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All Natural At-Home Intimate and All Over Skin Brightening

Skin brightening products are all over the market! Many of these at-home intimate brightening products and products for the face and body use chemicals to brighten the skin. If you’re looking for an all-natural alternative – you need to know what ingredients to look for in your brightening products.

2 Popular All-Natural Skin Brightening Ingredients

Resorcinol is a molecule very similar to Hydroquinone (HQ) (while Hydroquinone is 4 – Hydroxy phenol, resorcinol is 3 hydroxyphenyl).

This similarity also exists in their mode of action. Since HQ is a very well-known skin lightener, Resorcinol does the same and in a very similar mechanism.

However – HQ, Resorcinol, and Retinal are forbidden to be used in cosmetic skin care products in Europe.

In the last 10 years, three derivatives of Resorcinol were developed. All three are skin lighteners (but to a different extent).

Those molecules are:

  1. Phenylethyl Resorcinol.
  2. 4 Hexyl Resorcinol.
  3. 4 Butyl Resorcinol. 

All three are more effective than HQ (at the same concentration). They modulate melanogenesis, Inhibit Peroxidase – stimulating Glutathione, and protect DNA reduction in DNA fragment-induced tyrosinase synthesis. Their activity goes from Phenethyl Resorcinol (the least) through Hexylresorcinol to 4 Butyl Resorcinol (the most active).

Since there is a maximum concentration allowed to be used from each of the materials, we have mixed all of them in their maximum allowance to receive maximum activity = maximum results.


Resveratrol has a high importance in lightening creams because it has several parallel actions:

  1. Inhibits melanin production by:
  2. Halts alpha- MSH hormone.
  3. Halts TRP-2 protein.
  4. Halts melanosomes transfer to target cells.
  5. Causes rapid lightening (as soon as 7-10 days) probably by dissolving existing melanin.

A large advantage of using Resveratrol is that it does not cause skin irritation. On the contrary – it has an anti-inflammatory effect. 

Resveratrol has a heightened activity, especially when combined with Resorcinol derivatives.

Resveratrol’s main problem is that it is unstable. Several resveratrols exist and have different activity levels.

5 types of possible resveratrol’s (among others):

  • Cis-Trans Resveratrol–synthetic – good lightning action.
  • Trans Resveratrol – natural or synthetic, double action from CisTrans mix.
  • Ox resveratrol – natural or synthetic. high activity (40% more than Trans Resveratrol).
  • Di-methoxy Resveratrol – same activity as Trans Resveratrol but more stable. Mainly natural.
  • Resveratrol acetate – synthetic by-product with the same activity level as Resveratrol but with heightened stability.

And more:

The most important task is verifying that the mix of resveratrol will have:

  1. High activity
  2. Stable for a long time.
  3. Does not collide with existing patents.

Since the different resveratrols are either high activity or long stability, there is a need to mix several resveratrols to get a long lasting highly active product.

Intimate Brightener with All-Natural Ingredients

Illuminating Pink is an intimate brightener with all-natural ingredients. This brightening formula is an innovative formula for brightening intimate areas such as nipples, vagina, rectum, and armpits. At-home treatment. The fastest and most efficient results. The formula has been tested successfully and is safe for all skin colors.

This innovative lightener:​​

  1. Hitech synergistic effect.
  2. Effectively blocks and lightens melanin from five angles.
  3. More than just a melanin inhibitor.  

The melanin is produced inside the melanosomes in bodies named melanocyte, (2 types of melanin).

Later they are released from the melanocyte and travel to the epidermal cells. They then get “injected” into the epidermal cells, becoming enlarged and causing the skin to become brownish.

The traditional whitening process is achieved by competitive inhibition of tyrosine activity – thus preventing melanin formation. Our product tackles the whitening problem from more than one angle.

Face + Body Spot Treatment Skin Brightener with All-Natural Ingredients 

Illuminating White is the solution for discolored skin!

Illuminating White is a new, innovative formula for reducing skin spots. It contains SAFE ingredients and delivers the fastest and most efficient results. The Illuminating White formula has been tested successfully on all skin colors and types.

Illuminating White attacks the hyperpigmentation issue from different angles. Darkly pigmented skin is caused by excess production of melanin in the body.

When applied directly to the spots themselves, overactive melanin production is halted by stabilizing the tyrosinase, thus inhibiting the activity of the tyrosinase, which is an enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis.

With continued use the dark pigment never comes back. These non-toxic formulations are safe to use forever on a maintenance program.

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