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How Sheet Masks Gift A #NOFILTER Glow At Home

Party prep is key no matter what season it is, there is always a party to go to and since the era of #nofilter, customers are looking for anything that gives them the glow. The glow trend goes even further to ‘glass skin’ since the wave of K-Beauty is growing globally. At-home sheet masks are a great suggestion to offer clients who need a last minute #NOFILTER glow as part of their skincare party prep! 

In Spa Treatments For A #NOFILTER GLOW

We have all the tools and products to give them exactly that! Dermaplaning followed by the epiFusion micro-pinning and fill-in steps is just one example. Certain mild chemical peels along with some hydrodermabrasion. Even an oxygen facial can give a great glow! 

Estheticians Are Always Needed To Get A Glow

NOTHING can ever replace the esthetican, your touch, your energy, the equipment you have, the atmosphere of your Spa, the relaxation and escape from daily life even for just an hour or two. Everything that you offer to your customers is supporting your work and your business.

Celluma LED Light Therapy

National Celluma Light Therapy Day

June 20th is National Celluma Light Therapy Day. The day is intended to highlight and create awareness about the benefits of light therapy. It is a non-toxic and non-intrusive alternative to prescription medicines and invasive surgery. People who have never heard of light treatment, and those looking for an alternative to medication or surgery, should take note of this day.

Home Care Kits For At-Home Use

Be sure to always recommend having a few sheet masks on hand for at-home use. You can include a sheet mask in a home care kit.  

Customers love at-home skin care kits for party prep! An at-home kit boosts the effects of the facial. This is also a great benefit to communicating to clients why they need these items.  

Sheet Mask Great For Skin Care Party Prep

Sheet masks are THE best before any event. Easy to apply and easy to remove without the need of rinsing any of the goodness off. The skin is saturated, nourished, and hydrated.

Sheet Masks Create Flawless Makeup

After a sheet mask, the ultra-hydrate skin is the optimum base for flawless makeup. This allows concealer and foundation to glide on beautifully. It also helps it to evenly distribute and look gorgeous.

Hyaluronic Acid

Contribution by Jennifer Crable, EpiStep Epidermal Care / Dr Grandel USA

Even though she was never interested in Beauty, Physics, and Chemistry in her teenage years growing up and living in Germany, Jennifer was thrown into all of it at once when she started working for a skincare ingredient research and development company in 2004 and it became her passion. She traveled all over Europe and Asia for them to educate skincare manufacturers about new trends and developments and acted as the interface between laboratories and their R&D Department. In 2009 she decided to go a step further and get out of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ area. She became an Esthetician in Germany and later in Florida in 2013 where she moved to be closer to her American family. Now as an Esthetician, Educator, and Client Care Manager for various German skincare lines and EpiStep Epidermal Care, it is her pleasure to share her knowledge and expertise and support SPA Professionals accordingly.

Sheet Masks Create A Mini Rest Time

Another advantage is that customers have to relax for 10 minutes before the party. We know how much more enjoyable an event is when you go well rested. It’s the glow & flow effect. That’s why it is a must-have at-home product.

2-Layer Sheet Mask For Face + Neck 

EpiMask is a high-quality sheet mask made in Korea. It comes with 4 pieces: 1 Sheet Mask for the face + 1x Sheet Mask for the neck (in a silver pouch together), 1x Golden Sheet to cover the face, 1x Golden Sheet to cover the neck.

The Golden Sheets are placed on top of the sheet mask with the golden side facing down. It reflects the body’s warmth and therefore will keep the customer warm and cozy. Additionally, it creates an occlusive effect which supports product penetration.

Use Home Microcurrent Device For Party Prep

And if you have customers that use a personal use version of a microcurrent device – they can use it on top of the epiMask (the first layer)!

Since all of these products are non-invasive, yes- even the HA Micro Pin Rollers do not cause any trauma to the skin (we are being good and are staying in the epidermis), they are fabulous for Bridal Parties, and they can even use them in the morning of the wedding day!

Get them all into your Spa and have them use the facial at-home products while sipping wine and if you have pedicure stations, they can easily do it while getting their feet wedding ready, too.

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