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Must Have “Event Prep” Facials For Your Menu

Red carpet ready facials? Do you need them on your menu if you’re clients are walking a red carpet? 


Every one of your clients will have some sort of event in their life where they need to feel like they look extra special!  A milestone birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, a work function, a special party! 

Everyone needs to be able to get a glow that will help them shine even if the event doesn’t have a red carpet – they still want to be red carpet ready!

Our 3 Fav Red Carpet Ready Facials 

red carpet ready

1. Rezenerate + Hale & Hush

This won an award for Community Fav because it can literally be done on just about anyone on your client list. The gentle yet effective Hale & Hush products are ideal for virtually every client. The addition of the Rezenerate device will improve the Hale & Hush efficacy, allowing the client to experience exponential results.  

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red carpet ready

2. DermaJEM Hydrodermabrasion + M.A.D Skincare Chemical Peel 

This was won an award for Editor’s Fav for good reason! This treatment combines the therapeutic effect of the M.A.D Skincare chemical peels which can bring about dramatic change to the skin. This treatment is taken up a notch by including the magic hydrodermabrasion that can be enhanced with the incredible serums from DermaJEM

red carpet ready

3. DMK Enzyme 

DMK is also an award winner for Editor’s Fav! We love the glow that this truly unique treatment provides. The specialized, “reverse osmosis” phenomenon along with the Plasmatic Effect™, which means the capillaries have been flushed of toxins and the blood has loaded up with fresh oxygen and nutrients to deliver to your skin cells! 

We just know all of that means – we glow at the end! 

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