What’s The Frequency Barry?

You know what this is?  

No, it’s not a laser.  It’s kind of like a magic wand.  Well, in the hands of a skilled, trained, licensed esthetician, this little guy can work wonders!

Well, actually there’s more to it than just the wand.  A lot of technology and science backs up this tiny little magic wand of sorts.  But it’s not a laser, it’s not a medical device at all. It’s designed to help with skin irregularities on the epidermis only.

This is where the Magic happens – it’s The Skin Classic!

The Scientific Breakdown

It’s not really magic. It’s science. The actual name of the process is Electrodessication.  That’s right, you’re gonna learn something here! Sounds kinda scary, maybe even a little complicated  right? How about this? Dehydration. Ok, we’re back to a less complicated sounding topic right?  

What The Skin Classic Treats

That little probe delivers Direct High Frequency that dehydrates skin irregularities such as:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Telangiectasis
  • Cherry Angiomas
  • Keratosis
  • Fibromas
  • Skin Tags
  • Milia
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia
  • Acne Pimples.  

Ok, if you’re not a doctor or an esthetician or a total skincare junkie – those are some big words that mean:

  • Dark Spots
  • Spider Veins On The Face
  • Small White Bumps
  • Small Red Dots
  • Small Mounds Of Skin
  • Small Yellow Papules

So what that means is, if you’re dealing with any kind of “stuff” on your face, neck, arms, shoulders, legs, that you’re not happy with – The Skin Classic will just whisk it away for you. But let’s face it, hyperpigmentation is one of the biggest issues out there!  

I’m Bald So I Get Forehead Hyperpigmentation

Yes, the Skin Classic treats all sorts of skin irregularities, but it’s a game changer when treating hyperpigmentation!  I’m Bald – Ok, that’s not news to anyone – but for me it means dealing with a lot of hyperpigmentation on my forehead because I don’t have any hair up there.  It’s always bothered me. I mean, I wear sunscreen and hats regularly, but that sun is a tough opponent to fight!

How The Skin Classic Treats Hyperpigmentation

I had a Skin Classic Treatment and had all of my dark spots treated.   Skin Classic treatments are quick, and work on the epidermis only.   It’s direct high frequency with low and high RF. The Skin Classic treatment is a slight “stingle” that will will bring the hyperpigmentation up to the surface.  Then after about 5 – 7 days, the little freckles will peel off, revealing even toned skin.

The treatment was virtually pain free.  It’s a slight “stingle” – it’s not really a sting – but a little more than a tingle –  which is less than microdermabrasion, Botox or any chemical peel. In fact, if given the choice to get rid of dark spots, I would 100% choose to do the Skin Classic treatment.  

Jenni Zaps Barry!  

That’s right!  Jenni was so amazed by the what this type of device can do, she had Stephanie, the owner of RN Faces, train her on how to use it so that she could “stingle” away at my hyperpigmentation!  Estheticians all over the country who carry the Skin ‘Classic get the same one on one training – in person from a certified Skin Classic instructor.

Watch it happen here LIVE!

Want to get rid of your dark spots, skin tags, or other skin irregularities?  Find an esthetician near you that uses the Skin Classic. RN Faces has a treatment provider locator on their website.  

See The Skin Classic In Action:  Step By Step

I first met Stephanie and was introduced to the Skin Classic in Boston at a NASNPRO networking event.  I saw Stephanie zapping people and when I found out it was to get rid of brown spots, I jumped at the chance.  I had a lot of questions on how to it work and she broke it down in a very easy to understand manner.

Check out my treatment/interview with Stephanie, from RN Faces.  

What a fast and effective tool to treat hyperpigmentation and a whole host of other skin irregularities. I had great experience with the Skin Classic treating my dark brown spots on my forehead.  It’s become my favorite treatment to deal with any type of dark spots.

Thank you to RN Faces for sponsoring this post.

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