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Repêchage Launches New Skincare Tool

Leading Skincare Brand Launches New Skincare Tool

Repêchage® continues to create advanced facial tools to enhance facial treatments in the salon and spa and at-home with the introduction of the multi-use Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine.

The Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine is a non-invasive alternative to costly machines.  Painless and requiring no recovery time, this state-of-the-art device is beneficial for all skin types and is suitable for the eye contour area, face, neck and body.

This device provides a multitude of skin benefits utilizing five different modalities:

– LED light therapy.  Each LED wavelength or color of light provides a unique benefit to the skin.  LED treatments can minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, help reduce the appearance of dark spots and the visible appearance of sun damage and stretch marks, and reduce the appearance of redness and irritation from aggressive skin treatments as well as help improve the appearance of oily, problem skin.

– Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).  This provides gentle electrical stimulation to the skin surface to help improve the appearance of skin elasticity, soften the appearance of wrinkles and leave skin looking smooth and healthy.

– Radio Frequency (RF).  Radio frequency energy uses thermal energy to help stimulate the superficial skin layers and improve the appearance of firmness.

– Electroporation.  This method helps to deliver important skin care ingredients directly into the surface layers of the skin, maximizing the effectiveness of skin care products.

– Mesoporation. A non-invasive technique which applies pulse currents to help the surface layer of the skin better absorb key ingredients.

The multiple skin benefits of the Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine include:

– Helps to increase hydration and moisturization effects of skin care products

– Helps to soften and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

-Helps to temporarily visibly tighten and lift the appearance of the skin

– Helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dull, sallow skin

– Helps to reduce the appearance of oiliness and problem areas.

Repêchage® LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine

(*For professionals only)

$75.00 Salon Cost

For more on Repêchage®, visit www.repechage.com

For high resolution images, please contact Josie@repechage.com

About Repêchage®: Since 1980, Repêchage® has created a full range of seaweed-based skincare products featured at top spas and salons globally. Forerunners in sea plant technologies and pioneers in seaweed treatments and cosmetics in the US, Repêchage® researchers seek out specific seaweeds beneficial for a range of skin care concerns. Repêchage® seaweed is sustainably harvested from the coast of Maine, USA and France, and then processed with a proprietary extraction method at the ISO 9001:2015 certified Repêchage® manufacturing facility, located at the Repêchage® Headquarters in Secaucus, NJ, USA. Through this proprietary extraction process, Repêchage®  seaweeds retain 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 42 trace elements and minerals, and phlorotannins – the only elements your skin needs for deep surface hydration and balance.

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