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6 Skin Healing Supplements After Aggressive Skin Treatments

Downtime from an intensive skincare treatment is a bummer! Get over the hump quicker by incorporating internal supplements to support the skin’s natural healing process. Many of the ingredients you would find in topical skincare products that heal the skin also work when taken internally. Our recommendation guide allows you to easily suggest these items to your clients, or stock them to increase retail revenue. Positioning yourself as an esthetican that can make these types of recommendations will absolutely set you apart from the competition.

1 L-Lysine: An amino acid that activates at the site of a wound and helps speed up the repair process. Lysine is also required for the formation of collagen, a protein that acts as a scaffold to help support and give structure to skin and bones. This is also a great supplement to recommend during the winter when skin and lips get chapped and cracked. When healing we recommend getting a higher than normal dose, we suggest 3,500mg/day.

2 Niacinamide: A form of Vitamin B3 that helps promote skin healing and is great for broken or damaged skin. It’s also particularly helpful for reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also, a great winter recommendation for those in cold, dry climates. Follow the dosage instructions on the bottle.

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3 Collagen – The most abundant protein in the body and the building blocks of skin cells. Use a good hormone and anti-biotic free chicken cartilage formula. We recommend the patented BioCell Collagen, it is the highest quality, purest, cleanest collagen available on the market today. Trustworthy supplement brands like Skin Naturopathics use this type of collagen in their “Collagen Renew” product. When healing you want to take a little higher dose so we recommend dose loading with 1,000 mg 4x/day for 30 days.

4 Vitamin C – Support the collagen suspension in our collagen matrix by taking a high dose of vitamin C. The C literally “suspends” collagen molecules in our skin. It’s also incredibly anti-inflammatory and a potent anti-oxidant to help repair damaged tissue. C can increase bleeding so STOP taking it for 24 hours before anything invasive that would cause bleeding like a microneedle or laser resurfacing treatment but resume taking it the day after your treatment once the skin has scabbed over. A higher healing dose of 6,000mg/day is recommended while healing.

5 Omegas: Not only is this an anti-inflammatory fatty acid but it also supports skin health. Be sure that the brand you use is tested for contaminants, heavy metals and purity. Skin Naturopathics Omega Skin is our recommendation due to potency and testing. Follow dosage instructions on the bottle and take the higher end of the recommended dose.

6 Anything else Anti-Inflammatory:

–    Curcumin
–    Turmeric
–    Quercetin

Or get a blend – we love the Inflam-Assist from Skin Naturopathics or the Dr. Sinatra Omega Q Plus which is a blend of both Omega fatty acids AND potent anti-inflammatory ingredients. When we work on inflammation, we also reduce pain so this will help your client to FEEL better as well as heal. Giving the skin everything it needs during the repair process will positively affect the final result down the road. We recommend staying on a healing protocol anywhere from 30 – 90 days depending on the severity of the treatment. You may triple the dose of either of these for the first week to really work on pain and inflammation.

Contribution by Diana M Drake

“I began as an esthetician and was inundated with clients who experience acne, eczema and perioral dermatitis. Even with cleaning up their diet and using high quality skincare products, I quickly learned that there was so much more to the skin that I needed to understand. I embarked on becoming a Naturopath in order to better serve my clients and the community. After practicing for several years and specializing in skin conditions, I have created an easy to use system for both consumers and practitioners. Simply follow my baseline 3-step protocol and customize it to your specific needs by stacking additional products to support your imbalances”. 

Skin Naturopathics was created by Diana M Drake, Board Certified Naturopath and medical esthetician in collaboration with Master Herbalist Steven Horne. The goal of the line is to balance skin conditions at the root cause, in a holistic and natural manner and there is nothing else like this on the market today. The kits are assembled in an easy to use, step by step process that can be utilized directly by end users, dermatologists, estheticians and wellness professionals. If you are suffering from an inflammatory skin condition and have tried topical solutions or prescription drugs that don’t have lasting effects then this is the system for you!

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