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The Med Spa That Does It All Loves Epifusion

The Skin Routine Med Spa opened in 2020 and found their stride offering some of the industry’s best-known skin care treatments. The famous “Game Of Thrones Facial” from DMK International, Hydrafacial MD, ProCell Therapies, chemical peels, and facial sculpting massage are all featured on their menu. The spa also boasts some of the most respected skincare brands Face Reality, DMK International, Alumier MD, and IS Clinical. 

Why Add Epifusion To A Successful Med Spa?

Yet the dynamic diva duo, Kendra Evans and Julie Schubert didn’t rest on their laurels! They continued to expand their business by expanding the treatments that they offered at The Skin Routine Med Spa After doing some investigation they found the EpiFusion Facial using the EpiStep. 

We asked them why they chose to add the EpiFusion Facial to their menu. Here’s what they had to say, “We love the science behind the device and the minimal downtime. It can be incorporated with many of our other treatments we offer or a great stand-alone treatment.”

Meet The Skin Routine Med Spa Owners 

Kendra Evans 

Kendra has been a licensed esthetician since 2015. She worked for a plastic surgeon for 8 years as a surgical assistant and comes from a medical background. That background led to her love for aesthetics. She loves to continue her education to offer results driven treatments. 

Julie Schubert 

Julie has been licensed since 2020 and has a passion for helping her clients feel comfortable in their skin. Julie comes from a medical background,  working for a plastic surgeon for 6 years and gaining experience in the aesthetics industry. She strives to offer her clients the best in skincare and waxing. 

Skin Routine Med Spa

Skin Routine Med Spa Incorporates EpiFusion with Other Modalities

When we saw that Kendra and Julie offered such advanced med spa services, we asked…

 “Do you incorporate EpiFusion into your treatment plans for clients with other modalities like peels, channeling, or dermabrasion? (I.E. do you suggest the EpiFusion facial in between other chemical peels, hydra facials, or microneedling)” Barry

Check out the IG Post that Kendra made where she discusses mixing and matching it with other treatments. 

Here’s what they had to say, “We actually love incorporating it with our platinum Hydrafacial treatments. It yields beautiful results short term and long term. Clients leave with beautiful glowing skin and we always get messages the days following how happy they’re with their results.” 

The Real Talk on Epifusion

We asked the ladies to give us some honest feedback on EpiFusion after they’ve been using it for a while.  

You can see the benefits of EpiFusion that are highlighted in an IG reel that Julie posted and see what both the owners had to say.

“It’s great for anyone, but especially for those with thinning and aged skin or anyone wanting that boost of collagen with no downtime. We love the results EpiFusion yields short term and long term. Such an incredible and versatile treatment. We’re getting such good feedback from each client that’s received an EpiFusion treatment. Everyone raves about their glow as well the mask that’s used during the Epifusion treatment.” Julie and Kendra

skin routine medspa

Thanks to EpiStep for sponsoring this content so we could share Skin Routine Med Spa’s success story with our community so they can see how to expand their business. 

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