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2023’s Newest Dynamic Duo Of Hyperpigmentation Home Care 

PRO Brite-Plus Serum and SPF EliōDrops 30 are the latest product launches from Lira Clinical. We got to try these two products when they first came out and we became instant fans. After months of using them, we have fallen in love with this dynamic duo! This duo is just part of Lira Clinical’s commitment to helping consumers globally have more bright and beautiful skin. 

Purely Global Commitment to Bright Beautiful Skin 

Lira Clinical is taking their commitment to bright and beautiful skin global. Nearly 98% of their products have a brightening ingredient. They also have an entire assortment of exfoliating products to help improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. These products combine beautifully with the all-new 2023 products that combat existing and future hyperpigmentation. 

We’ve been using an assortment of these Lira Clinical products and can offer first-hand feedback that they elevate the skin’s overall health and appearance. We love the Lira Clinical Purely Global Luxury Treatment Guide. 

Lira Clinical Launches New Products in 2023

We have been working with Lira Clinical for years and are honored to be on their list to try new products. We were among the first to receive their all-new SPF EliōDrops 30 when they launched in 2023! Then when we met with Lira Clinical at the Las Vegas IECSC in June we, got to try the PRO Brite-Plus Serum. Even though there were several months between trying each new product – we instantly knew these two products were destined to be a couple!

Lira Clinical Meets The Global Market Need 

As the global skincare market expands – hyperpigmentation has become the number one skin concern globally that consumers are looking to address. The beauty of this dynamic duo is that these two products combine forces to help combat existing hyperpigmentation and then work to shield the skin from future hyperpigmentation. 

The Art of Cosmetic Elegance For the Win

The science behind these two products is definitely worth a deep dive. However, we need to stop and pay homage to Lira Clinical for the sheer enjoyment we felt when we tried these two products. They’re more than just clinical skincare products that will give you bright, beautiful skin. They’re a luxurious experience, from the consistency of the product that creates luscious textures to the all-natural aromas that give a sense of euphoria during the application. 

Lira Clinical PRO Brite-Plus Serum

It’s the way that Lira Clinical approaches the treatment of hyperpigmentation. They use such sophisticated formulations that hinders melanin production at multiple points throughout the melanin production process. This gives Lira Clinical products the ability to minimize the formation of hyperpigmentation in the skin. 

The introduction of PRO Brite-Plus Serum offers estheticians a product that clients can use to help fight off hyperpigmentation and brighten dull, fatigued skin renewing a healthy, youthful texture and tone. This product encourages natural hydration while supporting healthy skin barrier function.

We can’t say enough good things about this product. It’s got a gorgeous amber color from the proprietary Lira Clinical ingredients. It’s got a velvety texture that makes it an absolute pleasure to apply. We LITERALLY look forward to applying this serum! Then the naturally occurring aroma of the product is luscious! 

This product is a must-try and your clients’ skin will thank you!  

PRO Brite Plus Serum

Lira Clinical SPF EliōDrops 30

Wow! That’s really all we have to say about this product. It’s not like any other SPF that we’ve ever tried. The SPF EliōDrops 30 is an anhydrous product, which means it has no water.  It’s reef safe, and protects against UVA/UVB/HEV! This waterless delivery provides a more sustainable environmental approach. The combination of vitamin C (BV–OSC), MASQ–tech™, and zinc oxide gives these skin guard drops the power of protecting, brightening, and refining skin uniquely from Lira Clinical.

You must shake the tube and this product drips out onto the skin – it’s not thick or paste-like. It literally glides onto the skin and sinks right in. It absorbs quickly and easily and works on all Fitzpatrick levels! It sinks right into Fitzpatrick 6! SPF EliōDrops 30 also has zero fragrance – so it doesn’t have that overtly obvious SPF “smell” that many brands have.

The SPF EliōDrops 30 comes in SPF EliōDrops 30 Sheer. However, if you want a tinted option – Lira Clinical created SPF EliōDrops 30 Glow! We are obsessed with both. The SPF EliōDrops 30 Glow offers the most subtle hint of tint and just evens out the skin tone! Ideal for days of filming content!  

PRO Brite Plus Serum

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