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Review Of Canyon Ranch At Sea Facial

Review of Canyon Ranch At Sea Environ Facial

Here’s Barry’s full review of Canyon Ranch at Sea Facial

Last year I went on a Celebrity cruise and had a disappointing massage.  The massage therapist didn’t massage above my knee on my legs.  I understand modesty, but for God’s sake – hit a boy’s thighs and hammies!  This year I decided to try a facial instead.  I thought I’d give them the benefit of the doubt.  

I thought surely they’ll be able to do a nice basic facial.  

The spa is pretty and all…. but….

Review of  Age Defying Men’s Facial $192 (with tip)

When I booked my treatment, I asked for the most basic facial. I wanted to get a basic facial to do my review of Canyon Ranch at Sea. The team of highly trained sales people at the front desk began to tell me all about the amazing services and add ons! The spa offered so many treatments! Microcurrent, special masks, etc, etc.  However, I wasn’t interested in getting any of that on this visit.  All I wanted was a classic facial, with some nice relaxing steam, some yummy massage and good amount of nourishing hydration!  I mean, I’m using many of the amazing products in our Winter Skin Care Guide so my skin is in pretty good shape!  However, I think they may have attended one of Lydia Sarfati’s Retail Sales Classes!  

The spa is gorgeous!  The lobby is spectacular!

The Persian Garden Was Stunning

The lounge for the spa is called the Persian Garden. Heated beds with a view of the sea.  Rainfall showers, steam room and an Aroma Room.  I used the Aroma Room prior to the facial.  It was a type of dry sauna that was very hot and had essential oils being diffused in the room.  It smelled amazing and was so hot.  I loved it.  I sat in there for a solid 15 minutes prior to the facial.  

I wanted to make sure that my pores were wide open.  I had been using a ton of SPF and wanted to make sure the esty was able to get all that gunk out of my pores.  I sat there in my big fluffy robe, sipping on grapefruit infused water as I gazed out onto the open waters of the brilliantly blue Caribbean Sea.  Not gonna lie – it was kind of magical in that moment.  

The Actual Facial

The esthetician was the sweetest woman.  She was very polite and lead me into the room where we chatted about my skin.  What I use, treatments, that I’ve received, etc.  She knew the product line well.  They had a lot of devices there to use in the treatment.  A special machine from Environ, jade rollers, and a skin scrubber, that I think was by Foreo, but not 100% sure.

I was all ready to get the best facial of my life!  Comfy, warm treatment table, gorgeous room, great sauna prior and then a nice woman to do the treatment.  My review of Canyon Ranch at Sea……. it just kind of fell flat!

In my mind a facial is all about the touch.  I want it to be a rhythmic, fluid, almost hypnotic flow.  Graceful application of the cleanser, fluid removal….  Then the facial massage… this is where facials become art!  Having had the privilege of experience facial massage from some of the best estheticians in the country, my standards are high.  I’m comparing everyone to Trin and Jenny from California Skin Supply, Delanie from Repêchage, my business partner Jenni’s massage is RIDIC, and Katii from Circadia is so smooth!

This whole treatment lacked this level of sophistication.  It was heavy and clunky.  Countless times she dragged her fingers over my eye lids as she was massaging my forehead and cheeks.  NEVER has that happened before.  There was no tapotement, which is the Rolls Royce of massage, done correctly (hat tip to Delanie) it’s almost magically hypnotic.

She did do some extractions, which came out quite easily because of my time in the sauna!  Her technique was nice.  Overall, I really wanted to be wow’d by the overall experience, but was just left a bit disappointed.

Having amazing products and the latest technology is great, but NEVER forget that the absolute most important part of the facial is the human touch.  That hypnotic massage/product application and removal technique is more important than almost everything else.  Be sure to always focus on improving your technique.


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