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The Peel That Infuses Gold Into The Skin for Wound Healing 

A Princess Peel? Does it come with a Tiara? Honestly, if it did, that wouldn’t be as amazing as the benefits that this spicule peel provides to the skin! The Storyderm Princess Peel, available from Pure Pro Aesthetics is so incredible for the skin because of the colloidal gold! 

Pure Pro Aesthetics was founded by Cherece Law-Taylor. They focus on high-performance Korean Skincare. They have a huge assortment of products and a strong focus on training! They have a huge Facebook Community in their group StoryDerm & iSOV USA -Authorized Distributors By Pure Pro Aesthetics

Introducing The Princess Peel 

One of the most unique aspects of the Storyderm Princess Peel is that this particular spicule peel does not require any mixing! It’s packaged in unidose syringes that are easily dispensed onto the clients’ skin. This requires little to no cleanup and is ideal for maintaining high profitability as there is no wasted product. 

The Storyderm Princess Peel is used to treat an array of skin conditions such as aging, acne, acne scarring, and pigmentation and this peel can also be used on those with sensitive skin. The esthetician would apply lighter pressure on penetration with more sensitive skin clients. Spicules are a superior alternative to the traditional chemical peel because they can be used on all 6 Fitzpatricks without risk of burning the skin and creating hyper & hypo pigmentation. The Princess Peel is a no downtime spicule and leaves the skin with a GLASS SKIN GLOW!

The benefits of this spicule peel are a step above others because of a special ingredient, colloidal gold, that encapsulates the spicules. Jenni received this peel AND performed it on her husband and Jenni had some very interesting feedback! You can watch the treatment demonstration video and see how to manipulate this peel into the skin!  

Benefits of Colloidal Gold In The Skin.

When Cherece Law sent Jenni the Storyderm Princess Peel to have our in-house esthetician administer the peel on her, Jenni had no idea how much she was going to love it! One of the key reasons that she loved it was because of the colloidal gold! 

We asked Cherece why colloidal gold is so good for the skin and she had this to say:

“The wonderful addition to the Princess Peel spicule treatment is the spicules are encased in colloidal gold. Several studies have been done by nanomedicine indicating the major potential of colloidal gold in wound healing. Colloidal gold delivers both oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. The ability of colloidal gold activates the cellular renewal mechanism and helps heal and reduce aging in the skin. It is a potent anti-inflammatory. It stimulates blood circulation and is rich in minerals & antioxidants therefore neutralizes free radicals. The combination of the spicules with the colloidal gold is where the magic happens as you have begun the process of creating pathways into the skin via the spicules themselves and then delivering the colloidal gold deep within the skin cells.” Cherece Law of Pure Pro Aesthetics

Princess Peel

Benefit Of Spicules For Skin 

We asked Cherece to break down the benefits of spicules on the skin. 

“Storyderm spicules are derived from freshwater sponge. They are ethically sourced and are the exoskeleton of the hydrolyzed sponge. Spicules are minute sharp pointed objects from the exoskeleton and they work by piercing the skin and embedding into the epidermis. They act as a delivery system, (think liquid microneedles). 

They attack damaged skin cells and stimulate a regeneration response deep within the dermis. Spicules feel like they sound – spike-like – and the sensation can last from 24-48 hours when the skin is touched. You can expect a slight flushing of the skin and the possibility of a microshed depending on the esthetician’s level of penetration and also the condition of the skin.”      Cherece Law of Pure Pro Aesthetics

Jenni’s Experience with The Princess Peel 

“Gorgeous, glowy results immediately after! The sensation was similar to that of other spicule peels, however, the base of the Princess Peel is a gel, so it was somewhat smoother.  We were able to concentrate on areas of pigmentation and t-zone congestion, spending more time massaging the peel into the skin.

We performed a lifting, microcurrent facial massage prior to the peel application, because post-peel we knew there would be no need for excessive massage, especially with microcurrent gloves!  

This was a fantastic treatment combination; my skin was glowing the next day, and I could feel slight sensations of the spicule peel remaining, but it was gone by day 2. I never experienced any microshedding.”

Princess Peel

Princess Peel Post Peel Care

Cherece told Jenni, “24 hours after the client will still feel the spicules. The best advice is to follow the standard peel protocols, no gym, no activities, no sun exposure. 

The night of, wash the skin with Storyderm Princess Shine Clean – this is an oil-to-foam cleanser, and then pat dry. Next, apply a layer of Storyderm Hyal 1000 to soothe the skin. Only pat it in – if you rub it in – you’ll activate the spicules. If the skin feels warm or uncomfortable, you can splash and rinse the skin with cool/cold water. Reapply Hyal 1000. 

The morning following the Princess Peel, wash the skin with Princess Shine Clean, and then gently pat dry. Next, apply Princess Shine Aqua and pat it into the skin. Next apply a layer of Hyal 1000, and a layer of Storyderm Shape Memory Repair, followed by a layer of Storyderm Super Ultra Nutrition SPF 50.

You may resume active ingredient products  48 – 72 hours post-peel. 

You may experience a small microshed – this is normal depending on clients’ skin, preconditions, and the level of embedding the esthetician used.” Cherece Law of Pure Pro Aesthetics 

Video of Princess Peel

Thanks to Pure Pro Aesthetics for sponsoring this content so that we can share the colloidal gold benefits to our community. 

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