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Revive Your Summer-Stressed Skin

This week’s Part of the Pack…

Someone Call 911! My skin needs some serious help!

Ok, maybe don’t call Reno 911!  But the boy needs some serious help!  Summer’s over. UGH, even just saying those words, a little piece of me dies inside!

If you’re like me and you’re looking in the mirror and aren’t happy with what summer has done to your face, then it’s time for “Skin CPR”!   That’s right, the sun, the chlorine from the pool (because those poolside selfies are real), the stress from all of the summer travel, and don’t even get me started on all those yummy treats!  I mean, I know Jenni hits the beach hard with a sippy cup full of Pinot Grigio, but my summer weakness is sugar! UGH, can you say glycation? My skin cells are screaming – someone help us!!!!!


That’s right my little pretties….

Daddy’s sending in the big guns!  Help is on the way. It’s time to start replenishing and reviving summer-stressed skin!  Let’s say goodbye to dehydration. Let’s breathe some life back into cells. Let’s infuse our cells with a  much needed boost of energy so they can start working at warp speed and function at their optimal levels!

After spending the summer globe trotting all over the United States to:

Los Angeles

Las Vegas

San Jose

New York




I’ve come across so many skincare brands that it’s not even funny.  So many amazing brands that have incredible products that have potent regenerating properties in them.  So have no fear – we’ll get your skin looking fresh for fall! Here’s a quick look at some of the products we’re sure will help Revive Your Summer-Stressed Skin!

Five To Revive!

Recovery by NeoGenesis

I mean, what else do you need to know?  It’s LITERALLY called Recovery. Want to know which patent NeoGenesis holds that they use to give your skin a little CPR from summer damage?  Click Here

Apple Stem Cell Regenerating Serum by C2 California Clean

We met C2 California Clean in San Jose and fell in love!  Want to know which active biological ingredients they use to help even skin tone, reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and encourage elastin synthesis?  Click Here

C Power by Tu’el

Want to learn how this baby can brighten, fight aging, gently exfoliate, and protect?  Want to know what ingredients Tu’el combines to give C Power – so much P O W E R?  Click Here

Beauty Infusion by Skin Authority

This delicious product is truly unique.  Want to know why its consistency and ingredients make it so truly versatile in your daily skincare routine?  Click Here

Nimni Cream by HydroPeptide

More than just the name it’s a trademarked technology.  Want to know how Dr. Nimni’s research on Collagen made this product truly amazing?  Click Here

There you have it! If you’re feeling like your skin needs a little CPR – we’ve got it!  Collagen. Power. Recovery! These five will make your skin thrive! We promise. Some of the best regenerating products that we’ve found after a summer of travels and meeting hundreds of brands!

Thank you to NeoGenesis, C2 California Clean, Tu’el, Hydropeptide and Skin Authority for sponsoring this post. 

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