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The Brand NYC’s Most-Requested Acne Specialist Loves

Meet Pacific Touch NYC, owner, Nichola Weir! This rock star, “hydration warrior” is making bold claims about a product line we are just getting to know called lilac + flint Skincare.

Thanks so much to lilac + flint Skincare for sponsoring this content and to Lindsay Flint, of lilac + flint Skincare for helping to write this article. This allows us to tell the story of Nichola Weir, the founder of Pacific Touch NYC. This article will help the L+A community learn Nichola’s method of helping clients with acne and why she loves lilac + flint Skincare in her niche acne practice in the heart of New York City. 

Meet Nichola Weir of Pacific Touch NYC, lilac + flint’s Feature Spa

“Nichola Weir became an esthetician in 2009 and opened Pacific Touch NYC Skincare that same year. She specializes in treating acne and is best known for her non-invasive, holistic skin healing and rejuvenation. Her success with this approach has grown her a cult-like following on Instagram and inspired a spread in beauty’s biggest online magazine, BYRDIE, featuring lilac + flint’s Supple Cream Cleanser.Lindsay Flint

As an ex-acne sufferer herself, Nichola works with people to uncover the root cause of their skin conditions and clear their skin holistically. Her customized treatments clear skin without having to rely on medications or harsh prescription topicals. 

Nichola Weir Is A Hydration Warrior

Barry visited Pacific Touch NYC and during this visit, Nichola referred to herself as a “Hydration Warrior”, which made him stop in his tracks! He had to know what she meant by this! Nichola said, “I belong to a growing number of estheticians who specialize in treating acne that understand that hydrating and strengthening a client’s barrier – instead of beating it into submission – is the road to clear skin and true skin freedom.”

Nichola Chose Acne As Her Niche

During the visit, Nichola mentioned to Barry that she specializes in Acne, so he asked her to elaborate on that. She told him, “In the beginning, I tried to be everything for everyone, but over time I was naturally drawn to acne healing because of my own personal acne journey. I started to build a name for myself as an acne specialist and I realized it was where my passion lay. When I wasn’t at work, I was obsessed with learning about acne healing. It didn’t feel like ‘work’. After five years of doing everything, I made the decision to get laser-focused and I changed my offerings to only offer acne treatments. When I niched down my business took off!”

“It’s clear that her business is thriving as an acne specialist. Her two-room facility has a staff of five estheticians who are fully booked and two administrative support. Walking into her space, you can feel how she has uniquely woven her Polynesian heritage throughout her business, noting that they do everything here “with alofa” (translation: with love.)” Barry Eichner 

Why This Acne Specialist Chooses lilac & flint Backbar + Retail 

Barry asked Nichola how she discovered lilac + flint. She told him, “I was looking for a line with high-performance, but reasonably priced products, that treated acne in the way I work. I came across Lindsay at lilac + flint and I’ve been using it since 2020!” 

lilac + flint Fights Both Acne and Aging In The Treatment Room 

“lilac + flint fills a hole for treating acne. They have designed products for adults. The products treat the inflammation of acne while also rejuvenating skin. Older clients want both! I use lilac + flint in my back bar, too! I LOVE The Wild Cherry Enzyme and they have some of our best retail sellers.” – Nichola Weir

“I’m obsessed with their Chaga Firming Recovery Complex: acne safe, really hydrating, but also firming. My 50 year old acne-prone skin loves it. From a business POV their Supple Cucumber Cream Cleanser and Nourish Replenishing Daily Moisturizer are Pacific Touch top sellers…. they fly off the shelves.” – Nichola Weir

Barry’s Fav – The Acne-Safe Glazed Donut by lilac & flint

Nichola applied a triple cocktail of products that made Barry’s skin ultra-glowing and gorgeous all day! Barry was obsessed!!!  “Nichola, can you describe this concoction for our readers please?” – Barry Eichner

“That combination is something Lindsay of lilac + flint created when I requested an acne safe ‘glazed donut’ look. It’s one pump Nourish Replenishing Daily Moisturizer, one pump Chaga Firming Recovery Complex, and one pump Breathe Balm which is ozonated Jojoba Oil. The client gets the aesthetic of the popular ‘glazed donut look’ and it’s not just acne safe, it’s actually helping treat acne. It will reduce inflammation, strengthen the barrier – and it’s antibacterial too!” said Nichola.

Nichola on working with lilac & flint

L+A wanted to know what it was like to work with lilac + flint from an esty’s point of view.

Nichola: “Working with Lindsay is a dream! She is everything rolled into one. An esty, a boss babe, and she really wants you to succeed. Lindsay actually flew to New York and visited me once – I was so touched. To say she goes the extra mile for her stockists is an understatement.”

L+A asked, “Would you recommend lilac + flint  to other estheticians?” 

Nichola responded, “In a New York Minute, baby!” 

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