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Jenni Got a Snatched Waist From SculptICE

Snatched Waist Gave Me My Pre-Baby Body Back

snatched waist

“The Snatched Waist gave me my pre-baby body back!  I was only prepared by what I’d seen on video and on the tradeshow floor…this treatment simply blew my mind.

My results were truly amazing! I attribute that to the fact that SculptICE is the original and recognized market leader in body contouring treatments using wood therapy and ice for cryolipolysis – all others are simply imitations and not of the quality that I would feel comfortable having performed on my body.” Jenni Nagle, Co-Founder, Lipgloss + Aftershave.

Want A Snatched Waist?

If you want to experience the SculptICE Snatched Waist treatment, you can find a SculptICE provider near you. SculptICE has been on the market for a decade and in that time has trained and certified hundreds of providers all over the United States and the world. As the recognized market leader you can trust the SculptICE trained and certified providers to Snatch Your Waist! 

snatched waist

Jenni’s Experience – The Snatched Waist Treatment 

The Snatched Waist treatment begins with wood therapy to warm the muscles and start the actual sculpting process. Ania, the SculptICE founder, used a total of three tools during this portion of the treatment:

  1. Swedish Cup
  2. Contouring Board
  3. Snatched Waist Roller

Ania used specialized techniques that were done on my abdomen, then on each side of my body.  Medium pressure was used, and it was not painful, but it was not exactly relaxing.

After the wood therapy, it was time to get ICED! Ania selected Lemongrass for my target treatment.  This part of the treatment was chilly at first, but my skin adjusted quickly and talking throughout the process made it go almost unnoticed. Again, specialized techniques were used as Ania performed lymphatic drainage movements and sculpting movements to slim my waistline.  

We let the treatment dry on the skin to reap the benefits of the Lemongrass formula:

  • Reduce oily skin
  • Improves cellulite
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Stress Reliever
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-Oxidant Effect
  • Detox the skin

Then, everything was removed with a hot towel, and Lipo Reductive Gel was applied to the treated area to stimulate my lymphatic system to dissolve and eliminate adipose tissue.

Ania provided a Faja, or shapewear for me to wear after the treatment. This compression garment is made of powernet fabric and cotton that adjust to your body; sculpting and enhancing your curves.  You will feel the compression of this garment instantly.

The results were simply amazing. It was like I had my pre-baby body back!

snatched waist

The History of SculptICE 

There are so many products on the market that claim “Instant Weight Loss!” – yet provide little to no remarkable changes.  

SculptICE works.  

Ania came across the concept of ice therapy while in Mexico.  She’d had three treatments done on herself and was amazed at her own results.  When she researched the treatment in the US, there was nothing available that was the same – – no one knew what she was asking for, when she made inquiries. .

She requested the product from a friend in Mexico, and started incorporating her own massage techniques into what she’d experienced while in Mexico. Of course, she wanted the treatment to be done on herself, so she trained a friend on the techniques.

Friends and others in her circle, saw her body change and asked her what she was doing and where they could also have this done.  Many were struggling with post baby weight loss, and wanted these changes!

With her background in massage therapy, Ania started perfecting the techniques and developing different protocols for various areas of concern.  It was only a matter of time before she was invited by the creator of the formula in Mexico to become the US distributor of the product. It was then that SculptICE was born.

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