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How This DMK Feature Esthetician, Pamela Barrios Finds Success

Pamela Barrios, owner of Piel Wellness + Beauty Studio, a DMK Clinic, is a licensed Skin Specialist and Professional Makeup Artist, Pamela believes your skin is a reflection of your internal health as well as any and all external stressors. Establishing her studio in her hometown of Union City, NJ, just minutes from NYC, she uses advanced modalities to cater to all types of skincare needs.

With a background in medical aesthetics, Pamela specializes in treating acne, sensitive-compromised skin, pigmentation, and aging to achieve results that instigate positive changes in your skin.

This is our 5th year working with DMK International and visiting their clinics around the country. Read about all of our DMK International Visits!

Pamela Barrios + Her Approach To Skin Care

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Pamela Barrios’s approach to skin care is all-encompassing – which is directly in line with the DMK philosophy. Skin is an organ; it must be cared for in the same way we feed our bodies to ensure optimal health. PIEL was founded on the principle of promoting the practice of mindful skincare and relaxation, not just as an occasional splurge, but as a way to nurture and develop health and confidence.

Pamela retails the following brands to support this approach:

European supplements –  Evoleum, Bioptimal, and Famovia. She also incorporates Facial Reflexology and Gua Sha into treatments, alongside EpiPin and microdermabrasion.

Pamela Barrios on the DMK Philosophy

DMK bridged the gap for me between medical aesthetics and holistic.

Among many other reasons, The REBUILD from “remove, rebuild, protect, & maintain” really resonated with me. Danne’s approach to achieving a healthy foundation first by rebuilding the skin (including supplements) before introducing and qualifying a client for advanced treatments aligned with my values.

Working in medical aesthetics until the patient ticked the boxes for obvious contraindications, we carried out advanced and even invasive procedures.  That never struck me as appropriate for long-term outcomes.

Pamela Barrios

Owner, Piel Wellness + Beauty Studio

Pamela Barrios On The Post Pandemic Skin Care Industry

The return of overall wellness. I have experienced clients having a desire to slow down with an emphasis on mental health through human touch and meaningful esthetics.

My definition of Meaningful esthetics- skin care treatments that also focus on what is happening internally to effectively treat externally.

Pamela Barrios

Owner, Piel Wellness + Beauty Studio

A Quote On The Wall Of Piel Wellness + Beauty Studio

“It’s not about the tools but about the hands, heart, eyes, heart, and a longing in the soul to create beauty” -Chris Weyland

Jenni’s DMK Enzyme 2 Skin Revision Treatment from Pamela Barrios

“Pamela’s approach is truly crafted for each client.  She books ‘time-slots’, not treatments. This means, that once you arrive in her studio, she ensures the treatment performed is completely customized.

My DMK Enzyme 2 Skin Revision Treatment was nearly 4 hours; while we did spend much of that chatting about skincare, each portion of the treatment was so thorough. From cleansing at the beginning to the reflexology performed at the end of the treatment, this was more of an ‘experience’ than ‘just a treatment’.”

Pamela incorporated the Acu Masque into the treatment, targeting the sebaceous filaments in my t-zone.  I loved that mask! It was cooling and felt great.

After the treatment, my skin felt absolutely amazing and detoxified. I was sent home with a post-treatment kit, customized by Pamela, to use 3 days after my treatment. Skin was glowing and radiant!

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