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15 Science-Based Skin Treatment Solutions

The ingredients in skin care are the heart of the products that we use in our treatment room and recommend to our clients for home-care use. The ingredients in skin care we use can be created in sophisticated formulation labs where they freeze-dry hyaluronic acid. Our back bar and retail shelves can also be filled with ingredients in skin care products that showcase the science of nature, in powerful enzymes, peptides, and nutrient-rich omega fatty acids.

For many years – the ingredients in skin care were really all we had to use on our clients.  However, over the past few years, there are an abundance of tools created with technology for use in our beauty businesses. Computerized technology has given us the ability to examine skin on a level we never knew existed, we can also impact skin with all sorts of modalities that require sophisticated technology.

6 Scientific Ingredients In Skin Care That Impact Skin Health

ingredients in skin care
  1. M.A.D Skincare’s All-New Fade Gel 6 has 6 non-hydroquinone brighteners. These 6 ingredients in skin care work to fade hyperpigmentation. 

Here’s What We Know

“The product is a clear, slightly viscous gel that has no fragrance at all. It’s paraben free. M.A.D uses dimethicone so the gel glides across the skin beautifully. You need a very small amount of product and you can use it on the whole face or just spot treat areas of hyperpigmentation.  It’s great for use on all Fitzpatricks! M.A.D indicates that it should take 2-4 weeks to see results. It’s also ideal for areas of the body, such as elbows, knees, neck and declotte. M.A.D says to avoid sensitive areas.” Barry + Jenni

  1. Sesha’s Regenerate Stem Cell Booster has stem cell activators and growth factors. These 2 ingredients in skin care work to stimulate fibroblasts and support repair of damaged skin. 

Here’s What We Know

“This product is thick and rich and has the consistency of a cream from all of the omega-rich ingredients. Sesha describes it as an emulsion, but we love the thick consistency in this ceramide-rich formula for mature skin! This product helps the dermal-epidermal junction to function optimally – giving the skin the ability to repair itself. 


It has a mild, fresh scent and glides on easily, and is quickly absorbed into the skin. The stem cell activators and growth factors are able to reach the living skin because of Sesha’s proprietary P.E.T® Delivery System. Jenni uses this product 3 times per week, and swears it has held off the need for Dysport!”  Barry + Jenni

  1. Hale & Hush’s Refine Polish a scrub containing two peptide ingredients in skin care designed to repair the barrier and improve the skin immune response. 

Here’s What We Know

“This fragrance-free, ultra-gentle, manual exfoliating scrub is a pleasure to use! It has a white/clear color and is somewhat viscous. When massaged into the skin with water, it comes to a micro-foam type lather. You can feel the scrub, but it never feels abrasive or harsh. 


The product has acetyl hexapeptide 49 + heptapeptide 4. These ingredients in skin care make this ultra-gentle manual facial scrub. While many scrubs, attack the skin’s barrier.  Refine Polish is  ideal for those with compromised skin because heptapeptide 4 improves the skin’s immune response andcetyl hexapeptide 49 repairs the barrier.”  Barry + Jenni

  1. Saro De Rue’s All-New Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid System consists of two parts – the Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic acid that contains hyaluronic acid, squalene, and tocopherol. These 3 dynamic ingredients in skin care attract and retain water in the skin. They moisturize and soften, support the health of the skin while fighting UV damage. The second part is the activator which has purslane to brighten and reduce UV damage, Pomegranate to speed healing and repair UV damage, and finally, white mulberry to brighten, reduce inflammation and protect from free radicals.

Here’s What We Know

“The tablets each come in a sealed package to ensure freshness.  Once you pop the tablet out, it takes about 8 drops of the activator to dissolve the tablet into a smooth, liquid consistency.  The action is almost immediate; you can watch the tablet dissolve in seconds!  There is virtually no aroma in the newly created serum, and it glides onto clean, dry skin and absorbs instantly.  There is no trace of the product left on the surface of the skin.” Barry + Jenni

  1. Silhouet-Tone’s 50 Beauty Stars Facial – Resurfacing Renovator has proteolytic enzymes to stimulate skin renewal This treatment would be ideal for hyperpigmentation and skin that is congested. This multifaceted facial exfoliates, detoxifies, calms, and brightens using acids, enzymes, botanical extracts, and charcoal. 

Here’s What We Know

“The 50 Beauty Stars Facial Resurfacing Renovator uses the Fruit Peeling Cream with Glycolic Acid, Enzymes, and Raspberry Extract exfoliate. This luscious, thick lotion is pink and has an aroma from the raspberry extract. It detoxifies and calms with the Botanical Charcoal Mask, vegetal charcoal powder is activated with gentle and slow massage movements, so as to “burst” the vegetal charcoal powder and its extraordinary adsorption capacity to purify and detoxify. This is a fragrance-free, thick, black mask that has coal and charcoal powder.


The treatment brightens and fortifies with the C+Serum with Scutellaria Plant Extract, White Blackberry, Saxifrage, and Grapes. More effective than vitamin C, this plant extract has excellent lightening properties. It regulates melanin activity and reduces skin pigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase. Spots and pigment irregularities are thus reduced. It’s a thin lotion that is pale orange in color and has a fresh fruity aroma from the blackberry and grape extracts.” Barry + Jenni

  1. Germaine De Capuccini’s Timexpert Lift Vector-3 Firmness and Density Advanced Program (link requires FREE professional registration to access wholesale details). This has their V-Matrix to restore skin’s suppleness with purified oligosaccharides extracted from Cyperus esculentus. This restores functional organization of the pre-elastin protecting against degradation. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen. It also creates a dense, homogeneous, and cohesive interior mesh using a molecularly engineered bioactive peptide. This treatment reactivates the synthesis of elastin, collagen, and proteins.

Here’s What We Know

All of the active ingredients are spread through 4 key steps of the treatment!  

Alpha-Gel Technology in DefineLift Massage Cream
This Alpha-Gel Technology has encapsulated molecules. Then, through friction of the massage – the Alpha-Gel Technology begins to break the capsules and the active ingredients begin to penetrate. Through this process the consistency thins and facilities a longer massage treatment. 

The specific DefineLift Massage modality you use will begin to mold and remodel the facial skin and underlying facial muscles. GDC provides a step-by-step video for this incredible lifting massage technique.

Filler-Net Mask Facial Bi-Mask
Gel Mask
Apply this fragrance-free, thick, purple, gel mask to the skin.
It will generate an interphase between the product and the skin that deeply moistens the stratum corneum, weakening the cohesion between its cells and facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients. This step allows the dead skin cells to break to allow the active ingredients in the next step – the tissue mask to be absorbed into the skin.

Tissue- Mask
Maximum lifting and filling activity. Perfectly fits the face, creating an immediate tautening effect, elevating the cheeks and cheekbones, and redesigning the facial contours.

6  Ingredients in Skin Care that Showcase the Science of Nature

ingredients in skin care
  1. Immunocologie’s Power Boost Facial features Snail Mucin and Desert Date Seed Oil in the Super 7 Elixir Serum that is infused into the skin with their Lava Mask.

Here’s What We Know

The Power Boost Facial is a 30-minute treatment that is ideal to power boost the glow in any client. You can register as a Professional for more information.  Ethically sourced snail mucin extracts stimulate collagen production while the Desert Date Seed Oils, rich in Omegas, volumizes the skin!  The minerals in the Lava Mask enrich the skin to function at optimal levels. The Super 7 Elixir serum is a thin lotion-like serum that is a pale yellow color and has an intoxicating, exotic scent. The Lava Mask is a sensory experience, when heated the hibiscus oils are ignited. This treatment is a pure therapeutic luxury.”  Barry + Jenni

  1. BiON Skincare’s Pomegranate Papaya Enzyme Treatment. 6 enzymes flood this potent, professional-only product that is ideal to dissolve keratin proteins to eliminate fine lines and reduce bacteria. 

Here’s What We Know

“This bright and beautiful enzyme has a fresh, fruity scent.  It contains a carotenoid pigment, a potent antioxidant to calm the skin, and has properties that help prevent light-induced oxidative stress. This professional-only product uses fruit enzymes from pumpkin, pineapple, pomegranate, and papaya to dissolve keratin proteins and eliminate dead skin cells. The product has a slightly thick consistency and a velvety texture. It has a wonderful glide when applied to the skin and feels wonderful when lightly massaged on the skin. Clients will enjoy the euphoric aroma of honeysuckle flowers. It dries after 5 minutes but can remain on the skin for up to 15.


Barry used it for 5 minutes and he felt a slight tingle. He rinsed with water and it left his skin feeling velvety smooth.”  Barry + Jenni

  1. Dawn Lorraine’s Green Tea Balancing Creme uses the holistic power of Tumeric as its secret weapon to help improve skin tone and reduce oxidative stress in the skin. 

Here’s What We Know

“The Green Tea Balancing Creme has all of the amazing usual suspects – green tea, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, and Organic Jojoba Oil. But this L+A Fav Award-Winner is supercharged with Tumeric to help improve tone and fight against oxidative stress! It is low in oil content so it is great for congested and oily skin. It has a thin,  lotion-like consistency and the Lime Essential Oil and Organic Cold Pressed Bergamot Essential Oil to give it a refreshing citrus aroma that psychologically allows those with oily skin to understand that it is lightweight and ideal for their skin type. It’s an absolute pleasure to use and one’s skin drinks it right in!” Barry + Jenni

4. Circadia’s C Peptide Peel is a power-packed facial treatment!. It gives the skin everything estheticians know the skin loves – Pineapple + Papaya Enzymes, Retinol, Vitamin C, and the protein building peptides L-Carnosine and L-Carnitine  – all in one treatment.

Circadia’s Dedicated Landing Page for C Peptide Peel Protocol

Use Code LIPGLOSSVIP to Access Circadia’s C Peptide Peel Protocol for more information. 

Here’s What We Know

“The C Peptide Peel protocol begins with the Zymase Enzyme Treatment, a powerful enzyme that contains multiple forms of Vitamin C to eliminate dead skin cells from the surface while firming and brightening the skin. Esty’s then are directed to apply Vitamin C Reversal Serum, followed by the Crown Jewel of the treatment, the Firming Peptide Mask. The mask brings about microcirculation, detoxification, and instant firming, lifting, and tightening. The final step is an application of Vitamin A Accelerator – this Retinol-based, self-neutralizing treatment booster will increase peeling from the inside out, without damaging the skin.

The Zymase Enzyme has an herbal scent and is cream in color, the protocol measurements provide the perfect amount to apply a thin layer to the skin. This treatment leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. The Firming Peptide Mask – whips to a thin consistency and after being fan brushed onto the skin – firms up. It feels nice and tight and you can see the skin get smoother. As the mask dries – and firms, fine lines disappear. The Vitamin A Accelerator application – Barry did a single pass and it had a 3-second tingle, but then was fine. This is a great treatment because it gives an instant lift and glow – but all of the Vitamin C is like money in the bank for the client’s collagen production.” Barry + Jenni

  1. Nature Pure’s Retinol Bio-Resurfacing Snow Algae Peel also features Retinol, Vitamin C, Lactic, Glycolic, and Multi-Fruit Acids. This designer botanical peel can be a go-to, resurfacing peel for normal, dry, combination, or oily skin.

Here’s What We Know

“First, we’re obsessed with snow algae – so we did a little snooping around and found this, “…snow algae increases hydration in the skin for a more supple complexion, boosts collagen production for improved texture and appearance, and protects skin from environmental damage at a cellular level….” TotalBeauty.com


So when you add the benefits of snow algae to the acids and multi-fruit acids that we know and love in this peel, you get something that is pretty spectacular.


The Bio-Resurfacing Snow Algae Peel has a thin consistency and almost non-existent aroma. After applying the first layer, there was very little sensation or tingling, making this an ideal treatment for someone new to chemical peels. Jenni did 4 layers, waiting 3-5 minutes in between each layer, and didn’t experience any peeling, flaking, or redness in the following days. Only glowing skin!” Barry + Jenni

  1. Audia Skincare’s Brightening / Anti-Aging Facial has their Illuminating Signature Mask that features Alpha Arbutin (that they suggest mixing with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide), Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Silk Peptides to firm the skin and give it a  renewed brightness!  

Here’s What We Know 

“The mask is a powder base, with a slightly earthy aroma.  When mixed with the Hydrogen Peroxide, the mask bubbles up to a frothy consistency.  It is a sensory experience when applying: the foam almost wakes up your skin! The product dries quickly, similar to a thin, clay mask, and is easy to remove.  


Audia suggests adding Hydrogen Peroxide to this mask to improve the brightening power and to help kill germs. The hydrogen peroxide reacts with the live yeast cell derivative in the mask, which causes it to foam. The yeast contains an enzyme called catalase, and when hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with it, it breaks it down into water and oxygen.


The oxygenation benefits help to destroy anaerobic bacteria ie: propionibacteria, that exist in pustules and cysts. It has an immediate brightening effect on the skin, which also boosts the brightening effects of alpha arbutin and Vitamin C.”  Barry + Jenni

3 Tools Using Technology For Your Beauty Business

  1. DermaJEM’s Neptune by Anima is one of the most complete skin care devices that we’ve seen – it has five different modalities and the ability to change hydrodermabrasion solutions easily with its touchscreen.

Here’s What We Know

“We love the hydrodermabrassion technology from Anima, we’ve had the treatment using some of their other amazing devices. The Neptune offers so many additional modalities that we love! This allows you to offer Radio Frequency to clients – we love that to help tone and tighten the skin! It allows you to perform microcurrent to lift and tone the skin also! You can also offer oxygen infusion in facials and finish with the LED Light Therapy mask!


One of our favorite parts of the Neptune is the ability to easily switch between the 3 solutions of your choice during a single treatment but using the vibrant touch screen. We also love that you can show your clients the waste container with all of the dead skin and trapped debris from their skin!

2. Coralai by Corpus Group offers a whole new way to offer skin care and skin care services to your clients both locally and virtually!  

Here’s What We Know

“This all-new platform is going to change the way estheticians conduct business. No longer will your daily appointment schedule be limited to clients coming into your business. Book virtual appointments with clients from anywhere using the Coralai skin analysis. This brand new website will allow consumers from anywhere to book a fee-based virtual consultation with a professional esthetician. Earn income from the consultation and earn income by selling products after clients scan their skin on their smartphone and share the scan with you to analyze using the Coralai’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology.


Yes, estheticians can also use Coralai on their existing clients to get a better understanding of each clients’ skincare needs. You can take the ambiguity out of the skin analysis with clients and give them visible proof of what their skin needs.


Coralai also allows the esthetician to obtain a virtual skin scan during the recovery time after a peel, they simply have the client scan their skin from the comfort of their home. This builds strong before and after photos to show clients their progress.” Barry + Jenni

3. California Skincare Supply offers the Ageless Beauty Wand 2.0 by Julie Lindh Skin Expert. This wand is an ideal tool for your beauty business with the technology of microcurrent, and its micro-needling effect – without needles or puncturing the skin!

Here’s What We Know

We’ll blow your mind! This hand-held tool has microcurrent – but there’s no on/off switch; there’s no batteries, there’s no cords – you don’t charge it. It’s solar-powered – and you don’t need to let it charge. Just expose it to light and the microcurrent is active. 


In addition to microcurrent, there are spikes on the rollers that work to trigger the production of collagen and maintain younger-looking skin. 


Barry used the Ageless Beauty Wand 2.0, you have to have moisture on the skin to conduct the microcurrent, so he used conductive gel. The spikes didn’t hurt – they actually felt nice. You can feel the gentle microcurrent as the rollers go across the skin. He loved this for the little spikes and how they felt on the skin – he used his favorite M.A.D Serum on the skin after!

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