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Effective February 22nd, 2021

Info-Edu-Tainment Opportunities

An Episode of  L+A NOW w Barry + Jenni

1 Hour LIVE Episode of  L+A NOW w Barry + Jenni

Others may call it a webinar – but that’s snooze fest!  We take it up a notch and add in some spice – you provide the education on skin, spa or wellness and some prizes!  We’ll provide the fun, jokes and so much more!

Be a guest host on a LIVE episode of our L+A Web Show!  Join the Dynamic Skincare Duo Barry + Jenni for an hour of fun, education, entertaining, secret VIP Exclusive Offers.  You can engage with our community, to lauch a new product, a new treatment, educate on a seasonal treatment’s impact on the skin. You can even offer a mini version  of a class that you’ll be offering.

You can answer questions, attendees can use the chat box to offer feedback. You get shareable content in the form of an mp.4 file of the episode for your use, a list of attendees and can generate real time sales.  Episode will live on the Lipgloss + Aftershave Mobile App for replay.

View L+A Now Webisode Campaign Plan

Price: $2500
+$500 – Landing Page Written Description, one inclusion in our Hot Topics email Read More section.
+$250 – Contact Form.

Social Media Opportunities

Static Social Media Campaign

3 Social Media Posts.  Talk to our fans and followers about your brand.  We’ll photograph your products, create boomerangs, take selfies and much more all to create content for each post to ensure it resonates with our followers, you can provide web links to direct our followers to your web site.

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Enhanced Social Media Campaign

Includes 2 Static Posts and 1 Reel on Instagram + Facebook. 

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Full Instagram Experience

Includes 3 Instagram Reels.

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Day of Instagram Stories

Dedicated to your brand for 24 hours.  Stories is the hottest part of Instagram and our IG Stories are Epic.  We can showcase your brand and direct traffic directly to your site.

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Currently only available to sponsors with additional campaign items.

Reach a large scale consumer audience. We curate the product selections for our TikTok platform and it’s our only affiliate marketing social media platform, as it’s our only consumer centric platform. 

View TikTok Plan

$500 Set Up Fee + 20% Of Sales

Online Give Away

Social Media Giveaway.  Grow your email address data base and your social media exposure!

Online Giveaway Plan



Digital Download

You create insightful and engaging content and provide it to us in a PDF.  Includes 6 Social Media Posts + 3 Newsletter Insertions over 90 days to offer it to our community in exchange for their email address information.  We will provide all email addresses to you at the end of the 90 day campaign.

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Digital Advertorial Content Opportunities

Brand Showcase Article

SEO Rich Article that will live on our site forever!

View Brand Showcase Article Promotional Plan


Contact Form

A contact form will be embedded in your article that will be live for 90 day. This is a powerful tool to help grow leads for your business. You will receive updates with leads as they are received.  We recommend offering a valuable perk to the Lipgloss + Aftershave community.  Some sponsors offer free sample kits, free admission to classes that have fees, deep discounts on specific products, and so on.


Featured Esthetician / Spa

SEO Rich Blog Article that will live on our site forever!  This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your professional products, retail products , professional treatments or devices. Let us highlight a favorite location and educate on how they use your brand and why they love it.

View Featured Esthetician / Spa Promotional Plan



Seasonal Guides

Be part of our:

Summer Science Skin Care Guide
Spring Botani-Clinical Skin Care Guide
Fall  Skin Care Correction Guide
Winter Skin + Body Fitness Guide

Be one of 10-15 products featured and promoted for 3 months.
These guides live on our site forever and are SEO Keyword rich to leverage organic search.

We provide incredible exposure for the products placed in the guide with a 3 month long promotional campaign. We offer exposure on all sections of the Instagram platform and Facebook, and Insertion In Email Newsletter!

2 Instagram Reels, 1 Static Post, and 1 insertion in email newsletter!

View The Seasonal Skin Care Guide Promotional Plan


Holiday Gift Guide

One of our favorite guides to produce.  We love the holidays and make this guide truly festive.  Featuring gifts for SKIN.BODY.SOUL!  We create a truly unique and special story that is designed to entice our community to explore the guide and discover incredible products that are perfect for their holiday retail area.  We require submissions be received by October 1st, so we can produce and publish by November 1st.  We want our community to have time shop with you and get products into their facilities in time for holiday shopping.  Promoted from 2 months with up to 20 submissions.

These guides live on our site forever and are SEO Keyword rich to leverage organic search.

We provide incredible exposure for the products placed in the guide with a 2 month long promotional campaign. We offer exposure on all sections of the Instagram platform, Facebook and YouTube if you choose and Insertion In Email Newsletter!

1 Instagram Reel, 1 Static Instagram Post

View The Holiday Gift Guide Plan


Men’s Guide To Skin Fitness

June 1, 2023

We know, all skin is the same. But there are now so many “men-specific” skin care options, that we really want to help brands showcase these. Shaving products, beard products, men’s makeup, men’s skin care collections.  We’re going to showcase it all!

View the Men’s Guide to Skin Fitness Plan


Get Fit-Be Well Guide

July 1, 2023

We love fitness and have found that our community is made up of fitness loving wellness professionals.  We want to give our community a guide to products that will help them on their fitness and wellness journey.  This guide is ideal for body products, balms, soaks, nutritional supplements, massage devices, fitness apps, new massage techniques and so much more.

View Get Fit Be Well Promotional Plan


Guide To Beauty + Facial Enhancements

Spring Guide To Beauty + Facial Enhancements – May 2023
Fall Guide To Beauty + Facial Enhancements – October 2023

Skin care is a huge industry – it includes so many ancillary segments that sometimes – estheticians and spa owners can get so focused on just offering skin care correction treatments that they forget the extra money that is to be had!

Lashes, brows, makeup and so much more! There’s a multi-billion dollar industry – skin care is only a small part!  This guide is designed to show the day spa, single unit esthetician, medi-spa and resort spa how they can grow their business with some easy beauty treatments and retail products!

Spring + Fall Editions

View The Guide To Beauty + Skin Care Enhancements Promotional Plan


Hair Removal Guide

Whatever method of hair removal you prefer, we will cover it!  This guide will help our community to explore various options for providing this service, tools required to optimize your treatments, pre and post treatment options, and add-on products.  We will accept up to 15 products.

View the Hair Removal Guide Plan


Tech Tool Box 

Spring Tech Tool Box – March 2023
Fall Tech Tool Box – September 2023

This guide will feature technology for the industry!  Devices, machines, tools!  One of the most exciting and growing areas of the professional skin care industry.  15 tools will be featured in the Tech Tool Box.

View the Tech Tool Box Plan


Direct Email Opportunities

Dedicated Email Blast

Send your message to our list and get direct traffic to any web destination.

Advertising Opportunities

Digital Ad Package 

3 Editorial Ads + 3 Newsletter Ads + 1 Social Media Post

View the Digital Ad Package Plan


Ads On Home Page 

Premier Digital Home Page Ad – $1,000 per month
#1 Showcase Digital Home Page Ad – $500 per month
#2 Showcase Digital Home Page Ad – $500 per month

Ads Within Editorial Content

Our editorial articles are all SEO Keyword rich to leverage as much organic search as possible.


Within Hot Topics  + Seasonal Skincare Report Email

Every Monday our Hot Topics email, a round up of articles, goes out to our list – showcase your brand.

Every Friday our Seasonal Skincare Report email, a focus on seasonally appropriate topics, goes out to our list.




L+A Industry Education Directory 

List your educational event (live, virtual, trade show class, social platform presentation).

L+A will feature the L+A Industry Education Guide in our Monthly Education Newsletter 1st Wednesday of The Month. 

We send this email with all of our L+A Webisodes along with a link to the guide as a whole.  

L+A Industry Education Directory Plan and Pricing

PLATINUM $399/Month*
Unique URL for Our Directory That Goes Directly To Your Listing
60 Character Title
150 Word Description
1 Square Image
1 IG Reel

GOLD $280/Month*
Unique URL for Our Directory That Goes Directly To Your Listing
60 Character Title
125 Word Description
1 Square Image

SILVER $220/Month*
60 Character Title
100 Word Description

Unique URL for Our Directory That Goes Directly To Your Listing

*Reflects a 20% Discount when 12 month is pre-paid.

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