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5 Reasons Pure Peel -Smart Peels™ Will Re-Define Resurfacing Skin

Our Lira Clinical Pure Peel-Smart Peels™ Sneak Peek

The Pure Peel -Smart Peels™, an all-new resurfacing solution from Lira Clinical has just launched and they sent it to us to try before anyone else in the industry had a chance to even see it!

Pure Peel Will Re-Define Resurfacing Skin 

Truly an all-new modality and an all-new way of thinking when it comes to resurfacing the skin. Pure Peel is a unique blend of new technology and tried and true exfoliating agents. This peel will redefine how you resurface your clients’ skin going forward. Re-think your treatment for age management, hyperpigmentation, and especially acne.  Expect brighter, smoother, more youthful skin, even with just one treatment.

Pure Peel

5 Reasons The Pure Peel -Smart Peels™ Will Re-Define Resurfacing For You

1 Pure Peel – Smart Peels™Introduces Acetic Acid To The Professional Market

This game-changer introduces a unique carboxylic acid to the professional skin care market. Acetic acid is combined with a symphony of industry-trusted acids; salicylic, mandelic, lactic, and citric for targeted skin penetration. This results in stimulating healthy, refined brightened skin.

“​​Acetic acid Research has shown this acid is antifungal and antimicrobial. When used topically, it clears bacteria that may be related to either infections or skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis (scalp eczema), and eczema.” Everydayhealth.com

2 The Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ Is Safe + Versatile 

Lira Clinical is claiming thePure Peel – Smart Peels™ is as safe as an enzyme.  We were stunned to hear this so we asked them to explain. 

Here’s what Lira Clinical said, “ThePure Peel – Smart Peels™ is as safe as an enzyme, even though it travels deeper into the skin, it won’t cause a hyper-inflammatory response.”

We asked Lira, “It says It’s water soluble like an AHA and provides access like a BHA, how is this possible?”

Here’s what Lira Clinical told us, “The Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ behaves like a BHA in providing access into the skin. This allows the entire formulation to work more efficiently and effectively.

The mechanism of the Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ works to initiate change from the bottom up where traditional peels initiate change from top down. Acetic acid is a 2 carbon chain molecule and penetrates deep to signal and initiate skin response. At the same time, the blend of other acids and ingredients also brighten, refine, hydrate, and firm at different layers of the epidermis. So, it is not one ingredient, but the entire formulation.”

The Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ Kit is safe for all Fitzpatricks and a great year-round treatment option for Aging, Acneic, and Hyperpigmented clients.

The Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ Kit comes with home care products for clients to use, to ensure that they are getting the best post-treatment care. No need to create an entire post-treatment protocol for clients, just send them home with this safe and easy kit that will ensure they get amazing results. 

Pure Peel

3 The Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ Is Powerful 

Lira Clinical told us, “The Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ “Acetic Acid is related to TCA without the risk because the chlorine molecules which cause drying and flaking have been removed. The Pure Peel provides similar results to TCA or Jessner Peels with less (or no) downtime.”

We asked Lira Clinical, “How exactly is that possible, can you give us a scientific breakdown?” 

Here’s what Lira Clinical said, “Trichloroacetic acid is a compound of 3 (tri) chlorine (chlor) molecules and one acetic. Acetic is a 2 carbon chain carboxylic acid (same family as AHA and BHA) that inspires skin renewal, and trichlor initiates sloughing. We know sloughing does not always equal results and often is the reaction to inflammation. Incorporating the acetic acid without the 3 chlorine allows the actual “workhorse” to initiate change without the consequence of inflammation.” 

“Trichloroacetic acid (TCA; TCAA; also known as trichloroethanoic acid) is an analogue of acetic acid in which the three hydrogen atoms of the methyl group have all been replaced by chlorine atoms” Wikipedia.com 

4 The Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ Refines Skin 

The Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ will refine the skin, leaving it velvety soft to the touch! The skin looks refreshed and renewed, even after one treatment. We credit this to the formulation containing unique incorporation of fermented jasmonic and phytic acids to stimulate cell regeneration, brighten complexion and refine skin texture.

We asked Lira Clinical, “Why is the the Jasmonic acid being fermented so special to the peel’s formulation?”

Here’s what Lira Clinical had to say, “Fermented jasmonic acid has been shown to induce extracellular matrix remodeling and expression of major skin proteoglycans and changes to the GAG structure. In other words, it helps regulate health cell differentiation and skin hydration”

They also went on to explain, “The Phytic acid is not fermented, but it is incredibly skin friendly. It is a very mild yet brightening AHA. Studies have shown that using phytic and glycolic together have a profound effect on brightening skin tone.”

We asked Lira Clinical, “Why is the incorporation of Mastiha Oil so important for brightening and pore refining?”

Lira Clinical told us, “The incorporation of mastiha oil delivers added brightening and pore refining benefits. This is such a powerful and unique ingredient. The terpene composition and the inclusion of monoterpenes (that signature mastiha scent) combine with sesquiterpenes and tri-terpenes to initiate skin repair. This is how it brightens and firms.”

Mastic oil has antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory action and is a natural antioxidant. Because it enhances the synthesis of collagen, frequent use helps fight wrinkles and ensures greater skin elasticity.”  Manischemicals.com

5 The Pure Peel – Smart Peels™ Is An Experience 

This unique SMART Peel solution provides both a sensory and skin-enhancing experience and cannot be compared to anything else. 

“The first two layers felt just fine – I’ve had peels that were stronger and spicier! Once Jenni applied the third pass, I felt a stronger sensation, but it faded so quickly.

Having the fan near my face helped tremendously; not only with the stronger scent (which dissipated almost instantly) but the initial heat from the third pass.” Lauren, Pure Peel Client

The fan is a critical element in this treatment.  Not only is it comfortable for the client, but it is quiet and provides the necessary ventilation from the formula scent and heat created.  It is used while the client is lying down, and positioned so each fan is on either side of the face.

Smell it, feel it, see it…. Instant results. The solution itself initiates a mildly warm sensation that lasts a few minutes. The skin appears brighter and feels tighter and velvety to the touch.When clients experience erythema, there is no risk for lasting inflammation or hyperpigmentation.

For the first few hours post treatment, it is normal for the skin to feel slightly warm, gradually dissipating. Light flaking may be experienced 2-3 days post treatment that should only last 1-3 days. Normal home care routines can be resumed 48-72 hours post.

Pure Peel

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