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Review Of PFB Vanish & Other Shaving Products

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We’re so excited to bring you a review of PFB Vanish and other shaving products.  Yeah, we know, March is supposed to be about waxing.  But let’s face it – some people shave!  Most guys shave daily – so we decided,  well, I [Barry] decided that this post was gonna be dedicated to all the boys out there.  So our estys who are ladies, share this with your men(s)!  To our estys who are boys – this one’s for you!  

Shaving Is A Dream:  Review Of PFB Vanish & Other Shaving Products 

As a teenager I hated shaving!  I had no idea what I was doing!  Cold water, a single blade razor and Barbasol.  Honestly, it was Barbasol-baric!  It was like shaving in the dark ages!  I hated it.  I would just scrape my skin, cut my neck and the blood would just run!  Which, is why I am so thrilled to review PFB Vanish & other shaving products, because, there is a better way to shave.  

I’m here to tell you that hot water and amazing razor are two key elements!  Next you’ll need a good shave cream and a great aftershave product!  I’ve got suggestions for you in this Week’s POP! 

This Week’s POP! Amazing Shaving Products

Man Mask by PFB Vanish
Man Mask by PFB Vanish

PFV Vanish –  ManMask  

Guys – this is a life saver.  If you are tired of razor burn and ingrown hairs,  ManMask to the rescue!  This will kill the sting and stop the burn.  The refreshing scent will let you know it’s working.  The aloe and two bump inhibitors (Resorcinol & Retinyl Palmatate) are added bonuses!  Effective even on coarse hair. – Click Here

Glymed Shave Cream
Glymed Plus Essential Shave Cream


Glymed Plus – Shave Cream  

What you don’t know is that this container is empty and I’m so very sad!  I couldn’t love a shave cream more!  Creamy texture offers a nice glide.  Never any nicks!  Always a smooth close shave!  This is a go-to in my shower!  – Click Here

dmSkincare Shave Bar
dmSkincare Shave Bar

dmSkincare  – Shave Bar

BRAND NEW:  So new, that it’s not on their web site.  This is the perfect travel shaving companion.  The dmSkincare Shave Bar easily foams into a rich lather that offers a smooth, close shave.  Another staple in my shower and travel bag. Want more info and to pre-order?  –  Click Here.

H.I.M - istry  - Green Tea & Vitamin C Shave Cream
H.I.M – istry  – Green Tea & Vitamin C Shave Cream

H.I.M – istry  – Green Tea & Vitamin C Shave Cream

Fun Fact:  I’m actually shaving in the photos in this post and I’m using this product.  Super rich and thick.  Really amazing fragrance!  Great Glide!  Since I’m out of the Glymed Plus Shave Cream, I popped this in the shower for continued use.  I really like it. – Click Here.

EarthMD Aftershave
EarthMD Aftershave

EarthMD  – Aftershave

Question: Want a little CBD for after you shave? 
Answer:  Hell yes!    
We met EarthMD at the New York IECSC and fell in love.  They offer a Muscle Aftershave & Toner.  Hello!!!!  Muscle and CBD and A F T E R S H A V E.  It’s like they designed this just for me!  This is an opaque gel that has a bright fragrance.  It’s instantly soothing and calming.  The addition of CBD is just icing on the cake. So new they’ve not added it to their site – want to get on their list for updates?  – Click Here.

There you have it, 5 incredible products for shaving.  Shave creams, a shave bar, aftershave with CBD and an aftershave to fight razor bumps! This POP! has something for every guy!   If you loved everything in this Week’s POP!, be sure to read all of our other Weekly POP! posts.  

Thanks to PFB Vanish, EarthMD, dmSkincare, Glymed Plus, H.I.M – istry for sponsoring this article.

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