics® training back in 2007. It was her concept that has driven change to our industry that others have followed. She consults globally with industry leaders by educating them how to include the cancer community. Besides making time for written articles and webinars she offers equine facilitated learning and activity sessions for the cancer community and veterans since there is a prevalence of significant psychological distress within these communities.

About Lydia

Lydia Sarfati is the Founder and CEO of Repêchage®, the first company to bring seaweed-based skincare treatments and cosmetics to the U.S market. Ms. Sarfati is an international industry leader, with over 46 years of experience as an esthetician, spa owner, manufacturer and consultant. She has been featured in major media such as Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, Elle, Allure, and the New York Times as well as on CNN, CBS, and FOX. She is the developer of the world-renowned Repêchage® Four-Layer Facial®, what Cosmopolitan UK has called “the best facial of the century.” \

Today, together with her husband David Sarfati, Co-Founder and COO and her daughter Shiri Sarfati, Co-President and CMO, Sarfati oversees a 50,000 square foot, ISO 9001:2015 certified, manufacturing, research, development and training facility in Secaucus, NJ. All Repêchage® professional products and treatments are manufactured in the United States, and are sold in over 45 countries worldwide. 

Ms. Sarfati has contributed to the elevation of the esthetics field in the US and abroad serving as the Chairman of CIDESCO Section U.S.A, the world’s major international beauty therapy association. In 2019, Sarfati was honored with the prestigious CIDESCO Medaille du Merite, and was presented with the “Polish and American Woman of the Year 2019” Award by the Polish & American Women Entrepreneurs (WE). In 2020, Sarfati received the ROI-NJ Champions of the C-Suite Award, honoring the top influential CEOS in NJ. 

She appears nationally and internationally at esthetic trade shows, and attends and conducts overseas conferences in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Central America, and South Africa. Sarfati is the author of Success at Your Fingertips: How to Succeed in the Skin Care Business, has produced 18 step-by-step instructional videos, including a comprehensive facial massage video, and has published The Repêchage® Book of Skincare Science & Protocols, a review of skin conditions, skincare, body treatments, and esthetics. Sarfati is also a contributing author to textbooks, including the Milady Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, Twelfth Edition, (Cengage Learning, 2019), Chapter 7 “The Treatment Room”, Chapter 8 “Facial Treatments” and Chapter 9 “Facial Massage” and Oncology Esthetics®, (Oncology Training International, 2020).

About Angela

Angela Noviello has been working in the field of Esthetics for over two decades: she has owned and directed with her family for 10 years one of the most prestigious esthetic schools in Milan and has been managing for 18 years a Functional Esthetics, Esthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery Center, with her brother Sergio, a Cosmetic Surgeon.

Since May 2013, she has been the Director for Italy and Coordinator for Europe of OTI Oncology Training International – Oncology Esthetics, the institution that trains and certifies, world-wide, esthetic practitioners authorized to work on cancer patients.

When Angela learnt about OTI Oncology Esthetics and became acquainted with her founder Morag Currin, she lost no time, she flew to the U.S. where she attended the course and took the exam for the international OE certification.

Angela has been the first OE certified esthetician in Europe: she was keen on offering safe beauty treatments to her customers who, because of cancer therapy, couldn’t take care of themselves at a time when, instead, they needed to feel beautiful and rediscover their femininity which, unfortunately, treatments still tend to penalize: hair loss, pale skin, rashes, to name a few scars the disease leaves on the body and that are a constant reminder of their condition of sickness, leading to a loss of identity as women.

Back in Italy, Angela was involved in several projects in Italian Hospitals.

She has trained and Certified more than 400 Beauticians. She has brought the OTI method in over 40 Hospitals in Italy.

*Oncology Esthetics® is a registered trademark to Morag Currin, dba Touch for Cancer Online and Oncology Training International (OTI). All rights reserved.


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