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Saving Face: Products For After Waxing

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Hot Pink Stripes Aren’t Cool

If you wax brows, lips or chins you need to calm & correct after!  Products for after waxing are so important.  No one wants to walk around with hot pink racing stripes on their eyebrows! If they didn’t want hair on their chin, they don’t want a patch of pink, inflamed skin either!  No matter what you’ve heard, kissable lips are always the goal, a strip of pink irritation where a hairy lip used to be isn’t sexy!  

Help Them Save Face: Waxing Products For After Waxing  

You’ve all seen it, the split second you pull the strip during a brow wax or a lip wax –  BOOM – the pink flush!  You know it’s not the wax, the utensil you used or your skill.  You know it’s the clients’ skin.  The only problem in this situation?  The client may not know that!  It’s your job to calm that irritation.  

PRO TIP:  Own That Irritation

That’s right!  Openly acknowledge it.  “Looks like your skin is somewhat sensitive to waxing. You’re getting a little pink, which is totally normal.  I have an amazing product that will calm your skin right back down!”  

Pink’s Cool Everywhere Else 

It’s a bit of a double standard!  But you could literally have a client’s arm, leg, back or bikini turn a little pink and clients can easily shrug it off as an acceptable reaction after a wax, but when it’s on their face, it’s a totally different story.  Fear of scarring is very real for clients who experience irritation and inflammation, especially the the first time it happens.  

That’s why we’ve reached out to our team of skincare guru’s to get you some help!  We have a list of post wax soothers that you’re sure to love and that will help you save face!  

This Week’s POP! Best Products For After Waxing

MAD Skincare Redness Relief from California Skincare Supply

California Skincare Supply –  Redness Rescue  

This  life saver by M.A.D Skincare is full of Soothing Peptide Complex – This blend of powerful peptides offers unparalleled skin rejuvenation benefits and aids in tissue regeneration. Order this from California Skincare Supply and have it on hand on your back bar to spot treat any minor flare ups after any facial waxing.    – Click Here

Farmhouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze

Farmhouse Fresh – Honey Heel Glaze  

We meet the Farmhouse Fresh team in New York at IECSC.  We told them about our upcoming POP! articles and Portia, an educator for Farmhouse Fresh, offered us this….

PRO TIP:  The Honey Heel Glaze is amazing for post wax soothing!  – Click Here

Cosmedix C.P.R.

Cosmedix  – C.P.R. Serum

I mean, the name kinda says it all right? Give your skin some C.P.R. after a wax.  We found this product at Face & Body Spa Expo and Conference in Atlanta.  Ryan, one of the educators showed us this when we asked about the best products for after waxing!  Formulated specifically for complexions in need of recovery and relief, this soothing serum helps sensitive skin types, those experiencing redness –  Click Here.

Hale & Hush Relief Bio-Powder & Hush Hydrate Gel

Hale & Hush  – Relief Bio Powder & Hush Hydrate Gel Combo

Pro Tip:  Sprinkle a little Relief Bio Powder into a few pumps of Hush Hydrate Gel and you will have a super calming combo! We’ve seen estheticians all over the country use this calming combo and rave about it!  Don’t be the last to know, give it a try and then tell your esthy-bestie!  

There you have it, some of the best products for after waxing. Don’t stress a little pink irritation after you wax.  Own that irritation and become a hero to your client when you use one of these amazing products to calm and soothe the skin!  If you loved everything in this Week’s POP!, be sure to read all of our other Weekly POP! posts.  

Thanks to Farmhouse Fresh, California Skincare Supply, Cosmedix, and Hale & Hush for sponsoring this article.

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