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E.F. Tropics Launches The Amazing O2SkinPro™

An All-New Oxygen Facial Treatment To Offer Your Clients 

New Oxygen Facial Treatment from EF Tropics! Here is the newest brand getting ready to take the U.S. by storm – O2SkinPro™.

O2SkinPro™ is a powdered form of oxygen, developed by a US-based company. It’s the only solid, non-gaseous, form of oxygen in existence. It is designed to be applied topically, for its healing and pain-relieving properties by delivering oxygen directly to any wounded area. Tested over several years, it’s non-toxic, easy to use, and compatible with your current after-treatment products.  

O2SkinPro™’s ability to provide oxygen makes it a therapeutic solution for any insult or injury to cells and tissues that results in low oxygen levels, such as abrasions, burns, rashes, bruises, or any skin treatment procedure affecting the epidermis. Also, O2SkinPro has been shown to relieve and sooth allergic reactions many clients have to more powerful enzymatic ingredients often used in a variety of topical creams and serums. 

O2SkinPro is a Back-bar product that pros can add to their treatments to promote skin healing and cell regeneration and will be sold only to professionals in the spa and med-spa industry. Primarily, professional estheticians will be able to add O2SkinPro to serums after micro-needling, use in acne treatments, and for all corrections whose purpose is healing and rejuvenation. 

Additionally, EF Tropics has O2SkinPro approved labels to use with “home use” products that you professionally formulate for your clients. This will bring the retail purchases back to the spa because they are personally formulated by you. Your customers will not be able to purchase this on Amazon or any online store! 

O2SkinPro™’s amazing benefits will change your spa services and treatments, delivering better outcomes for your clients. The potential contribution is immense and truly remarkable! 

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About E.F. Tropics

We have worked with E.F.Tropics for years. They distribute some of the most unique and interesting products in the beauty business. Rene Stuffano, the owner of the company has been in the beauty business for over 50 years. She’s a seasoned pro who has seen it all, she only works with the best brands – you can count on her to bring you products that work. 

From The E.F. Tropics Website:

E.F. Tropics is a Happy Culture company. We were founded upon the idea that nothing is more important than happiness. That includes the happiness of our team, our beautiful customers and everyone we touch each day.

Our business is based on creating lasting positive relationships with every person, in every spa or office who partners with us. In gratitude we work personally with our friends/customers for everyone’s success

E.F. Tropics is an importing and distribution company in the U.S.A that specializes in sophisticated products for skin + body. We are very excited to offer Epilfree Permanent Hair Reduction, an advanced permanent hair reduction system that is 100% natural, with no machines. In the global marketplace ten years and expanding in the U.S.  The Illuminating Series for skin promises superior results to common skin issues with natural and safe ingredients. We sell to wholesale salon, spa and med spa distributors and licensed professionals in the Medical, Esthetics, Beauty or Spa industry.

If you are in the U.S, we offer training, support and personalized professional service.

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