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New Millenium Spa – Scientific Skincare and Healing Bodywork

The Spa Offering Advanced Scientific Skincare + Healing Bodywork

Sage Healing Collective – Our April Featured Spa

It’s rare that we’re blown away at a spa. Honestly, after 22 years of traveling around the U.S and the world visiting spas, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen what’s out there!

When we were given the opportunity to tour, interview and enjoy treatments at Sage Healing Collective by our brand partner Hale & Hush we were excited to learn more about a spa that offers Rezenerate NanoFaciall and the Oxygeneo Facial with respected clinical brands such as Hale & Hush.

Our interest was piqued when we saw the treatment menu also included:

Nutritional Medicine



Yoga, Bodywork

Nail Services

Vaginal Steaming!

Sage Healing Collective

Computerized Skincare Meets Loving Healing Energy Work

Imagine being able to have your clients get a nutrition consultation to make sure they’re eating well so their skin is in its best state. You’re able to offer clients a computerized skincare treatment like Oxygeneo in the same sacred environment where loving and healing body work is offered. A collective of modalities that come together to provide the whole person the highest quality care – this is Sage Healing Collective.

Healing Bodywork

Barry had the opportunity to try their Thai Stretch & Bodywork with Emily. Which was kind of magically gentle, energetically restorative, and mentally renewing! Nothing harsh or painful, just total bliss.

While Barry always loves a great skincare treatment – the opportunity to check out mentally after a busy trade show is kind of amazing!

Barry was totally blissed out after this and was super excited to hear what Jenni thought of her Scientific Skincare Oxygeneo treatment with Hale and Hush! 

Sage Healing Collective

Sage Healing Collective Partners with Hale & Hush

Sage Healing Collective

Jenni had the Oxygeneo treatment using Hale & Hush Products. Honestly, when you enter Sage Healing Collective, you anticipate only seeing organic, wildcrafted, vegan products on their shelves. We were so impressed that they wanted to offer the highest quality skincare that you find in brands such as Hale & Hush and Lira Clinical.

“Sage Healing Collective has the flexibility to incorporate Hale & Hush into any of their facial offerings because it is such a versatile line. My treatment started with the Quiet Wash (yes, even to remove my eye makeup!), included the Oxygeneo, and the Hush Hydrate Mask to replenish my skin. We used Soothe Essence, Brilliant Lip & Eye Serum, and Broad Spectrum SPF 30 to finalize and protect at the end. My skin was left glowing and hydrated!” Jenni Nagle 

sage healing collective

Why Hale & Hush Clinical Skincare In A Healing Collective

I was so curious, as to why two doctors who are so focused on holistic wanted clinical skincare product options for their clients. We sat down with the whole team for lunch and a Q+A and here’s what we found.

sage healing collective

Dr. Emily On Why She Chose Hale & Hush

“I am not a skincare expert so while researching skincare lines for my spa, Hale & Hush kept popping up.  After looking into the company further I found out that they are the top skincare line!  Hale & Hush welcomed us with open arms & have continued to give Sage a ton of support.  It was the best decision for our skincare department!” Dr. Emily Loveland

sage healing collective

Spa Director Patti on  Hale & Hush

“Hale & Hush is a  skincare line for everyone but especially for those with compromised skin. The support we receive from  Kris & her team always goes above & beyond!”. Patty Skowronski, Spa Director

sage healing collective

Esthetician Christy on Hale & Hush

“Hale and Hush is a really great, versatile skin care line.  Although it is designed for compromised skin & rosacea it is so good for acne prone skin!  Hale & Hush is really effective in calming inflammation in skin. My favorite products are Soothe Essence Serum & Hush Hydrate Gel.  Quiet Wash is also a great, safe cleanser for anyone with lash extensions!
Christy Nop, LE


sage healing collective

Esthetician Mirranda on Hale & Hush

“Working with Hale and Hush has helped tremendously with all of my clients, especially with acne. The inflammation is reduced, skin is left hydrated, soft, and less irritated. The Hush Hydrate Gel is a powerhouse retail product and paired with the Hush Hydrate Mask and Bio Powder has literally changed my clients’ lives by giving them more confidence within their skin. Nothing feels better than when your client tells you that for the first time ever they felt comfortable going outside without makeup.”
Mirranda Walton LE

sage healing collective

Esthetician Rachel on Hale & Hush

“Hale and Hush has been my lifesaver! Stress is nothing new, but then you add a pandemic and so many skin problems arised. The Hale and Hush Hush Hydrate Gel & Relief Bio Powder Duo Set is my absolute favorite! It’s the new Windex for everything 😆.
Rachel Edwards, LE

Sage Healing Collective Uses Female-Owned, Local Herbs + Oils

During the tour of Sage Healing Collective, we noticed they had their own brand of essential oils and herbs that they used throughout the facility. We loved this and came to learn that Sage curates this collection from a local, female-owned business called eScentialsAroma, owned by Sarah Ingram. Sarah grows all of her own plants on her farm which is a few miles from Sage, so the collection is locally grown.

We met with Sarah and learned all about her brand. When we found out that she offers her product to other spas and estheticians we knew we had to include her so our L+A Community can try these amazing products too!

One of the best features of Hale & Hush is the size of the line. It’s not a huge line with lots of back bar products and a lot of retail products. It’s ideal for large spas, small spas, and solo estheticians. You can use it to treat nearly all skin conditions if you’re a solo esthetician, and it works beautifully sitting alongside other larger brands such as Lira Clinical, Circadia, Glymed Plus, and so many other professional skincare brands.

This line is clean enough to be respected by the holistic doctors at Sage and used regularly by their estheticians because it works beautifully to nourish and restore compromised skin while helping improve many other skin conditions. 

Get a Hale & Hush Professional Account Today! 

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