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5 Top Skin Care Experts Weigh-In on Plant Stem Cells

Skin Care Experts, Product Formulator + Expert Trainers Talk Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cells are used extensively in high-quality professional skincare. We understand that the human body stops producing stem cells after a certain age and we know that this negatively impacts cell function in the skin. What we want to uncover is how the skin is impacted when a person uses high-quality professional skin care products containing plant stem cells.

We reached out to several professional skincare industry experts and asked them to weigh in on plant stem cells.

5 High Octane Products Featuring Top Plant Stem Cells

We have 5 truly remarkable skin care products that will help your clients to age beautifully.  They each get their botani-clinical power from a different plant stem cell. Find how grapes, sea fennel, oranges, saffron and apples, produce stem cells that can help improve the look and feel of skin.

Learn More About Each Plant Stem Cell + Get Quotes From Skin Care Experts In Links Below

Plant Stem Cells (PSC) - Nature's Rebuilders

1.  Sea Fennel Stem Cells

Lira Clinical 

“Plant Stem Cells (PSC) are nature’s rebuilders, and the plants foundation cells. PSC are located in the root, bulb or stem of the plant known as the meristem. You may remember learning about plants in school, when we would place a stem or bulb in water, it would root and form a new plant. Plant stem cells create new cells to repair and aid in the regeneration process.
 As we age it is important to continue to replenish and repair skin. We have added multiple PSC in our lines, because PSC have been scientifically proven, in topical applications, for cell repair and protection abilities.  Plant stem cells target skin conditions by repairing the skin: wound healing- stimulates the immune system, hyperpigmentation – helps repair melanocyte damage, acne-reducing acne lesions, improving skin barrier function- boost epidermal regeneration, UV protection- protects skin against UV stress and more.
It is always important to find ingredients that are eco-friendly. PSC are easily sustainable compared to botanical extraction methods.
Lira Clinical’s Pro C4 Retinol Serum is very popular all over the globe.  Four forms of Vitamin C, including BVOSC ( tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) lipid soluble vitamin C, retinol and four PSC, Swiss Apple, Alpine Rose, Edelweiss and Sea Fennel. Vitamin C and retinol brighten and refine skin, as the four plant stem cells repair, brighten and improve the skin’s barrier.”, Francine Kagarakis – Co-Owner of Lira Clinical

2.  Apple Stem Cells 


Circadia’s Meristem Serum uses the apple stem cell (Malus Domestica) is a liposomally prepared Swiss Apple Stem Cell known for its longevity. This product increases vitality, delays senescence, combats chronological aging in skin cells, assists in building new tissue, delays aging and has an anti-wrinkle effect. Read More….

3.  Saffron Stem Cells 

Hale & Hush 

“Saffron stem cells are a wonderful ingredient to incorporate into skin care formulations to capitalize on the mechanisms employed by saffron which in turn, protects the skin from damage caused by increasingly intense and harmful environment. These stem cells are brightening,  anti-aging, antimicrobial and soothing.” 

Learn More About Hale & Hush’s Saffron Meristem Cream

Kris Campbell

Founder , Hale & Hush Skin Care

4. Grape Stem Cells

M.A.D Skincare 

“The Grape Stem Cell Extract is widely used in M.A.D Skincare’s ANTI-AGING line of products. M.AD utilizes this ingredient in their anti-aging serums and creams. A great example is  the Transforming Daily Moisturizer  from M.A.D’s Anti-Aging Line

 ” PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis, (Vitis Vinifera Fruit Cell Extract), helps to protect the skin’s epidermal stem cells against UV damage. 

4 Ways Grape Stem Cells Are A Proven Anti-Aging Component

1.  Protects skin stem cells against UV stress

2.  Increases the skin’s UV tolerance 

3.  Fights photo-aging 

4.  Leads to a vital and healthy looking skin” Michael Contorno, President, M.A.D Skincare

5. Orange Stem Cells

MedSpa Distributors – Bel Mondo

Citrustem or Orange stem cells are derived from orange stem cells, Citrustem redensifies the dermis, helping to recover elasticity for a younger appearance. The Bel Mondo Anti-Aging sheet mask hydrates intensely and transfers advanced peptides and powerful antioxidants to help smooth and firm skin.  Andrea, MedSpa Distributors

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