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10 Step Guide To A Perfect Lash Lift

Lash Affair Launches The Perfect Lash Lift

How do we know it’s THE PERFECT LASH LIFT, you may ask?

Well, we’ve known about Lash Affair for a few years!  We’re obsessed with their TLC Lash Cleanser and even more obsessed with the Lash Affair Founder & CEO, Jenelle Paris!  We’re totally best friends with her, she even drinks champagne with us!  The reason we love  Jenelle is because she’s laser-beam focused on making sure that LITERALLY everything about Lash Affair is perfect!

Lash Affair as a brand is respected globally.  The brand has impecable quality, and has won many awards, including 2 2019 L+A Favs!  The branding and packaging of Lash Affair is the epitome of sophistication and elegance!  Anything Lash Affair does is amazing, so it’s easy to understand that when Lash Affair decided to launch ModesTease, it would be THE PERFECT LASH LIFT!

ModesTease Will Give You Amazing Results

Jenni is obsessed with lashes.  She loves lash serums, mascara, lash conditioners and she espeically loves lash lifts!  She was so excited when Lash Affair reached out and asked us to check out ModesTease!  Jenni’s the perfect candidate for ModesTease Lash Lift because she has naturally long lashes, so she just likes to get a lash lift to give her lashes a little pop!

Jenni’s “Before” Image

Her after Image Is At The End Of The Article – You will die when you see it!

10 Step Guide To The Perfect Lash Lift

ModesTease is a complete lash lift line. It’s the perfect lash lift for those with naturally long lashes who are looking for some drama!  ModesTease is easy to use and curls lashes for an optimal lift effect!

In fact, it’s so easy to use because Lash Affair has impecable training!  They have an online training to ensure you can provide the perfect lash lift on every client!  It’s such a strong training program that we used it to created  our 10 Step Guide to a Perfect Lash Lift! 

ModesTease Lash Lift

Step #1 Cleanse with TLC Cleanser

Cleanse the lashes and surrounding area using Lash Affair ‘s TLC Cleanser.  This 3-in-1 cleanser is great for removing makeup, as well as daily cleansing for skin and preparing for ModesTease Lash Lift.

Step #2
Apply The Pre-Treatment  

Apply the ModesTease Pre-Treatment using a Flocked Foot Applicator to prep eyelashes. Comb through the lashes using a Lash Wand to dry before placing the gel pads.

Step #3

Thinly apply ModesTease Glue on back of chosen Curl-Setting Shield and place shield on eyelid at the base of the lashes.

Step #4
Apply Glue To Top Of Shield + Lift Lashes Onto Shield

Apply the ModesTease Glue to the top of the shield in small sections. As you apply the glue, use the Metal Lash Lift Tool to lift the lashes onto the shield. Ensure the lashes are sticking to the shield and properly separated before moving onto the next step.

Step #5
Apply Glue Lift Cream

Apply ModesTease Step 1 Lift Cream from the base of the lash to about ¾ up the lash. Take care to avoid the tips of the lashes as this could result in breakage or over processing. Wait 8 -12 minutes for Lift Cream to process (add 1-2 minutes for thicker eyelashes.)

Step # 6

Remove ModesTease Lift Cream using a Flocked Foot Applicator.

Step #7
Apply Neutralize Cream

Apply ModesTease Step 2 Neutralize Cream using a Flocked Foot Applicator.  Wait 6-8 minutes, then remove with Flocked Foot Applicator.

Step #8

Using cotton-swabs moistened with water, remove any residue and gently rub lashes to remove the ModesTease Glue and release lashes from ModesTease Curl-Setting Shields.

Step #9
Apply Hydrating Serum

Using the Lash Wand from your prepping step, comb eyelashes and use a fresh Lash Wand to apply ModesTease Hydrating Serum for healthy, shiny lashes.

Step #10

 Set Style Of Eyelashes using ModesTease Lash Fixer using a fresh Lash Wand.

And Violà 

A Perfect Lash Lift

Pictures don’t lie.  Before image on top.  After image on bottom.  

These are all Jenni’s lashes, just lifted to perfection thanks to ModesTease!  The gentle, yet effective Lift Cream ensures a strong lift without damage.  The Hydrating Serum contains collagen and natural extracts to promote healthy lash growth.  The Fixer contains aloe vera and glycerin to improve moisture retention and promote growth.

Everything You Need To Get Started

Lash Affair gives you everything you need!  ModesTease is simple, low maintenance, and long lasting (4 to 6 weeks).  A single kit can be used for a minimum of 10 clients, more if scheduled back-to-back.  

Online Training Course

Offering lash lifts in your beauty business is a great way to add revenue!  Using the ModesTease Lash Lift system ensures that you’ll be using products and supplies that are the highest quality.  Make sure you are able to provide an impeccable service.  Lash Affair offers an online training course, so that you can provide the service with confidence!


The ModesTease Starter Bundle and Lash Lift Online Course is the perfect solution for someone looking to add lash lifts to their service menu. You’ll receive everything you need to create the perfect lift for your clients from start to finish.

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