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Treatments Aren’t Enough To Change Skin

What is radiant retailing and why aren’t the professional skincare treatments that estheticians provide enough to change skin? The same reasons that two teeth cleanings a year aren’t enough to protect teeth and gums from disease and decay. It’s the daily, consistent maintenance that protects and keeps everything healthy. If clients are getting professional skin care treatments, they want better skin. If estheticians aren’t providing home care options to boost skin health  – they’re allowing someone else to earn thousands of dollars per year. Because this is a billion dollar industry and those clients are buying product – maybe at a drug store or a department store!

MedSpa Distributors is the perfect partner for your medical + spa skincare business, we know this because we know the team and have seen them in action. We also spoke to estheticians about them and they offered rave reviews!

One Esthetician Saw The Radiant Retailing Light

Here’s a little story from when Barry worked in spas…

“When I was the VP of a chain of medical spas in Philadelphia, I had an esthetician who had a return request rate that was in the high 90% bracket. Meaning, an overwhelming majority of her clients re-booked regularly – she was loved! 

This same esthetician had the lowest retail vs sales percentage in the whole chain. Meaning, she sold very little home care to her clients. Let me point out that her clients were paying hundreds for a licensed professional to provide treatments to help improve their skin’s health and appearance. 

One day I sat down with her and asked her what she used at home. She happily listed out hundreds and hundreds of dollars of products. Multiple cleansers, serums, moisturizers, and SPFs! She was so proud of her list.  

I told her to go home and throw it all away…” Barry Eichner

Now if you want to find out what she said to Barry you need to attend the Radiant Retailing Class listed below.

Let Radiant Retailing Stimulate Treatment Results 

There is LITERALLY no doubt anymore that homecare is key to great skin – we learned that in 2020. The Covid shutdown taught us that if clients use home care consistently they’ll have better skin. During COVID-19 – there were no treatments and clients maintained. NOW – with that same focus on home care the treatment results will be NEXT LEVEL.

Now in 2024, Radiant Retailing can be the key to your clients getting exponential results from you! Not just your treatments but from your professional skincare advice! That skincare license allows you to be classified as an expert and offer advice. 

The Skincare Training You Didn’t Know You Needed

MedSpa Distributors is offering a class on offering skincare advice! Use that esthetic license to offer professional advice! Beginning in March the Radiant Retailing Class from MedSpa Distributors will help you elevate client results and help you get paid for your expertise!!  

Explore the intricacies of skincare product and device retailing in our comprehensive series of classes. Delve into the ‘why’ of retailing in the esthetics industry, understanding client needs, and building a foundation for successful product sales.  Discover the ‘what’ by exploring cutting-edge skin care devices, understanding their benefits, and integrating them into retail strategies. Navigate the ‘where’ by learning about timing strategies and seasonal considerations. Finally, master the ‘how’ with practical sessions on sales techniques and customer engagement. Elevate your expertise in esthetics retailing through this important educational journey.

Top Notch Device + Product Combinations 

MedSpa Distributors has so many great choices for retail home care! Choose from the ClareBlend MINI that can be combined with Viktoria DeAnn Peptides, the C2S Skin Balancing Serum, Nano Masks, and Hudsony Mineral Water spray!

You can even combine the Theradome Laser Phototherapy helmet to fight hair loss with the BelMondo Maxim Eyes firming mask! 

A Daily Use Business Card

Have you ever heard the term “top of mind”? It means that a customer is always thinking of a brand. It means it’s a favorite. It means it’s a go-to brand. Do you wish your skincare business could be “top of mind” for every one of your clients?  

Good News – it’s totally possible!  

MedSpa Distributors can help by allowing you to private label a lip balm! Then every time your client uses that lip balm, they see your skincare business name. Every use is a subtle reminder to make an appointment and helps you stay “top of mind” with your clients!!! 

MedSpa Distributors – the Perfect Partner for your Medical + Spa Skincare Business

L+A has known the team at MedSpa Distributors since 2016. Founded by Pam Huck, a highly respected industry leader. This all-female run, multi-generational family business is comprised of Pam, Andrea and Stephanie! The MedSpa Distributors trio of savvy skin care professionals meticulously curates the assortment of devices and products that they offer.

Pam, Andrea and Stephanie will work with your medical + spa skincare business to select the most appropriate devices and products for your business. They will help you learn how to use everything that they sell you. You can trust in the years of experience that these women have in order to help you grow your own business.

Working with MedSpa Distributors allows you to place one order that can include products from multiple brands. No more worrying about hitting re-order minimums with multiple brands. No more wasted time having to place multiple orders. No more trying to get multiple trainers on the phone to ask a question. One order; one phone call; one stop is all you need. This makes your job easier and you get to focus more time on running your business.

Here’s What Their Customers Have to say

Amy Grossman, The Skin & Lash Lady

“I suggest MedSpa Distributors wholeheartedly.  Partnering with them enhanced my sales and helped me find cutting-edge devices and products to offer my customers. Prompt delivery in addition to instructions on how to use each product to its fullest.  Pam and Steph assist me in coming up with marketing concepts that will improve my bottom line. They also help me when I have a skin challenge; I need a master esthetician to offer a second opinion on treatment options.  I look at them as part of my team.” Amy Grossman

Jennifer Wilson, Theia Skin Studio 

“As a solo aesthetician, MedSpa distributors has been instrumental in helping me grow my small business. They provide cutting-edge skincare lines, answer questions quickly, kindly, and thoroughly, and they drop ship products to my clients at the push of a button like magic. Honestly, they are a dream to work with and I’m so grateful!”  Jennifer Wilson

Gloria Saylor, Esthetician – Thurmont, Maryland

“I’ve been a loyal long-term customer of MedSpa Distributors for so many reasons: Excellent Customer Service; excellent products and value; vast knowledge, education, and integrity. They’re also honest and friendly. 

I have no desire to look elsewhere for my business needs…Pam and Stephanie have made my business the success it is today…when you have the BEST, why change?” Gloria Saylor, Esthetician – Thurmont, Maryland

Thanks to MedSpa Distributors for sponsoring this content so that we may share their Radiant Retailing class with our community. 

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