The Science of Silicone To Treat Scars + Wrinkles

The Science of Silicone To Treat Scars + Wrinkles

Have you seen the topical silicone pads that are used for wrinkles?  Ever wonder if they work?  Ever wonder how they work? 

Would you be shocked to know that these pads were created to reduce scarring after surgeries?

It’s true! 

Want to learn the science of how the silicone works on the scar and wrinkle?

Join us with the two-time Emmy award-winning makeup artist, thyroid cancer survivor, entrepreneur, and innovator, Camille Calvet, creator of the award-winning SilcSkin reusable silicone pads.  Learn the science of how the pads work with your body to naturally plump skin.

You’ll learn why they are safe for even the most sensitive skin (scars!)

Get a demonstration on how to apply the pads to the skin so they can work to draw moisture to the surface. The silicone pads treat scars and crepey skin. 

Join us for this 60-minute webisode.

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