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Our Top 20 Picks For Your 2021 Tech Tool Box

The 2021 L+A Tech Tool Box

A Tech Tool Box that is full of the latest and most unique skin care innovations will keep your business on the cutting edge! 

The 2021 L+A Tech Tool Box picks are some of the coolest, newest and most sophisticated uses of technology in the professional skin care industry! 

We’ll help you keep your tech game on point for all aspects of the business.  Tech on the retail shelves, tech in business building, and most importantly tech in the treatment room!  

Tech Tool Box For Business Building

Using tech to build your business is crucial. Having products and devices in your Tech Tool Box that can help you increase your sales is an example of working smarter not harder!

1. Ring Light Your Social Videos 

Putting your best face forward on all of your social media platforms is crucial.  You need to be doing videos of you using products, showcasing treatments and discussing your business.  The new features on Instagram are all video based! Now you can do mini video blogging on TikTok too.  All of this video footage must have great lighting. Make sure you have great lighting!  The new Ring Light From Kodak is perfect for this!

2. Computerize Your Skin Analysis with Visia

Take your skin analysis to a new level and take away any subjective assumptions your client can create in their head!  Your client may always wonder if you are really telling them the truth about their skin!  Show them in a computerized analysis of a photo of their skin with Canfield Scientific’s VISIA!.  It’s a multi-point positioning system and live image overlay that makes it easy to capture perfectly registered images to show the current skin condition and document progress over time.

3. Mobile App

As hardware technology continues to improve, more and more households are relying on mobile hardware to access the web.  Smart phone and tablets are taking over! This is why mobile apps are becoming so popular, they are designed to function ideally on a mobile device. Offering your clients a mobile app to do business with you is the new norm.

You can have clients, book, shop and even do virtual consultations with you, all through your mobile app.  You can even use your mobile app to educate your clients, link them to your social media platforms!  SalonClouds+ Mobile Apps even allow you to market to clients via Push Notifications, which are great for filling last minute cancellations and selling products and gift cards.

The L+A Mobile App offers our readers the ability to connect with us on social media, read our latest reviews and gain access to free education!

Tech Tool Box For Retail Shelves + Treatment Room

Having technology that you can use in the treatment room is great, but when the treatment can serve as an introduction to a technology item that you can sell at retail for home use is a win-win!  Regular use of products at home is required for great skin.  The same can be said for some of the devices that you use in treatment. Having clients use devices at home will improve clients’ skin and solidify their relationship with you!


4. iLITE by Celluma
iLITE is Brand new to the Celluma collection of LED Light Therapy, the LITE is now battery-powered and mobile!

5. LIFT by Jane Mann for NeurotriS
Brand new from NeurotriS + Jane Mann, LIFT is a combination facial sculpting tool and microcurrent device is trend setting.

The always popular MYSKINBUDDY is ideal for treatment cleansing and a great suggestion for home care!

7. IRIS™ Eye Massager by Foreo
Give an ultra-relaxing, ultra sonic massage with IRIS™

8. Theragun Elite
Give your hands a break, let Theragun break down those big knots.

Tech Tool Box For Home Versions Of A Pro Treatment

Sometimes, sending the full-fledge device home with a client isn’t an option. However, you can send them home with a a device that can “sort of” do what your professional treatments can do! Sometimes, you can have devices on hand that can just make your clients’ lives a little easier.  

9. BodEX by MedSpa Distributors
The BodEx is an at home body microdermabrasion device that safely and painlessly removes the top layer of the skin and allows new, rejuvenated skin to grow and take its place. Great for hands, chest, knees, and stretch marks.

The Mellow by ZAQ can let your clients mimic the deep cleansing step of your professional skincare treatment. 

11. MyloliftQT
The MyoliftQT is a home care option for microcurrent that clients can use in between your pro treatments.

12. Braun Wet 9390cc Wet & Dry Shaver
Guys shave! Now with Braun’s Wet & Dry Shaver, you can save their skin while they shave!  

13. BrowsPOP / RyzorPen
Yes, BrowsPOP is a handheld, pen shaped razor to groom brows, but they’re making one for guys!  The RyzorPen will help guys groom their ears, nose, brows and edge their facial hair.

total wellness

14. Mega Peel EX by DermaMed Solutions
Microdermabrasion is a treatment room requisite! It’s an absolute must and Mega Peel has been a trusted brand for over 2 decades! 

15. SX-4500 by NeurotriS
The SX-4500 is a microcurrent system for the face and body, able to do fat reduction, anti-cellulite, and muscle toning on the body as well as complete facial treatments. 

16. Jeunesse Petite by MedSpa Distributors
The little Jeunesse Petite is a device that is power packed with the “burst” feature to give your facial microcurrent treatments a boost!

17. The Element – Anima by DermaJEM
The Element Facial from Anima’s Element by DermaJEM combines hydrodermabrasion and oxygen infusion into a single treatment! 

18. ProCell Therapies from NewMark Beauty
A  transcellular skin care delivery system. ProCell Therapies from NewMark Beauty calls their treatment microchanneling.  ProCell Therapies website states, “…treatment creates hundreds of thousands of microchannels.”

19  Premium LED Whitening Light by Whiter Image
You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing estheticians all over the country adding revenue by doing teeth whitening!  The Whiter Image LED Light is a respected tool to get that job done!  

20. Ice Sculpt by Anima from DermaJEM
Body Fat Reduction and Cellulite Treatments are part of a growing body contouring segment of the spa industry!  The Ice Sculpt can give you the ability to compete with med spas who offer the more expensive CoolSculpting treatment.  

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