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Barry Celebrates With A Few Reviews


It’s my birthday!  This year is off to a great start, I get to do a review of GLYMED Plus – they’re launching a new product!  I’m not gonna say they’re launching it for my birthday…but it’s almost on the same day.   

I’m thrilled to have something fun to take my mind off the fact that I’m pushing 50! Honestly, 50 can’t be that bad. I mean, I’ve had Botox, I’ve had acid peels, I’ve been waxed, I’ve been lasered, and I’ve been tattooed.  Obviously, I can tolerate pain.  Trust me, one day, you’re skipping along merrily in life and the next, you’re looking back wondering what the hell happened?  How is it that your 30th birthday was 20 years ago?  

Like, seriously?  

Age Beautifully

My mantra in life…..

Acceptance is the answer to all my problems.

 And I just get up and go on with my birthday!  Let’s face it aging beautifully is better than the alternative!  For REALZ…….thanks to the amazing spa/wellness/beauty industry, I’m holdin’ my own as I approach 50.  

Between working out 5 days a week, tracking macros daily to keep nutrition in check, and the amazing skin and body care products out there; I’m loving how 50 has become the new 30.  Honestly, I don’t think I’d want to be 30 again! I really don’t think I had fully comprehended life until about 45, that’s when the real priorities of true happiness set in.  

But when it comes to all of the amazing skincare products, skincare treatments and skincare devices out there, I love trying everything!  I’m always down to try something new so that I can report back to our readers with a review!  Which is why to celebrate my birthday, I am so excited to share some really cool things with you that can help you to age beautifully.  Want to know more?  Keep reading, we’ve got a review of GLYMED PLUS and a review of dmGlow, along with some the rest of this Week’s POP 5

This Week’s Pop 5 PRODUCT Reviews

dmGlow by Dermamed Solutions

Review of dmGlow by DermaMed Solutions

I love a good glow! This brand new treatment from DermaMed Solutions is just what the doctor ordered for before a big B-Day Celebration. You know we love dmGlow because we did review of dmGlow last month!  Want to know what it’s all about –   Click Here


Review Of GLYMED PLUS – Professional CBD Booster 

NEW PRODUCT ALERT!  GLYMED PLUS just released this amazing new professional only product.  We’ve written a lot about CBD, so our review of GLYMED PLUS CBD Booster is an emphatic, 2 thumbs up!  Now you can add CBD to any of your favorite skincare products! Want to know how? – Click Here

Review Of BelleCôte Paris
Ultra Lifting Day Cream with Caviar Extract by BelleCôte Paris

Ultra Lifting Day Cream with Caviar Extract –  BelleCôte Paris

It’s freezing for my birthday every year. If you read our earlier review of BelleCôte Paris, you know we love this rich, hydrating moisturizer to help keep my skin glowing!  You’ll love the amazing ingredients  –  Click Here.

Review Of Nature Leaf Organics

Full Spectrum Soft Gels by Nature Leaf Organics


Full Spectrum Soft Gels – Nature Leaf Organics 

The secret is out.  Everyone knows what CBD can do for you!  It can soothe aches, calm anxiety and increase the glow of your skin!  I’m a totally obsessed with CBD! Nothing has helped me more with post workout recovery!  Whenever I use a CBD skincare product, my skin has an amazing GLOW!  Jenni and I are so excited to use/take the soft gels so we can give you our review of Nature Leaf Organics. Want to learn how these soft gels can help you Click Here.

Review Of MedSpa Distributors

Clareblend MINI by MedSpa Distributors

Clareblend MINI – MedSpa Distributors

MICROCURRENT BABY!  That’s right!  We all love a little microcurrent to get that lift!  My good friends at MedSpa Distributors offer the Clareblend MINI that you can sell for your clients to use at home.  We love when Pam sends us products and devices so we can do a review of MedSpa Distributors.  Want to know more–  Click Here.

Special YouTube demo video!  

It’s going to be a great birthday, my last one in the 40’s!  Next year, starts a whole new chapter – the Big  5 0!  I’m not worried!   I’ve got so many amazing products, treatments and devices to make sure that I look great no matter what age!  If you enjoyed the review of GLYMED PLUS and the other products in this Week’s POP 5, be sure to read all of our other Weekly POP 5 posts.  

Thanks to dmGlow, GLYMEDPLUS, MedSpa Distributors, BelleCôte Paris, Nature Leaf Organices  for sponsoring this article.

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