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How Shame Ignited A Passion That Created A Career

When she was growing up, she saw her mother suffering from a skin condition that tormented her day and night.  Literally, her mother would wear makeup 24/7, even to bed. Her mother was horrified at the thought of anyone seeing the skin condition that she was so deeply ashamed of.

Arlene wasn’t aware that this would take her on a 30-year journey to launch, “The Netflix of Skincare Training”…. Professional Skin Care Training. 

How A Facial Changed A Mother’s Life + Ignited A Daughters Career

When Arlene White turned 14 she saved her babysitting money so she could give her Mother the gift of a professional facial to help her with this deeply problematic skin condition. Her mother cried as she prepared to go to the esthetician, knowing she’d have to remove her make up and reveal the red patches all over her face. Arlene had hope that this would help her mother and it did.

What happened after this facial not only changed Arlene’s mother’s life, it ignited a passion inside Arlene that would help shape the rest of her life. When she saw how this treatment changed her mother’s skin and her mother’s life – she knew at that moment she would become an esthetician.

Professional Skin Care Training

Arlene White, Founder of Professional Skin Care Training

At age 18 Arlene became an esthetician and a wellness spa owner. Her first spa was a collection of holistic healers offering skin care treatments and an assortment of holistic and spiritual treatments. She ran this facility for years in Washington until she relocated to Arizona and began to pursue an entirely new path in skin care.

Becoming A Medical Esthetician and Clinical Trainer

Arlene spent the bulk of her 30-year aesthetics career as a medical esthetician offering microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser resurfacing. In addition to offering those services, she also became a certified educator as well. This area of skin care just fascinated her and she loved learning and sharing that knowledge with others.

The Career Shift That Changed Everything

After 30 years in skin care she wanted a change and opted to become a certified business coach for spa owners. She then embarked on her new goal of training and coaching spa business owners, but then the world changed in March of 2020. During this time Arlene realized she missed her first love – skincare.

The Covid-Shift

During the pandemic as she longed to work in skin care again, while she noticed the amount of virtual learning that was happening, she decided to take her love of skin care and her business coaching and adjust her career to the “new normal” of virtual connection and create an entirely new business.

What Is Professional Skin Care Training 

In January of 2020 Arlene founded Professional Skin Care Training. She jokingly says, “If Netflix did skin care… Online streaming of continuing education for skincare pros by the BEST in the BIZ!”

It’s a complete subscription-based, video library educational platform that you can watch on-demand! The video catalog has hundreds of videos to choose from, all have a quiz attached to verify completion.

Every video comes with optional Spanish language closed captioning.


Master the Consultation

Skin Behavior

Skin Basics


All-Star Ingredients



Increase Your Sales

Business Forms

Our Favorite Products

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How Rosacea Created A Career

One of Arlene’s favorite videos is Understanding Rosacea because it was her mother’s experience with Stage 4 Rosacea that ignited the passion inside of her to become an esthetician and ultimately create this online platform for other estheticians to learn more and grow so they could continue to help men and women who suffer from similar skin conditions.

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