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The 2023 L+A Guys Grooming Guide! 

REVIVV for men, DMK International, M.A.D Skincare along with 7 other national brands make up the 2023 L+A Guys Grooming Guide! This is a comprehensive approach to taking care of the guys that come to your skincare/spa business. We’ll focus on the whole guy, not just his face, literally a head-to-toe focus! 

Take Care Of The Hair

“Global Hair Care Market is projected to be worth USD 122.15 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 5.79%” Bonafide Research

These statistics along with all of the posts we’ve seen on social media tell us that hair is big business, and for men, hair rejuvenation is a huge business!  We’re thrilled to be working with REVIVV, a product that can help men with hair rejuvenation. Adding an essential fatty acid supplement can help with hair, skin, and nail health! This will make sure the hair guys do have will stay healthy!  Finally, we found a men’s trio of products that includes body wash and shampoo!  

A Great Shave Starts The Day Off  Off Right

The key to getting a great shave is really clean skin, that’s been heated with warm water! Want guys to get their day started right  – then help them get a great shave! Nothing sucks more than the feeling of scraping or cutting the skin on your face or neck! 

We found a face scrubber (it’s waterproof and can be used in the shower) that guys can use to get rid of all dirt, it works perfectly with one of our fav face washes for guys!  Using the face scrubber with a good foaming cleanser will make sure the skin is softened and gets thoroughly cleaned. This makes the skin a little more malleable and when the skin is a little warm from the warm water of the shower – that makes the whole shaving experience – much more enjoyable. Then when guys add the shave product from our Men’s Trio we found – they do not believe how great the shaving experience really is! 

After guys get out of the shower – they can apply one of our favorite anti-ingrown serums and then use one of our favorite moisturizers which doubles as an aftershave product! Last thing that the guys can do is make sure they keep skin cancer at bay, they can slap on one of our fav SPFs to their arms, head (if they’re bald), back of their neck, and shoulders if they’re wearing a muscle shirt. Tell the guys if they’re gonna be outside doing any yard work, working out, golfing, biking, or just hanging out – this SPF will help fight skin cancer. 

Good Sleep = Good Skin + Hair 

Tell your guy clients, “Want to make sure you’re able to have a winning day tomorrow? Then make sure you get good sleep!”

Tell them –  before crashing they can take a melatonin supplement to make sure they sleep well!  It’s also the perfect time to use their REVIVV, this will help them keep all the hair on their head, they can also take an Essential Fatty Acid supplement to help keep the hair lookin’ good! Finally, if the guys are into it – they can pop an under eye patch on before they crash. This will help keep that skin looking great! 

10 Go-To Guy’s Grooming Products

I’d Wax That Tank From Witty Panda

Ok, nothing is going to be better advertising than letting guys know that you can wax their back than sporting your I’d Wax That tank!

Revivv For Men

EFA + From DMK International 

“I’ve been taking an EFA+ daily for years! It’s one of my staple supplements and I love it! The benefits of essential fatty acids on my skin are very apparent. I love that they help to keep my skin looking great because they help maintain moisture, help keep the acid mantle intact, are great for the hair, skin, and nails – AND they are also anti-inflammatory. Make sure your guys are taking EFA+!”  Barry Eichner 

Revivv For Men

GrandeGUMMIES Melatonin Sleep Booster from Grande Cosmetics

“As I get older a good night’s sleep is worth more than gold! I’ve had to cut out any caffeine after 3 pm, so I can stay asleep. I have also found that taking a melatonin supplement before bed truly helps me fall asleep faster.  I have taken the GrandeGUMMIES Melatonin Sleep Booster. They’ve been a great addition to my supplements and have helped me get great sleep!” Barry Eichner

Make sure you have the whole collection of GrandeGUMMIES on hand for the guys that come to your skin care business. Trust, men need good sleep and these will help make sure of it! 

Revivv For Men

Hush Hydrate Gel from Hale & Hush 

“I’ve used Hush Hydrate Gel to moisturize my skin! It’s perfect to help calm and cool skin after shaving.” Barry. 

Another reason we love this for guys is that it’s fragrance-free and the packaging isn’t intimidating to men who may be turned off by packaging that could be seen as feminine in color.  

We’re also suggesting the Quiet Wash from Hale & Hush to use with the ZAQ Silicone Face Brush. This is a great cleanser for men because it’s got a good foaming action and won’t strip the skin of precious oils. It will get the skin deep cleaned without stripping away oils, so it’s ready for shaving. 

Get to know this moisturizer and share it with your male clients. 

Revivv For Men

SPF 50 Water Resistant Body Sunscreen

In the summer, guys are outdoors a lot. If it’s to do yard work, walk the dog, do chores, go golfing, go fishing, go biking, go boating, go for a run – they’re outside in the sun! Please make sure you talk to guys about wearing hats, and make sure you talk to them about SPF, but not just for the face! Please talk to guys about wearing SPF on their ears, the back of their neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and hands. 

“I love the M.A.D Skincare SPF 50 Water Resistant Body Sunscreen. I use it on my shoulders, arms, and back of my neck when I wear a muscle shirt! I use it a lot, as I live in Florida!” 

Make sure guys understand that it’s not about not getting sun damage, it’s about not getting skin cancer!  

Revivv For Men

Made for Men Primary System

“Ok, the Nufree Made for Men Primary System comes in 3 black pump bottles so I just love it in my shower, it looks great with the black and marble tile. 

The shampoo and body wash are great, and the spritz of the tonic after I wash my face is also nice. 

However, the hero product here is the Finipil in the set that I use to shave with. It’s a  thick white cream that has a little zing to it. It makes shaving almost effortless and I never get a nick or a cut! I LOVE THIS stuff and have been using it for years!!

You have to get this and suggest it to all your guys!!!”  Barry 

Revivv For Men

Time Expert Patches from Pure Pro Aesthetics

“Ok, I was very intrigued when Pure Pro Aesthetics sent the Time Expert Patches and I couldn’t wait to try them! They’re under eye patches that tiny little spikes on them that work to create channels in the skin. I wore them all day (you’re supposed to wear them for 6-8 hours). 

I applied them to clean skin and the instructions were to press them lightly into the skin. I could feel the little spikes, but it didn’t really hurt, I was just aware of them.” Barry Eichner

These would be great for men who are open to doing more for their skin. Many guys hate the bags under their eyes but don’t know how to address them, this would be a great way! 

Revivv For Men

Hair Growth Support Serum from REVIVV

“In full disclosure, I’ve never used this serum, but my baldness is beyond the help of any serum. However, we know the team at Wethrivv, makers of REVIVV, and have had several conversations about this product.” Barry Eichner

One of the fastest growing segments of the personal grooming industry is the hair market – it’s going to hit $122.15 BILLION – with a B – by 2028. So rest assured – men are a part of that market and you can earn extra retail revenue by talking to guys about this!!! 

Talk to guys about using this when they get ready for bed, the body works to regenerate during sleep, so this makes the most sense to add in a growth support serum. 

The Hair Growth Support Serum is not oily, or greasy, it will soak right into the scalp and get to work. It’s available in a formula that’s made specifically for men and is recommended to use 1 – 2 times a day. So if a guy wants to use it more than once a day, it’s ok. 

You have to check out the REVIVV Hair Growth Support Serum! Read all the information that they have to offer and we’re sure you’ll see that you can trust it to suggest to your clients. 

You can also suggest that guys use the REVIVV Stimulating Scalp Massager with the Nufree Made For Men Primary System Shampoo.

Revivv For Men

RESTORE Serum for WU Aesthetics 

“I’ve had my back waxed many times, the one time it didn’t get ingrowns was when I used the RESTORE Serum from WU Aesthetics! This serum is a God send to anyone with coarse face or body hair! If you get ingrowns on your face when you shave or any other area of the body – this is what you need!  Just put a few drops on a cotton round and dab onto the area where the hair was removed and it’ll go to work!”

You need to have this on your back bar if you do hair removal AND you need this on your retail shelves to sell to every client with coarse hair! Because every client who has coarse hair will get an ingrown hair!  

Revivv For Men

IUV Sonic Brush with Microcurrent from ZAQ

“I’d call it shaving prep! Using the IUV Sonic Brush in the shower with a favorite cleanser – make shaving so much nicer! This scrubber is waterproof so it’s great for the shower. It’s great for the neck and under the jaw. It massages the skin and helps wake it up, when it’s combined with warm water, the skin is prepared for shaving. This cuts down on any nicks, cuts, or scrapes.” Barry Eichner

The other way a guy can use this is to infuse any product into their skin. 

Trust us, when we say this tool will help make their skin look so much better if they use it to wash and then infuse any water-based serums into their skin.

Revivv For Men

Thanks to all of the above brands mentioned for sponsoring this content. 

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