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Autumn Facial + Power Boost Facial with Lava Mask

Power Boost Facial

How can a Lava Mask give a facial a power boost? 

The Lava Mask is the star player in the all-new Immunocologie Power Boost Facial. 

This express facial’s results are driven by Immunocologie’s Vital Oligo Science! The skin is infused with essential minerals and nutrient-rich vitamins with oils and powerful antioxidants.  You can bring back hydration, brightness, and a healthy glow to your client’s skin while supporting the skin’s integrity, health, and vitality.

We asked Immunocologie Founder, Karen Ballou, why she created the Power Boost Facial. Here’s what she said.

“We are all exposed to everyday elements, pollution from cars, smog, for example and being inside with the heat drying out our skin, not to mention wearing masks that deplete the skin.

I wanted to create a facial that anyone would benefit from.  The Power Boost Facial will accelerate skin health and restore its integrity and vitality. I wanted to create a facial that would restore hydration, brightness and give skin a healthy glow. This is an ideal facial to prep for a special event where you need to look fabulous.

Karen Ballou

Founder, Immunocologie

Immunocologie Lava Mask Star Of Power Boost Facial

Lava Mask 

The Lava Mask by Immunocologie remineralizes, regenerates, and repairs the skin in this 30 minute express facial. Centuries of wellness practices have recognized the anti-inflammatory properties of heat therapy while civilizations as old as time have relied on the mineral-rich soils of volcanic-dusted earth. Using Lava Gel® — a soothing, heat-activated technology — this mask brings the power of both to your skincare routine. Heat helps send the repair-stimulating benefits of 12 essential minerals deep into the epidermis to strengthen and regenerate at the cellular level without disturbing your microbiome balance or drying out the skin. 

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