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Stop Selling Retail – It Never Works – Start Educating 

Think spa retail success comes from selling? You’re dead wrong! Don’t ever “sell” a product or service to a client. It’s the number one way to ensure they’ll never buy anything from you! 

Selling Doesn’t Work – So Don’t Sell 

“I’ve taught professional development courses to estheticians and spa professionals since 2000 and the one thing I know is that they hate to sell! If I had a dollar for every time a spa professional told me that they’re not a salesperson – I’d never have to work again!”  Barry Eichner 

We are here to tell you that you’re right! You’re not a salesperson! If you were a salesperson, you’d be working in a retail store and have to clock in and out. You’d probably work at Ulta or Sephora, those two huge chains that sell hundreds of millions of dollars in skincare and makeup every year! 

Estheticians Aren’t Sales People They’re Licensed Professionals 

As an educated, licensed professional, clients come to you for your expertise. They come to you to get help with their skin. They come to you for advice, treatments, and support. Clients come to you to learn how to take care of their skin. 

It’s an esthetician’s job to get to know their clients’ lifestyle and skin condition. As a licensed professional esthetician, you know more than a salesperson at Ulta or a salesperson at Sephora and they certainly know more than a TikTok / Amazon influencer.  

Estheticians are so fortunate to have a captive audience. At least every 4 – 6 weeks a client is on your treatment table, trusting you to give them an amazing treatment and help them look their best while treating any skin issues they’re dealing with at the time. However, we all know that treatments only scratch the surface! 2 dental cleanings a year don’t keep teeth and gums healthy – it’s daily care that keeps teeth AND skin healthy! 

Dentists give free toothbrushes and toothpaste at every cleaning because they know it’s their responsibility to educate on home care! 

5 Ways to Educate Clients on Skin Health Habits 

We have 5 Tips for estheticians who want to improve their ability to help clients learn how to improve their skin health through daily home care habits! 

1 Get Education So You Can Pass on the Education
2 Skincare Kits Help Clients New To Homecare
3 Teach About Devices and Tools 
4 Share How Aromatherapy + Wellness Habits Boosts Skin Health
5 How Makeup + Hair Removal Products Keep Skin Healthy 

#1 Get Education So You Can Pass on the Education

If you’re going to provide education to your clients on the best ways to maintain skin health, you need to make sure that you’re on top of your education. You can take classes with two industry experts who educate on more than twenty brands! 

You can download the L+A Mobile app, to get all of the L+A Webisodes. You can monitor the L+A Education Directory for upcoming classes. You can register for L+A Webisodes and learn live with our experts! 

#2 Skincare Kits Help Clients New To Homecare, Especially Teens

Many times clients who don’t have a strong understanding of how to do their skin care routine at home need help. Teens who tend to deal with acne, often have a hard time understanding homecare and being compliant! One great way to help them is to offer a simplified solution for their home care. This will make it easy for clients new to skincare to really boost their skin health with an easy-to-use and understand kit. We found a 3 step kit geared for teens with acne. We also found a collection of really fun holiday-themed skincare kits that will make great gifts! 

#3 Teach About Devices and Tools 

There are so many amazing devices and tools on the market. If you think that a 30-minute session of LED Light Therapy is good for the skin, imagine what using an LED Light Therapy mask at home a few times a week will do for your client’s skin! Also, if you love the benefits of toning and lifting that you get from gua sha in your treatment room – can you imagine how the results will be exponentially improved if clients use gua sha tools at home regularly? 

#4 Share How Aromatherapy + Wellness Habits Boost Skin Health

Good sleep, low-stress levels, and a positive mindset are secret weapons to good skin health! We know that the skin does its heavy-duty repair work while we sleep. You can educate on how holistic sleep aids can help improve sleep quality and thus boost skin health. Managing stress with the use of a unique aromatherapy diffuser will help keep the mind serene and stress low! Finally, using a mood-boosting supplement will help your clients keep a positive mindset and keep their skin healthier!  

#5 How Makeup + Hair Removal Products Keep Skin Healthy 

If you don’t think women putting drugstore makeup on their skin is bad for their skin health – think again! If you’re not educating your clients on skincare that is makeup – you’re doing them a disservice – we found a BB Cream Collection that every client should use for maximum skin health! Also, if you’re doing hair removal – you’ll want to make sure your clients don’t experience any ingrown hairs! We found an anti-ingrown hair solution that you can teach your clients to use so they keep their skin clear. 

10 Retail Items For Home Care To Boost Skin Health

Education with California Skincare Supply

Kelli and Jullea at California Skincare Supply have an immense amount of knowledge on products, treatments, and devices from so many brands! CSS carries nearly 40 brands and they offer training on a regular basis and in multiple formats.

Kelli and Jullea are determined to help estheticians grow and succeed and are always ready to provide the resources needed for your clients and business. CSS gives you the edge!

CSS educates estheticians in basic to advanced skin care techniques as well as product knowledge and retail sales development. CSS provides education through many methods, including: Online Education Learning Center; Hands-on Classes; Zoom Training, In-Salon Training; Facebook Live Training Events and Interviews; Instagram Live ; Youtube Video Training, and Blogs!

Aromatherapy Nose Rings from Essence Rings 

The viral sensation! Educate your clients on how regular use will help them manage stress and find serenity!  We were thrilled to introduce the Essence Ring Nasal Diffuser to the professional skincare industry a few years ago after we met them at an IECSC event! It warmed our hearts to so many estheticians wearing them at the IECSC Las Vegas after we introduced them! We’re obsessed and we know you will be too! 

The Essence ring is available in a wide array of scents and can be reused up to 30 times by infusing the ring with just a small amount of additional oil. Essence was created and is manufactured in the USA. It is currently being used in hospitals, dentist offices, medical spas, day spas, and hotel chains to provide clients and guests with a unique and relaxing experience. Consumers love the variety of available scents as well as a blank option that allows the user to scent the ring themselves with their own favorite oils. They also offer bottles of 100% grade essential oil, soaking pods, and travel cases.

Ashwagandha Mood Booster Gummy from Grande Cosmetics 

We went to dinner with the Grande team in Las Vegas and found out that Founder, Alicia Grande began her career working with supplements. So it’s no surprise that she’d add a category of supplements both Jenni and Barry enjoy on a daily basis!  

If you want to help your clients boost their mood and have a more positive outlook AND reduce their cortisol levels which cause inflammation! Give your clients the deets on the Ashwagandha Mood Booster Gummy from Grande! 

Clients can unwind and decompress with the help of these strawberry-flavored calming, mood-boosting vegan gummies infused with Ashwagandha Root Extract! This adaptogenic herb has been used for thousands of years in ancient medicine and has been shown to help with stress management while helping to lower cortisol levels, the body’s primary stress hormone. 

Gua Sha Tools from Hale & Hush 

It’s no secret that Gua Sha is great for the facial muscles! We love it and have been writing about it for years! So many gua sha tools are made from gemstone, which is beautiful, but if you’ve ever dropped one – you know they shatter easily! 

We love the Hale & Hush Gua Sha tools because they’re stainless steel! They also work perfectly with the new Remedy Rehab Facial Oil.  

Gua Sha is a treatment technique that involves pulling a Frosty Gua Sha along the skin, stimulating the skin layers to reduce puffiness, promote anti-aging, flush out tissues via lymphatic drainage, and much more. Featuring an ergonomic design that adapts to the contours of the face, this stainless steel Gua Sha tool is an excellent addition to any routine to help make facial features appear more youthful and well-rested.

Sleep Aromatherapy Collection from KM Herbals 

“Traveling from Miami to San Francisco; and then to Madrid; and then to Chicago jumping time zones on a weekly basis can make it hard to get good sleep! Trust me when I tell you that the KM Herbals Aromatherapy Sleep Collection helped me get good sleep through all of these travels.” Barry Eichner

Make sure your clients know that the more sleep they’re able to get the more time their skin has to rejuvenate – because the skin rejuvenates at night while we sleep! Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps with sleep! 

It’s good skin health to sleep well, this collection will definitely help clients! They can gently soothe themselves to sleep with the plant-based products and tools, created to promote easy relaxation for a deep night of rest! Choose between the soothing aromatherapy options including a spray, roll-on oil, and diffuser blend, or try our dreamy silk eye masks and pillowcases colored with natural botanical dyes.

BB Cream Collection from Lira Clinical 

The days of “No-Makeup” Estheticians have to come to an end! The low-quality makeup of the 1900’s is no longer the only option for clients! In the new millennium – makeup is skincare! Estheticians can spend months helping clients correct and perfect their skin.  We are always shocked when those same estheticians ignore the makeup conversation with their clients. We know that those clients end up wandering the aisles of Target, Sephora, and Ulta asking unlicensed salespeople for makeup advice. 

Take control of your clients’ skin – offer them a high quality BB Cream which is a Moisturizer, SPF, and Concealer all one! This flawless foundation is limitless as a moisturizer, concealer, and SPF 30 protection. Restoring plant stem cells and designer peptides slows skin’s natural aging process returning skin’s youthful appearance. This clinical breathable hydrator maximizes skin healing after heavy resurfacing procedures such as chemical peels and laser.

Ingrown-X-IT Solution Spray On  from Lycon Wax 

Ugh – ingrown hairs just suck. They hurt, they’re ugly, and can cause dark spots from the PIH! No one feels sexy with bumps and dark spots from a bikini wax or a back wax! The sad part of this whole thing is that ingrown hairs are so avoidable! We know this to be a fact as we’ve worked with hair removal services for decades! 

If you educate your clients on products that they can use to keep their most intimate skin healthy, bright, and beautiful! The Lycon Ingrown-X-IT Solution Spray On is a great option to talk to your clients about! 

A break-through spray formula for the face and body. It mildly exfoliates and decongests with Salicylic Acid, helping to minimize the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs. Arnica and Allantoin soothe angry-looking red spots and promote skin healing. Recommended after waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, electrolysis and to treat regular breakouts and congested skin. Does not sting or burn.

Clean, Clear, Confident Teen Line Kit from Roccoco Botanicals 

One of the most non-compliant client populations are teens, especially teenage boys! We’re thrilled that Roccoco Botanicals created the Clean, Clear, Confident – Teen Line Kit. It’s 3 easy steps and a great way to get teen clients to learn about home care! Acne needs to be attacked on a daily basis – so an easy to use, fuss-free botanical solution for managing problematic teenage skin naturally is perfect. Roccoco’s Clean, Clear, Confident 3-Step anti-blemish System is designed specifically for the needs of teenage skin. Combining Active Botanicals and Vitamins to help unclog pores and mattify the skin without dehydration while its calming concoction of prebiotics assists in the reduction of inflammation for healthier and smoother glowing skin.

Holiday Skin Care Kits from TheraGenesis 

Tis the season…. How many times do you have your clients’ family and friends call, text, or stop into your business looking for the perfect holiday gift for their loved ones? One of the best ways to help your clients is to be able to offer their loved ones an easy gifting option from your business. We love how TheraGenesis thinks in terms of gifting at the holidays! They created an entire Holiday Themed Skin Care Kit Collection. Here’s a great example – The Silent Night Kit, from their Revivify range, features two of their most powerful Retinol products. It’s our favorite because – WELL – RETINOL!!! 

There are 8 themed sets in total! And yes, you could just sell two retinol products for the gift to your client! But the romance of the holiday set in special packaging with a special name – boosts the goodwill of the experience at holiday time when people really want to give something unique and different! 

“It’s odd how consumer behavior works! But yes, they’ll be more motivated to buy a themed kit versus two regular products. I know this from years of experience, we would create kits in our retail area and they would sell 10 times faster than if a client would walk through the store, select the same items, and request gift wrapping.” Barry Eichner 

Noor LED Light Therapy Mask from ZAQ 

The multi-task-mask! 

Don’t get us started on LED Light Therapy! The amount of consumer awareness surrounding this modality today is staggering. 5 years ago, LED Light Therapy required so much more explanation to clients. But they are savvy now and they know LED Light Therapy is good for their skin.

The understanding that LED Light Therapy can boost ATP production and give the skin cells more fuel is becoming very common knowledge among estheticians, so it’s the esty’s responsibility to continue to educate the client on how regular use can keep the skin cells properly fueled on a regular basis. This regular use will really help to improve the skin’s health. 

We love the Noor LED Light Therapy Mask because of its velcro straps which gives the client the ability to wear the mask while doing other tasks.  Multi-Task-Mask!!

The RED 620nm light effectively treats conditions on the top layers of the skin, such as reducing acne inflammation and breakouts, reducing fine lines, sagging skin, sun damage, and wrinkles. It has also been used to accelerate skin wound healing and reduce skin swelling and inflammation.

The BLUE 460nm light has antibacterial properties that cleanse the skin and has been used to treat addiction and depression.

The INFRARED RED 850nm light is also effective in treating conditions on the top layers of the skin.

Thanks to all of the 10 brands listed above for sponsoring this content so we could share the information on home care for skin health with our community.

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