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The Beauty of Controlled Injury in Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency is a powerful, non-invasive technology known for its visible skin-tightening abilities. One of the benefits of having radiofrequency as part of your treatment offerings is that it can be used to help lift, firm, and tighten skin all over the body and face. This technology helps contour the face and body, leading to a more youthful and revitalized appearance.

What  is Radiofrequency? 

Radiofrequency (RF) is a therapy that generates heat energy in the deeper layers of the skin. It is applied to the skin via electrodes or handpieces that create heat in the deeper layers of the skin. The heating causes a controlled injury to the tissues, and the body produces more collagen and elastin to promote healing. The increase in these proteins causes the tightening effect on the skin. For your clients to see significant results, a series of treatments is needed. Depending on the severity of the case, treatment packages can range between six to twelve sessions at a frequency of 1-2 times per week. 

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RF Treatments Can be Preventative as Well as Corrective

One of the common misconceptions is that Facial RF treatments are only for those clients that are experiencing visible signs of aging. Starting our clients experiencing fine lines and wrinkles on a short series (think six sessions) of radiofrequency facial treatments will help improve their facial contours, reduce or eliminate the signs of aging, and will help to prevent further damage. As we know, our collagen production starts to slow down after approximately age 20. Therefore, increasing collagen production anytime after that will be beneficial.  

Radiofrequency is Safe for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types

It is important to note that RF treatments are safe for all Fitzpatrick skin types with minimal concern for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. When treating a client with a history of melasma, take special care since one of the triggers for melasma can be heat. 

Radiofrequency and Injectables

As a responsible skin care professional, it is essential to let your clients know that radiofrequency treatments in areas where they have filler can cause the filler to metabolize quicker, leading to them having to do it more often. It can cause neurotoxins to be metabolized faster as well. Ideally, your client should get their series of treatments either before or between their injectable appointments. That being said, a series of radiofrequency treatments can also help to minimize the quantity and frequency of their injectable treatments, as it can help to improve facial contours and loss of volume and create a lifted and firm appearance.


Contribution by Elizabeth Camacho

Co-Founder, Sales, and Education Director of DermaJEM, Elizabeth began her career in beauty while in college at Florida State University. She began working in makeup with MAC cosmetics and, after she graduated, moved back home to Miami and continued her career in the makeup industry with private clients, print, and fashion shows.

After getting her esthetics license, her career took her into professional spa product sales and training, spending the majority of her time making connections with other estheticians and business owners, helping them to grow their knowledge in both the business of owning a spa and in new treatment training. Finding a passion for empowering others with the tools and focus to grow their own businesses into thriving local and destination spas.

Radiofrequency and Temperature

We have already established that a wide variety of clients can benefit from radiofrequency treatments. Still, when specifically treating the face, it is vital to be aware of the temperature. This is because at approx 43 degrees celsius fat melting is happening. Having an infrared thermometer handy is ideal to ensure that you stay within the safe range of temperature, not only to prevent injuries like burns but also to ensure you are reaching the temperature range where you are stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Ideal temperature range for skin tightening on the face is 40-42 degrees celsius. As you can see the margin is slim and we need to be vigilant to ensure we are staying within that range. 

Radiofrequency on The Body

Skin tightening with Radiofrequency is not just limited to the face. It can give incredible improvements to the body as well. Helping to tighten the skin and at the right temperature can also help to melt fatty deposits. These effects lead to an improved body contour. Radiofrequency can be used alone when we are treating skin laxity or after cavitation to help to contour the body and reduce fatty deposits. When it is used post-cavitation it helps the body to metabolize the waste created, tighten the skin to ensure the fat loss does not cause laxity, and when we reach 43 degrees celsius we can melt additional fat. We can also use radiofrequency combined with vacuum therapy for body contouring. By adding the vacuum it allows for the radiofrequency to reach a deeper layer of fat cells leading to improved results for your client.

Radiofrequency is a versatile therapy that can help to improve the appearance of the skin all over the body. When used safely by a trained professional it can help our clients achieve their goals faster. It is an excellent therapy to prevent signs of aging and also to treat and correct mature skin. Its collagen and elastin stimulating benefits can also be used on the body to improve contours and tighten skin on the arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Its effects are cumulative and continue to improve 4-6 weeks after the last session. Radiofrequency can truly be a game changer for your practice and your clients.  

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