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Do You Understand The Korean Skincare Difference?

Pure Pro Aesthetics is an all-new distribution company specializing in Korean Skincare. It was founded by Cherece Law-Tayor, that is her dream come true. It brings 20 years of skincare experience to every professional esthetician who shops with them.

Cherece started Pure Aesthetics & Skin Care in Atlanta, Georgia in 2010 It was a small one-room solo studio. Then In 2013 she expanded and opened her second studio with 2 estheticians and a massage therapist. 

Then in 2019 after being introduced and falling in love with Korean skin care, especially their number one selling brand, Cherece worked briefly for an importer of Korean skincare. Within that year, Cherece was approached by Storyderm, a well-known Korean skincare line, and was offered an American distributorship, thus Pure Pro Aesthetics was born.

It has grown into a thriving professional skincare distribution company with a full team of skincare professionals offering exceptional skin care education!! Cherece has even developed a website where estheticians can register for a professional account and shop for their favorite products. 

Barry sat down with Cherece to dive into her career to uncover all the hard work that went into building her dream into a reality! 

L+A’s Interview with Pure Pro Aesthetics Founder

Cherece Law-Taylor

Q: What was your inspiration to start Pure Pro Aesthetics?

I have been in the skin care industry 20+ years -having worked for a very well-known Esthetician/Educator and Spa Owner Lyn Ross of Institut Dermed in Atlanta. Lyn really introduced me to the world of skincare and esthetics and it really is where my passion was born. 

Q: What Inspired You To Choose The Brands That You Offer?

All our lines were selected due to the unique ingredients and product performance, they also work well with other brands. We find success where Eastern and Western skin care has made the perfect marriage. Storyderm and ISOV are our most well-known brands of the 4 lines we currently carry.  

We have 2 more lines that will be introduced later this year – so stay tuned! 

The lines we import are Storyderm, ISOV, sMTS, and Ekseption skin care. All our lines were selected due to the unique ingredients and product performance, they also work well with other brands and that has always been where Eastern and Western skin care has made the perfect marriage.

pure pro aesthetics

Q: What was your inspiration to select the brands that you have?  

Pure Pro Aesthetics was established to bring exclusive international skin care brands to the estheticians that weren’t readily available in the states. What we found was that others were looking for a niche in their practices as well as brands that were not saturating our industry along with ingredients that aren’t readily available in western skincare lines. 

Q: What states do you sell to?

I’m proud to say we sell to the whole United States. 

I started out in a local spa chain, worked a time with a plastic surgeon, and then went on to open Pure Aesthetics & Skin Care. Pure Pro Aesthetics came years later and has taken on a life of its own, so much so that I am no longer in the treatment room but now exclusively providing imported professional skin care, support, and education for estheticians throughout the United States. 

Q: Who works at Pure Pro Aesthetics?

We now have 4 people that we employ – My daughter Sade Law who is also an esthetician and my business partner. I couldn’t do it without her, she and I work in distribution and she is still at our spa as well. Angie Percell is our educator and ingredient guru, she is such a valuable asset to our company and she has been with me since we established Pure Pro Aesthetics. Jessline Fermin is our newest employee and she provides assistance in our wholesale accounts and is an administrator in our very active Facebook group for the licensed professional.

pure pro aesthetics

Q: Can estheticians shop online? 

Our products can be found online for the licensed esthetician at www.pureproaesthetics.com! Professional estheticians can register for an account. With the registration, they can access our extensive line of skin care and supporting materials that they’ll need to learn how to incorporate these amazing brands into their business! 

The Pure Pro Aesthetic Education Is Incredible

Pure Pro Aesthetics also has a very active Facebook group. What started out with about 25 people working with Storyderm, has now grown to a group of about 4000 and is growing daily. In 2022 we began offering 2-day advanced training taught by Angie Percell.  This course goes in-depth into all the lines we offer and day 2 is hands-on training, where you get to experience the products and perform services, these classes sell out every time we host. Classes are held within the United States and we are now offering training at our training center located in Atlanta as well. We also offer free consults and training on treatments that can be scheduled upon request and we are currently working on setting up our online 2-day course.

Get To Know Storyderm at Pure Pro Aesthetics 

Korean Skin care (aka K-beauty) lovers know that youthful skin isn’t just about having nice skin. It’s about glowing, plump and bouncy skin that mimics the kind of skin you had when you were younger. As we age, we tend to lose that vitality as sagging, dullness, pigmentation and yes, wrinkles begin to form. 

Storyderm, Isov & SMTS are all clinical/dermatological Korean skin care lines that is sold only to licence professional. This line has taken the aesthetic world by storm, with a unique ingredient deck such as spicules, aka liquid microneedles, stem cells, crystallized hyaluronic acid spears that act as a delivery system to a patented botulinum toxic hybrid protein. These are just a few of the dynamic ingredients in the line that standout not only in the treatment room, but also, with home care products that create a perfect marriage between esthetician and client.  

Storyderm & Isov are a full line of products – the lines has great alternative to the standard chemical peels and works great on those higher fitzpatrick that do not do well with standard chemical peels. There are skin tightening treatments as well as a wide range of sheet mask and a line of jelly mask that are THE BEST in our industry. 

Pure Aesthetics & Skin Care has joined forces with Storyderm Korea & Isov Korea and have created Pure Pro Aesthetics

Pure Pro Aesthetics

Thanks to Pure Pro Aesthetics For Sponsoring This Content.

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