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Hollywood Beauty Guru’s All-New Products For Post-Microchanneling

All-New Time Release Retinol Body Spray and amazing post-treatment mask that we tried and fell in love with! When the Hollywood Beauty Guru asked us if we’d try her all-new products – we jumped at the chance. 

New Product Collection by Skincare Expert 

Robyn Newmark is a licensed esthetician, medi-spa owner, product formulator, educator, permanent make up artist, and microchanneling industry expert! So when she said that she created the Newmark Beauty Time Release Retinol Body Spray and other amazing products we knew that they were all going to be highly effective. We knew she’d be using these on her own clients and have to justify their results to her very own patients.  That’s why you can trust that these products are going to perform for your clients! 

Time-Released Buffered Retinol Body Spray For Body Skin Renewal

Gran Active Retinoid

Time Released Retinol Body Spray is buffered retinol to brighten and tighten the skin in the body. The time-released retinol allows the molecules to work for hours with no light sensitivity or irritation. Robyn used a Gran active Retinoid!

 Gran active retinoid is a powerful skin-smoothing extract that provides all the benefits of a retinol but without the inflammatory downside. This new ingredient is dermatologically tested to offer less irritation, providing a gentle, safe, and effective anti-aging option.

Luxurious Base 

Robyn used a luxurious base of Chia Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Grape-Seed Oil, Argan Oil, and Prickly pear seed oil. Are you getting the picture that this is incredibly hydrating? 

“When I sprayed it on my skin, I first noticed the luxurious glide. My skin loved the hydration! The product sank into my skin and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated with a luminosity that made me look amazing!” Barry  

retinol body spray

Time Release Retinol Body Spray + All-New Mask For Post  Microchanneling 

Time Release Retinol Body Spray

The Time Release Retinol Body Spray is ideal for post-microchanneling. Robyn Newmark knows this because after years of being a trainer for Procell Therapies micro channeling and hundreds of body treatments for skin tightening and scars, she created a home care solution for clients. This all-new product  continues to tighten the skin, brighten and reduce the appearance of spots and scarring *

Robyn also designed it for sensitive skin and left it unscented. Making it perfect for sensitive skin, dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema.

So it’s highly effective, but the cosmetic elegance of this product is unmatched. 

“This product is ideal for the client that claims to have no time for self care! Not only does it mist on quickly, it sinks in and leaves zero residue, so there is no time waiting for it to absorb.  One of my go-to products, especially in the winter when skin is craving more moisture.” Jenni Nagle 

Ultimate Peptide Recovery Mask

If you love to microchannel or microneedle. This is a mask that you need to take a look at!

The Ultimate Peptide Recovery Facial Mask is a technological breakthrough that combines soothing peptides in an anti-inflammatory cooling fluid to promote fast, effective recovery from micro-invasion treatments and can be an accelerator to regular skin care regime, or with red light activation.

The Ultimate Peptide Recovery Facial Mask is a two-piece hydrogel facial mask that fits all face shapes. This is contour fitting gel mask that is filled with cooling peptides and anti-inflammatory fluids which works to, hydrate parched skin, brighten and lift tired skin, calm and soothe any redness or swelling, works to smooth fine lines, and it’s cooling and hydrating for post-procedure skin.

This multi-tasking mask has other uses, great for beard, facial shaving rash, or post-sunburn. Your clients will enjoy a symphony of benefits: it is anti-inflammatory, has cooling peptides, and novel actives. There will be a luminous transformation in the tranquility of a calm and soothing application, as redness and swelling become a distant memory! 

Thanks to Newmark Beauty for Sponsoring This article so we could share their new products with our community. 

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