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NewMark Beauty Leads The Way in ProCell Therapies Training

Get The NewMark Beauty Difference For ProCell Therapies

ProCell Therapies is a tool for your beauty business! It offers cutting edge biotechnology to induce a breathtaking transformation to the appearance of the skin that can last a lifetime. Unlock your client’s natural ability to produce healthy new skin. This incredible treatment can increase your business’s profitability when added to your treatment menu. 

ProCell Therapies is a 2021 Editor’s Pick in the 2021 L+A Tech Tool Box. 

If you want to learn how to use the ProCell Therapies tool to the best of your ability – you’ll want to look to NewMark Beauty, a National Sales Representative and expert trainer for ProCell Therapies!


Getting To Know ProCell Therapies

ProCell Therapies device has been voted the #1 Microchanneling device 3 years in a row 2018, 2019 and 2020. A ProCell treatment creates thousands of invisible microchannels in the skin and induces new collagen and reduces the signs of aging via stimulation of your Stem Cells, and the introduction of potent peptides, growth factors and Stem Cytokines. It rejuvenates with little to no recovery time and produces both corrective and anti-aging results

ProCell improves the appearance of aging skin, increases the vitality and elasticity of the skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne & acne scarring and more. It also improves the clinical health of your skin by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body has built in, just waiting to be activated! ProCell turns it on, allowing the skin to stay healthy and beautiful.

Jenni’s ProCell Therapies Experience

Jenni was excited to experience a ProCell Therapies treatment.  Her first treatment used a .25mm head, and did not use a numbing cream. This treatment also did Jenni’s lips and my upper eye area in addition to the rest of her face.  This was a new experience for her. The entire treatment took about 30 minutes. 

I must admit, I was intimidated at the thought of this…I know how much this can hurt! Once she got started, on the forehead, it was uncomfortable, but not unbearable.  This area is always the worst for me, numbing cream or not.” Jenni

Jenni said, “The stamping method was what set this apart from microneedling, where you can use circular or sweeping motions.”

Post procedure, the remaining growth factor serum that was used during the procedure was applied to the skin. Then a ProCell sheet mask was applied and massaged with Ice Globes – that was heavenly!  Jenni also used the ProCell Liva MD System for home care, twice a day.

See ProCell Therapies In Action

NewMark Beauty Training + Support for ProCell Therapies

NewMark Beauty is passionate about ProCell Therapies, but even more passionate about making it a successful and profitable service in your business.

As your dedicated representative they will provide you with:

  • Free training and certification
  • Facebook support forum
  • Marketing Resources to promote your business on your website or social media platforms
  • Business Building Support

They are committed to your success
You’ll have access to NewMark Beaty’s personal email addresses and cell phone numbers and get continued support for any additional training you may need. 

The NewMark Beauty Difference For ProCell Therapies

Robyn Newmark of NewMark Beauty discusses how NewMark Beauty will help beauty and skin care professionals get the ProCell Therapies device. She also explains the NewMark Beauty difference in training and support for the ProCell Therapies device.

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